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Member since: Fri Aug 13, 2004, 02:12 PM
Number of posts: 24,461

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If anyone's wondering why I haven't been here much lately, it's because I feel no one is learning anything from 2016. Neoliberalism is a thing and it doesn't win elections in the 21st Century. People want a candidate that's going to take strong, non-waffling stands on human rights the rest of the world enjoys. Enough living in the goddamned Reagan 1980s. Enough taking solar panels off the roof. Enough introducing more rightwingedness into American economics. Enough medical bankruptcies. Enough governing by mythology. Enough science denial. Enough of spitting on women, children, veterans and the LGBTQI community. Enough kicking the can. ENOUGH. America needs to move past it's "everything has to be about making a buck" bullshit. I'd prefer a candidate not born during the FDR/Truman administrations. No offense, but you had your time . . . and you got us Trump. Plus, I can't take another one of these still-Capitalist Boomer codgers yap on about "bootstraps" when college now costs a mortgage, necessity costs have been outpacing wage growth for 20 years and automation promises to kill more jobs than it creates. I don't want to hear what is or isn't "politically achievable". Kick-the-Can economics was never asked "How is it going to be paid for?". Tax Cuts for the rich were never given a spending limit. Folly wars were never asked "Why is this necessary?". Corporate Pork by the billions was and is always approved. America's safety net needs to be greatly expanded and retirement age needs to be drastically lowered. This country throws out far too many people that still have a decade or two of prime contribution left. If life doesn't get fairer for you or I pretty goddamned quickly, we aren't going to have much of one.

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A quote for our times . . .

America needs better economic solutions than . . . .

. . . "Thoughts and Prayers", gofundmes, "bootstraps!", mortgage-expensive colleges or "Gee, hope your gamble pans out!"
Posted by HughBeaumont | Sun Jul 2, 2017, 11:21 AM (3 replies)

Thomas Paine had it right -

"To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture."

I'm not sure you CAN talk to a person who thought "President Donald Trump" was and is a great idea.

I'm not sure you can talk to a person who continually and without fail gives Republicans and corporations a clear and free pass on any and every crime and wrongdoing they commit.

I'm not sure you can reason with a person who, as a default, blames Democratic tenets for the sins and robbery of Re-branded Feudalism.

I'm not sure you can reason with someone that thinks not only a mythology book is real, but we should rotate governance around it and allow it's followers to become a law unto themselves.

I shouldn't have to work extraordinarily hard to inject a default Republican with common sense. How many times does your mother have to tell you to stop pissing on the seat before you finally not do it anymore?

CNN Headline: Shooter Left a Hate-Filled Trail.

Then proceeds to lovingly link him to everything progressive . . . Robert Reich's "Inequality for all", Bernie Sanders, anti-GOP Facebook Groups (some of which I belong to . . . should I be on a watch list??), Democracy Now . . . specifically USING the word "Progressive" repeatedly.

Jesus Fucking CHRIST.

It's like they're simply GIDDY that a mass shooter finally isn't one of THEM.

This was a troubled individual, not a PRODUCT. SUCH bad form. SHAME on you, CNN. COME on.

The Franken CNBC Book Plug went from 60 to fluff in 2 minutes.

Amazing how that channel gives wingnuts like Ken Langone and Jack Welch an hour or so to lovingly catch softballs from toothy Repub bastard Joe Kernen, who then return right wing talking points aplenty, uninterrupted and unquestioned.

Al Franken? A Kernen-conducted interrupt-a-thon regarding Schtroumpf's loser of a health care plan, RussiaGate and right on to the SNL years and Kathy Griffin. The End.

Nothing regarding important issues . . . each time Al tried to answer with his concern about working families getting their health care cut in Minnesota, he gets cut off.

The media needs to apologize for putting TrumPutin in the White House. To say they had no role is FOLLY. These stations have zero shame.

Posted by HughBeaumont | Thu Jun 1, 2017, 08:08 AM (4 replies)

Why Democrats Don't like Joe Lieberman

Well, hey, could be that he's partially responsible for W.

And there was that unwavering support for Dubya's wars of folly.

Oh, and he's the main reason we don't have multi-payer health care.

And just a bunch of other things . . .

It was during the post-9/11 years that Lieberman linked arms with Republicans Graham and McCain, two other hawks who, like their Democratic friend, were known to thwart their party. The trio traveled the world together and became known as the "Three Amigos." So high was their mutual regard that McCain reportedly wanted Lieberman to be his 2008 running mate, though he eventually succumbed to pressure to pick conservative Sarah Palin instead.

Still, Lieberman stood by his friend.

"In the Senate, during the three-and-a-half years that Sen. Barack Obama has been a member, he has not reached across party lines to ... accomplish anything significant, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party to get something done," he said at the 2008 Republican convention.

Democrats viewed that speech as blasphemy.

"He could have given a speech defending John McCain, but instead he went on the offense and blistered Obama over his lack of foreign policy skills, which were a major Republican talking point," said Manley, a long-time senior aide to Harry Reid, the former Democratic Senate leader. "It caused a lot of ill will."

'Wolf of Wall Street' Living the High Life Again Despite Owing $100 Million to Scam Victims

You know, just in case you doubted the power of Capitalism being able to police the "bad apples".

These days he travels the world making big bucks as a lecturer, spilling the secrets of a great salesman.

Guerrero recently caught up with Belfort at an event in London. Inside, we found every seat taken as 3,600 men and women were hanging on his every world.

But Guerrero was there for a different reason. She wanted to ask him about all those forgotten victims.

As Belfort opened his presentation up to questions, she stepped up to the mic.

“In 2014, you promised you would pay back all of your victims that year, it's three years later and you still owe your victims $100 million,” she said as a chorus of boos rained down on her. “When are you going to pay your victims back?”

“The Wolf” was in no mood to answer and asked for the next question.

Security took Guerrero’s mic away and escorted her out
. A few moments later, Belfort abruptly left the stage.

Here's the thing about wealth: Unless you really, REALLY fuck up, it pretty much stays where it is.

Tone-deaf Tommy Friedman: Be a lifelong learner or find yourself fired.

Easy peasy stuff for a guy who married into a real estate fortune and has a cushy job writing victim-blaming books and unintentionally hilarious columns by the dozen.

The notion that we can go to college for four years and then spend that knowledge for the next 30 is over. If you want to be a lifelong employee anywhere today, you have to be a lifelong learner.

And that means: More is now on you. And that means self-motivation to learn and keep learning becomes the most important life skill.

That’s why education-to-work expert Heather E. McGowan likes to say: “Stop asking a young person WHAT you want to be when you grow up. It freezes their identity into a job that may not be there. Ask them HOW you want to be when you grow up. Having an agile learning mind-set will be the new skill set of the 21st century.”


So the tough news is that more will be on you. The good news is that systems — like Khan-College Board — are emerging everywhere to enable anyone to accelerate learning for the age of acceleration.

Step back from all of this and it’s clear that thriving countries today won’t elect a strongman. They’ll elect leaders who inspire and equip their citizens to be strong people who can own their own futures.

Yeah, just like America, RIGHT??

Brazen Shit Dept - Timothy Loehmann (Tamir Rice's Killer) speaks:

Complete with Steve Loomis's shrug and dismissal of "Justified Force". Why aren't these two in JAIL? Everything they say in this interview is a proven-by-security footage FALSEHOOD. This was a drive-by shooting. Nothing more, nothing less.

Loehmann said that he opened his car door slightly when the cruiser was about 30 yards from Tamir, presented his weapon and started yelling: "Put your hands in the air! Let me see your weapon! Freeze!"

This account is inconsistent with his written statement to the grand jury, in which he said he hadn't opened the door and begun yelling until the car was rolling to a stop. (Read the officers' written statements in the document viewers below.)

An internal affairs investigator questioned Loehmann about the mechanics of holding open the passenger-side door of a moving vehicle, while also holding a gun in his dominant right hand.

Loehmann described the crouching posture he had to assume on the door's threshold to be "prepared for anything."

"The threat just became incredible," Loehmann said. "I had to make the decision fast because Frank and I were in immediate danger. If the subject did pull out the gun and point it towards us, I would have been shot and possibly my partner. ... Plus, I was stuck in the doorway and my partner was still seated in the driver's seat. So we were basically sitting ducks."

Er, the video shows Tamir standing up from a park picnic bench. OMFGZ CALL THE SWAT TEAM!! The shooting happened in 0.79 seconds. You barked no commands in that amount of time. The elapsed time of the security footage proves your story bull paddies, bro.

I feared three Presidencies.

Cruz - because he's a religious right whackjob, an insufferable economic Reaganite and a smarmy, social safety net-gutting fuck on the level of Paul Ryan.

Fiorina - because she's a vile human being who fired thousands upon thousands of workers at HP and Lucent while getting lottery perk after lottery perk as a CEO. Also, because she took $4 billion in 2004 Homeland Investment Act money and used it for stock buybacks . . . while firing workers. I don't want that element anywhere near the White House.

And, of course, Trump - because come ON.

I think if it were Kasich or Rubio that somehow won (For the record, I don't think either of them would have beaten Hillary) . . . I'd be angry and would still protest . . . but I wouldn't be "Scared to fucking DEATH" worried.

I'd probably be in the mindset of "let's weather this moron" rather than seeing a future of smoking ruin, crashes and no hope.

That's what the Red Hat Klan doesn't seem to get.
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