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To change or not to change (the clocks!)


Florida is just one step away from living up to its nickname as “The Sunshine State."
Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1013 on Friday. The bill would let Florida remain on Daylight Saving Time year round.
The "Sunshine Protection Act," would make Florida exempt from the twice-yearly time change.
While the rest of the Eastern United States would set their clocks back in the fall, Florida wouldn’t, leaving it with more sunshine in the evening during the winter. Northwest Florida is currently in the Central time zone.
The bill still has to be approved by Congress.

Personally, I hate changing clocks, trying to explain to dogs that it's not time to eat, and "losing an hour" somehow.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica worked side by side at a Trump campaign office in San Antonio

Posted without comment...


When Facebook announced Monday that it had hired a digital forensics company to conduct an audit of Cambridge Analytica, the consultant that harvested the data of 50 million people without their permission, Facebook appeared to once again distance itself from the UK company.
In fact, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica worked side-by-side for the 2016 Donald Trump campaign at its digital operation in San Antonio, Texas—a year after the tech giant discovered that Cambridge Analytica had access to the Facebook users’ data in violation of the company’s policies. In a 2017 BBC report, Therese Wong, a “digital guru” for the Trump campaign walks journalist Jamie Bartlett through the San Antonio office, showing him the room out of which Cambridge Analytica operated—”the brain” of the operation, she says. Nearby were desks where Facebook employees sat embedded with the Trump campaign.


Many of the "Tech Gods" were dismayed when Donald Trump - who holds a very different worldview - won the American presidency. But did they actually help him to win?
A key insider from the Trump campaign's digital operation - Theresa Wong - unravels for the first time the role played by social media and Facebook's in getting Trump into the White House.
Jamie Bartlett learns how Facebook's vast power to persuade was first built for advertisers, combining data about our internet use and psychological insights into how we think.

One of our schnauzers was just diagnosed with IMT...

IMMUNE-MEDIATED THROMBOCYTOPENIA - say that three times real fast.

In 60 years of dog ownership, I thought I'd seen it all, but this is the first time we've IMT. She is 5 years old.

At any rate, the conversations with the vets are pretty frustrating - lots of "we don't know". After a few hours reading about IMT, I can see why - no clear cause, treatments can be expensive and results depend on the individual dog. Two days of tests and a night in the animal hospital have definitely resulted in a hit on the bank account.

She is a very sweet and intelligent rescue mini-schnauzer who loves to sit at the window and announce visitors. She stands inside the doggy door, and jumps out to chase squirrels that dare come down in the yard.

I'm hoping we can get a treatment plan today after an specialist reviews the tests later today. I guess that it's good that we live in times where veterinary medicine is better than ever.

At this point, I'm for universal care for pets!! If I retire and run for office that will be my top priority. APC!!! Affordable Pet Care.

Scott Pruitts $25,000 soundproof phone booth?


Before Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt could install a secure, soundproof phone booth in his office last fall, officials had to create space for the addition in a nearby closet area.

Those preparations didn’t come cheap.

The agency paid a Virginia firm $7,978 to remove closed-circuit television equipment to make room for the booth, according to a federal database. Officials hired another contractor to pour 55 square feet of concrete more than two feet thick, at a cost of $3,470, according to invoices released under a public records request by the watchdog group American Oversight. Other workers installed a drop ceiling for $3,361, while still others patched and painted the small area for $3,350, records show.

Russian criminals links to Trump could compromise him

Read the whole article....


Why on E arth would President Trump’s company be posting armed guards in front of the computer servers at Trump Ocean Club Panama and shredding documents? Why would his company block access to the legitimate owners until Panamanian police forced his employees to leave the property? What could the Trump Organization possibly be seeking to hide and destroy? The answers may be in plain sight

All-cash deals for condos — a red flag for money laundering — were commonplace at Trump Panama. Convicted drug-money launderer Colombian David Helmut Murcia Guzmán bought 10 condos. Suspected Russian money launderers Andrey Bogdanov and Ivan Kazanikov bought a dozen others. A former financial crimes prosecutor in Panama, Mauricio Ceballos, called Trump Ocean Club Panama “a vehicle for money laundering.”

Trump’s partners in its SoHo project in Manhattan, as in other deals, were crooks. Felix Sater, a Russian, had pleaded guilty to money laundering and stock manipulation and a stabbing with the stem of wine glass. The FBI considered partner Tamir Sapir part of a Russian mob. Financing for that hotel came from an Icelandic bank close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Three-fourths of the sales were all-cash.

Steyer video about tRump money...


No new material, but effective. It was on FB.

Erin Burnett is killing them on CNN...

Out Front.

She just chewed out the GOP mouthpiece. Along with Joan Walsh, they were good tonight.

Called tRump a criminal over paying off Stormy and Drake.

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