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Member since: Thu Aug 12, 2004, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 40,416

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Home town: Detroit, MI Current residence: Paris, MI. Manistee Nat\'l Forest.

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This stuff about Romney is like "The Three Stooges" wallpapering.

They put on too much paste, getting it on their faces, and in the wealthy matron's hair who happens to walk through the door, breaking the wallpaper which Mitt, the Stooge, has glued over it.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop!
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Few working at Staples make a living wage.

Minimum wage. Less than 30 hours per week. No benefits. No opportunities for advancement.

One of my brightest friends worked there for a period and he told me all about it. It sucked as a place to work.

Staples sucks.

What's this? The Lawrence Welk fan club?

Well, looking at the crowd, maybe it is.

Who's next? The Lennon Sisters?

Oops! Sorry! I meant to say Donnie and Marie. Forgive me, Joseph Smith.

Many DUers here have been saying Mitt won't bring up his Mormonism. Well, here ya go.

Mitt not only brought up Mormonism, but surrogates for Lawrence Welk.

Isn't it Wunnerful, Wunnerful?

"God Bless You" all night long.

How many times do I have to hear that tonight?

I am tempted to respond, "Thank you, your Eminence."

Who the fuck do these idiots think they are that they would presume that god is on their side? This is yet another dog whistle to the Republican theocratic faction, which, by the way, is no small faction.

Fuck them!!! Religion belongs nowhere near politics, let alone government.

And Ralph "Jack Abramoff's pal" Reed is also going to speak.

Did anybody else notice that "god bless you" ends just about every speech?

OH-gov Kasich dispicible "black-eyed peas" remark.

Did I really hear what I think I heard?

Race baiting asshole! Where's his klan hood?

Fucking Kasich! Dog whistling to the KKK.

Why didn't he use watermelons?
What a horrible stereotype.

Gawd! I love Rachel Maddow!

She's on Letterman right now.

Have fun with DU ads!

I've noticed new display ads at the bottom of threads today. Many are good Dem-friendly, but some are not.

Rather than complain about them, may I suggest a little game.

When you post a response to a thread and there's an amusing ad, tag a comment on the end of your post.

My favorite is the Pick the Veep ad that depicts Alan West, Condi Rice, and Donald Trump. It's a bit histerical, as if West or Trump had any chance, or of Condi would accept.

I have also seen an ad for a religious fundie wanting to tell everybody about Jesus. Another promotes the Heritage Foundation.

I love the fact that these guys are giving money to DU. We ought to click through to all of them. I would if I weren't worried about viral infection.

Meh! I use Linux and iPhone. Not much worry there.

Have at it everybody.

Be safe Michiganders. Severe lightning storm

Here I sit in rural west central MI and I don't think I've experienced so much close cloud to ground lightning in my life. Some down pours, a touch of small hail, not much wind, but the lightning is incredible and persistent. Several instantaneous flash-booms, meaning they're within a mile.

I hope forest fire patrol is on this. We've not had much rain this summer and things are very dry here in the woods.

Radar shows a long band traveling W to E so we may all have a long night of thunder booms.

Be safe. Hope the power grid holds up.

PZ Myers gets it right: Genetically Modified Women

Genetically Modified Women, one of today's posts by biologist and outspoken atheist, PZ Myers, is a beautifully constructed Blog entry, with the perfect balance of PZ snark and science.

Given PZ's recent support for Rebecca Watson's protest of the lack of policies at skeptical conferences to ensure the rights of woman attendees from gender bias and being hit on, I am not surprised by this.

Please click through and see how a snarky blogger can deconstruct any counter argument. Some things deserve only ridicule. This, PZ does with exquisite art. And, suitably, he brings the sharp eye of science to bear on the issue.

Here's a snark sample:
Late at night, when no one was looking, UFOs have been abducting our women and enslaving them in the Love Factories on Mars (because as we all know, Mars Needs Women). So that we don’t catch on, they’ve been replacing them with femdroids with cybernetic brains that are very good at cheating on tests.

Beginning in about 1980, all female infants were selectively injected with a Communist mind control virus that turned them into soulless, freedom-hating machines who were good at gymnastics and engineering. When the time is ripe, their programming will be activated and they will rise up to overthrow Western running dog democracies.

The government has top secret labs where clone babies with enhanced genetically engineered intelligence are being raised. Only females are used in this project for technical cloning reasons. They’ve been swapping out normal babies in maternity wards and replacing them with these Humanity 2.0 versions for years.

Big Pharma has been testing brain-enhancing drugs by hiding them in birth control pills. The recent results are the consequence of clandestine human trials. Little known, related fact: they’re also doping Viagra with a stupidity drug.

As male, I may not be the best person to represent feminism. However, it is something I learned at my mother's knee. But this Myers post is one of the best I've seen in a while.

Thanks for paying attention to my first post in this forum. I may not be active here, but I thought this might be of interest here.

Limited Mitt options here: ABC? CBS? Or Watch a movie?

Scott Pelie?

Diane Sawyer?

Or Lisabeth Salander?

Is there anything to see or hear from the Mittster?

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