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Trystan Andrew Terrell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Trystan Andrew Terrell has been named as the suspect in a fatal shooting on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Terrell is a 22-year-old former UNCC student. The shooting took place on April 30, the final day of classes in the Spring semester. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has confirmed that Terrell is in custody and that charges against him are pending.

Terrell’s father, Craig, wrote in a blog post in May 2016 that his son was diagnosed as being autistic at three years old. Craig Terrell said that when a nurse in a neurological doctor’s office asked him, “Has anyone ever mentioned the word autism to you?… Our lives got more complicated.” He went on to discuss the difficulty of researching autism online as the family was living in a rural part of Texas with only dial-up AOL internet access. Craig Terrell added that the nurse told him that there would be no follow-up appointment but that family just needed to research autism on the internet.

Little other information about Terrell has been made public or uncovered by reporters so far. Terrell does not appear to have a criminal record in North Carolina or elsewhere. It is not clear where Terrell went to high school or how long he had been studying at UCCC before dropping out.

People Control, Not Gun Control

This is my generic response to gun threads where people are shot and killed by the dumb or criminal possession of guns. For the record, I grew up in the South and on military bases. I was taught about firearms as a child, and I grew up hunting, was a member of the NRA, and I still own guns. In the 70’s, I dropped out of the NRA because they become more radical and less interested in safety and training. Some personal experiences where people I know were involved in shootings caused me to realize that anyone could obtain and posses a gun no matter how illogical it was for them to have a gun. Also, easy access to more powerful guns, guns in the hands of children, and guns that weren’t secured are out of control in our society. As such, here’s what I now think ought to be the requirements to possess a gun. I’m not debating the legal language, I just think it’s the reasonable way to stop the shootings. Notice, none of this restricts the type of guns sold. This is aimed at the people who shoot others, because it’s clear that they should never have had a gun.

1.) Anyone in possession of a gun (whether they own it or not) should have a regularly renewed license. If you want to call it a permit, certificate, or something else that's fine.
2.) To get a license, you should have a background check, and be examined by a professional for emotional and mental stability appropriate for gun possession. It might be appropriate to require that examination to be accompanied by references from family, friends, employers, etc. This check is not to subject you to a mental health diagnosis, just check on your superficial and apparent gun-worthyness.
3.) To get the license, you should be required to take a safety course and pass a test appropriate to the type of gun you want to use.
4.) To get a license, you should be over 21. Under 21, you could only use a gun under direct supervision of a licensed person and after obtaining a learner’s license. Your license might be restricted if you have children or criminals or other unsafe people living in your home. (If you want to argue 18 or 25 or some other age, fine. 21 makes sense to me.)
5.) If you possess a gun, you would have to carry a liability insurance policy specifically for gun ownership - and likely you would have to provide proof of appropriate storage, security, and whatever statistical reasons that emerge that would drive the costs and ability to get insurance.
6.) You could not purchase a gun or ammunition without a license, and purchases would have a waiting period.
7.) If you possess a gun without a license, you go to jail, the gun is impounded, and a judge will have to let you go (just like a DUI).
8.) No one should carry an unsecured gun (except in a locked case, unloaded) when outside of home. Guns should be secure when transporting to a shooting event without demonstrating a special need. Their license should indicate training and special carry circumstances beyond recreational shooting (security guard, etc.). If you are carrying your gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you lose your gun and license.
9.) If you buy, sell, give away, or inherit a gun, your license information should be recorded.
10.) If you accidentally discharge your gun, commit a crime, get referred by a mental health professional, are served a restraining order, etc., you should lose your license and guns until reinstated by a serious relicensing process.

Most of you know that a license is no big deal. Besides a driver’s license you need a license to fish, operate a boat, or many other activities. I realize these differ by state, but that is not a reason to let anyone without a bit of sense pack a semiautomatic weapon in public, on the roads, and in schools. I think we need to make it much harder for some people to have guns.

You've heard of Silver Alerts in Florida...link has photo...


Cow statue stolen from St. Petersburg steakhouse, police say

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The St. Petersburg Police Department is looking for the person or people responsible for stealing a cow statue from a steakhouse over the weekend.

The large plastic statue was stolen around 3 p.m. Saturday from Harold Seltzer’s Steak House at 3500 Tyrone Boulevard North, according to St. Petersburg police.

The cow is about 12 feet by 3 feet, police said. The owners told police the cow has great sentimental value.

A free meal is offered to anyone who returns the cow.

I have to wonder what the sentimental value would be???

Omarosa: Trump Keeps 'Crazy List' of 'Shocking' Policy Ideas He Uses to Distract from Negative Cover


Former White House official Omarosa Manigault-Newman said on Thursday that President Donald Trump keeps a “list” of incendiary policy proposals that his administration strategically rolls out when he needs to create a diversion from troublesome news developments.

When Manigault-Newman appeared on Morning Joe to talk about Trump’s resistance to subpoenas from the House of Representatives, she called it a “classic-Trump” move on his part to sow chaos and hide information about himself from the public.

“Let me just tell you, they have these lists of very shocking proposals…and they would just keep them on the side,” Manigault-Newman claimed. “Whenever they needed to throw a hand grenade to blow up the press or take over the front covers of the newspaper, they would pull out one of these very shocking proposals. Many of them dealt with something, trying to eradicate one of Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishments…they had them in their pocket.”

When asked if she thinks there’s some damaging information about Trump that Robert Mueller’s investigation was unable to find, Manigault-Newman noted that Trump is still under other investigations, and there’s an “endless amount of scandal, unethical, illegal behavior.” She also noted that the White House kept records of emails she sent when she worked on Trump’s campaign, which she wasn’t allowed to provide Mueller.

5 Weird Items In The New Bernie-Buttigieg Poll


A new poll released this week reshuffled the 2020 Democratic Primaries with two major developments:

Bernie Sanders came in first place for the first time since RealClearPolitics has tracked the 2020 field, dethroning Joe Biden.
Pete Buttigieg, the relatively unknown 37-year-old Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, jumped ahead of the rest of the crowded field and is now in third place.

No. 3: 26% of current Bernie Sanders supporters said that they would rather vote for President Donald Trump over Senator Elizabeth Warren, if that were the eventual 2020 matchup.

No. 1: Only 51% of current Bernie supporters actually voted in the 2016 General Election for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton – 7% voted for Trump, 23% voted for a third-party candidate, and 19% did not vote.

My only comment is to read the link. The link to the original poll is https://emersonpolling.reportablenews.com/pr/april-national-poll-bernie-takes-lead-for-democratic-nomination-mayor-pete-on-the-move

Of course we all know that polls can be poor predictors of eventual outcomes at this point, and also that polls have flaws and confounding sampling. Even so, it's part of the discussion.

Satire...Trump Names Lori Loughlin Education Secretary


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The shakeup in the Trump Administration continued on Wednesday as Donald Trump named a fellow television personality, Lori Loughlin, to be the new Secretary of Education.

In making the announcement, Trump praised Loughlin for her “disruptive approach” to college admissions and expressed hope that she could bring the same brand of innovative thinking to the Department of Education.

He brushed aside reporters’ questions about the means by which Loughlin obtained college placements for her two daughters. “No one here has a problem with that,” he said. “I know Jared doesn’t.”

The outgoing Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, said that she was grateful to have served in the Cabinet and that she would continue to work toward eviscerating American schools as a private citizen.


I hope Borowitz releases the Muller Report soon....

Just a little boating fun....


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