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Wildlife Hunter Known For Killing Elephants And Lions Devoured By Crocodiles


While on a hunting safari last week, wildlife hunter Scott van Zyl disappeared on the bank of the Limpopo River in South Africa. He is now believed to have been eaten by crocodiles after human remains were found inside two animals.
The Telegraph reports that the professional hunter, who is known for killing elephants, lions, and other exotic animals, often organizes trips for foreign clients. He was last seen with a pack of dogs and a Zimbabwean tracker. Reportedly, Mr. van Zyl and the tracker left the truck and walked in different directions into the bush. Though the dogs and the Zimbabwean tracker returned, Mr. Van Zyl did not. In fact, his belongings remained in the vehicle.
For days, the area was scoured by rescue teams, helicopters, trackers, and divers. The last tracks of his show that he walked to the bank of the river; his backpack was found nearby. According to Sakkie Louwrens, a member of one of the search teams, it is most likely Mr. van Zyl was consumed by two Nile crocodiles.

If tRump wants to ban travel, he may want to start with anyone traveling to hunt endangered species.

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