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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 06:11 AM
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Can't get supplies from Fl to PR


They've collected tons of supplies for Puerto Rico, but they can't get a plane to deliver them

TAMPA More than 100 tons of food and water sat in a packed hangar this weekend waiting to be flown to Puerto Rico.

There are more warehouses just like this one across the bay area, stocked with diapers, food, generators and bottled water donated by Floridians to ease the suffering of millions. Volunteers on the devastated American territory are waiting, already coordinating with churches to ensure the so desperately needed goods go to the right people.

The only thing missing is the actual plane to deliver the supplies.

Volunteers say a mess of bureaucracy and false promises from a private charter company have left them exhausted, frustrated and desperate to get the items they've collected to the struggling island that was devastated by Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20.

Read the whole article to see how tRump's puesdo-government is nothing but a sham.

The Bowling Green massacre is not over yet!


The BG Falcons have made it into the 10 worst teams this season...and could manage a winless season if they try hard enough.


Maybe Kellyanne Conway is available to call the game? The Falcons stand a chance against the Akron Zips this weekend! Who is the worst team in the MAC is yet to be determined!

Who is planing to leave, and when are you going?

We're on the west coast. Usually we ride them out, but on a couple occasions we went to GA or SC.

I'm curious what everyone's plans are for Irma.

Not sure how to get this picture on DU...but pretty funny...


Is Conway attending today's Bowling Green massacre?

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