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Bernie with Toys R Us workers: company was making profit but private equity debt killed it

Toys R Us was making a substantial profit, but went bankrupt paying back the leveraged buyout crowd on Wall St. that had bought them.

When someone says "capitalism" is broken, they mean more this kind of financial gaming of the system than people's willingness to take risks to come up with a new or better product or service or workers to put in a fair day's work for fair pay.

The problem is, the guys who do stuff like this buy politicians, mostly in both parties, to make this shit legal.

They should be subject to the rule of law like the rest of us not making the laws that make their crimes legal.


Hillary Clinton: Being a Capitalist 'Probably' Hurt Me in Primary Because Many Dems Are Socialists

Boy, there's a couple of things to unpack in this.

1. There's nothing wrong with saying you believe in capitalism IF it includes the big BUT Hillary did about regulation and accountability.

The problem is the centrist/DLC/Third Way/New Democrat wing of the party did not hold the big dogs accountable and under Bill Clinton's watch, relaxed the very regulations that made Wall Streets crimes mostly legal.

2. If you think 41% of your base share certain values, you might try to build up a record and a platform that reflects those values rather than attacking those people and giving every indication you will go the other way on core economic and foreign policy issues.

3. How the hell could the REPUBLICANS see any point in highlighting this? Hillary is essentially saying she's a pre-Reagan Republican.

Hillary Clinton claimed Wednesday that declaring herself to be a “capitalist” during the 2016 presidential primaries may have hurt her with Democratic voters.

“Probably,” she said when asked by Time Inc. Brands CCO Alan Murray if the declaration hurt her. The pair appeared in conversation as part of the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City.

“It’s hard to know but I mean if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!’” Clinton concluded, partly referring to the popularity of her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who ran as a self-declared democratic socialist.

The Republican National Committee research team quickly seized upon the remarks, clipping it and posting it to their social-media channels.

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