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Member since: Sun Jul 25, 2004, 05:43 AM
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If companies cut employee's work hours below 30 to avoid paying healthcare insurance the Affordable Care Act (obamacare) becomes worthless. Will (I doubt) congress do anything about this. I am reading how big companies are doing this. Grocery stores like Publix are already doing this. It hurts employees and the economy. I supported Obama on this but now this is a huge pitfall on how to avoid paying health care insurance. I am sick and disappointed.


My daughter called Humana to ask about Obamacare. They told her they will have to offer more services but in turn it will raise her costs much higher. She is ranting and raving about people on food stamps and those who will have free medical while she works as a grocery store clerk and will now be making less because she has to pay higher premiums. Does anyone know if this is true. I thought they had to give the people more services because they make too much in profits. My understanding was it would cost less or the same with more coverage.

Senator Inhofe Oklahoma

Voted against help for Hurricane Sandy. How does he feel now with the devastation from the tornado in Oklahoma. The people of Oklahoma should speak out against the representatives in their state who voted against helping Sandy.
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