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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 06:11 AM
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Rachael is connecting the dots....

watch the replay if you are missing it...


Emotionally ill, easy access to guns, obsessed with tRump...


A Trump-loving pastor just shot a woman dead and sodomized two others in horrific sex assault

Gun-related tragedy struck once again this week, this time at a Catholic Supply store in Ballwin, Missouri, a suburb of St. Lous. USA Today reports that a former pastor has been arrested after allegedly attempting to coerce three women into having sex with him at gunpoint. When one of them resisted, he shot 53-year-old Jamie Schmidt in the head and forced the other two to submit to his “deviant” demands.

Turtle Found by U.S. Coast Guard with $53 million Worth of Cocaine Attached to It


A giant sea turtle had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after it became entangled in a rope attached to packages filled with millions of dollars of cocaine on Tuesday.

The Coast Guard cutter Thetis, which is stationed in Key West, Florida, was on a 68-day deployment when it came across the turtle trying to escape from 26 bales of cocaine.

The crew noticed a large debris field on Tuesday while on a patrol, and discovered the turtle stuck among the bales which the Coast Guard estimates contain over $53 million of cocaine.

Not sure how effective that wall will be across the Gulf of Mexico.

Petition for Florida to count every vote...


Sign if you wish...there are hearings in court now.

The elephant in the sunshine state....

if it's a close race here, the repubs CHEAT!

We all remember the hanging chads of 2000. In 2004 I witnessed a DRE flipping votes and called the election supervisor. She had the cops escort me out of the voting area. We've had reports of mailed ballots found in the trash. Only this morning, there were friends on FB reporting their mailed ballots were "received" but not "tabulated", usually because a volunteer didn't think their signature matched.....it goes on and on and on...too many reports and investigations over the last 20 years to even put in a post. Notice how the mailed paper ballots favor the Democrats, but then we are supposed to believe that those long lines were many, many more retired voters and WASPs than the obvious young people and hispanics standing there on TV?!?

The repubs here shave votes, cheat on counting, and hack anything electronic.

The only way to win Florida is to win by overwhelming margins. Did Gillum and Nelson win? Probably by 5-7% like the polls indicated. Will they be declared the winner, probably not.

With all the nutty amendments we voted on last Tuesday, you would think we could get one to demand countable paper ballots. That's the only way to fix this mess.

Any update on Florida at 2PM?

Here in Pinellas Democrats were ahead slightly with early and mailed votes. The repubs have caught up and gone ahead a little with voting today. Independent turnout is very large - and hopefully Gillum is ahead.

I haven't seen any numbers on the local news.

So far in Pinellas County, FL (Clearwater, St. Petersburg)...looking very interesting...

early voting is high.

Democrats: 102,213
repubs: 102,067
NPA: 51,027
Other: 1813

So far, 38.56% have voted.

Let's hope this continues on Tuesday. Usually the early vote goes to the GOP, because the older folks vote early and with mail in ballots. If the trend holds, we will have a Democratic Governor!

AM Joy is really good today, but not many discussions here...

Stacy Abrams was a highlight, but lots of other interviews about voting rights.

Obama was here in Florida yesterday - still amazing. Gillum had to quit campaigning because of another shooting in Tallahassee......

If you haven't voted - go vote and take someone with you. If you have already voted, then go find a non-voter and drag them to the polls.

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