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Member since: Thu Aug 12, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 40,416

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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

Journal Archives

The Dems bring the battle to the GOP! Raise a glass, DUers!

Sköl DUers!

Mine is a Martini (w/o olives, fridge is on the fritz).

This is awesome. They are calling the Republicans, and especially Mitt, out.

And now, here comes Tammy Duckworth!

"Monk" is in the house. Just saw Tony Shalhoub in the crowd.

Love the PBS coverage.

Thought I saw Richard Dreyfuss earlier.

Here we go. Yet another cultural difference.

LGBT rights are important.

"Where are the women!?"

Wow! Fucking WOW!

This is devastating!

These women are tearing things apart.

PBS just broke away for Jesse Jackson.

I wish they'd just Let this take down continue.

Harry Reid!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!

Soft spoken. But he's giving the Republicans Hell!!'


Screw Clint. I have a better Hollywood surrogate.

Steve Buscemi!

"Guess what guys! It's time to embrace the horror!"

Perfect! Don't you think?

I wish Anonymous had hacked the background displays for Rmoney's speech.

With all of those wonderful DU background photoshop jobs.

What would the RNC have done with all the network cameras grinding away?

Damn! It is something devoutly to be wished.

on edit: There's nothing they could have done about it. It was real time.

This stuff about Romney is like "The Three Stooges" wallpapering.

They put on too much paste, getting it on their faces, and in the wealthy matron's hair who happens to walk through the door, breaking the wallpaper which Mitt, the Stooge, has glued over it.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop!
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Few working at Staples make a living wage.

Minimum wage. Less than 30 hours per week. No benefits. No opportunities for advancement.

One of my brightest friends worked there for a period and he told me all about it. It sucked as a place to work.

Staples sucks.

What's this? The Lawrence Welk fan club?

Well, looking at the crowd, maybe it is.

Who's next? The Lennon Sisters?

Oops! Sorry! I meant to say Donnie and Marie. Forgive me, Joseph Smith.

Many DUers here have been saying Mitt won't bring up his Mormonism. Well, here ya go.

Mitt not only brought up Mormonism, but surrogates for Lawrence Welk.

Isn't it Wunnerful, Wunnerful?
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