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Don't bother with Morning Joke....

...and I usually avoid it anyway, but happened to tune in at the beginning today. Nothing but hyper criticism of Democratic candidates.

Why can't MSNBC get a different morning show? Most of the evening line up is OK (even though tweety is pretty hard to take), but MJ is just awful.

...heading to CNN and the local news now...then off to work!

Man who gained notoriety for Busch Gardens flamingo death is killed in Orlando collision


A man who drew the anger of animal rights advocates after he was accused of causing the death of a beloved Busch Gardens flamingo has died.

Joseph Corrao, 48, was killed June 5 when he was struck by a pickup truck while crossing a busy road near his home in Orlando, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. A crash report says Corrao was walking north across State Road 50, near Story Partin Road in Orange County, shortly before 6 a.m. A Ford F-150 pickup was heading east and hit him. Rescue personnel took Corrao to Florida Hospital East, where he died.

The crash occurred about two months before Corrao was set to go to trial on an animal cruelty charge. He gained notoriety in August 2016 after he was accused in the death of Pinky. The flamingo delighted Busch Gardens patrons with its dance moves and served as one of the theme park's animal ambassadors.

Last week, prosecutors filed a formal notice that they had dropped the criminal charge upon learning of his death.

Five Reasons Florida's New Anti-Sanctuary Bill Is Racist Nonsense


This past Friday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the state's deeply controversial anti-"sanctuary city" bill, SB 168, into law. He did so in the blood-red Florida Panhandle, and there were so many fans who showed up that DeSantis reportedly had to find a larger venue.

The law, in short, is nonsense. There are no sanctuary cities in Florida at the moment. It fixes a problem that does not exist. And some of its language comes from racist, anti-immigrant groups who were quietly advising Florida lawmakers about the bill. After DeSantis signed the measure Friday, civil-rights groups lobbed criticism at the governor, suggesting they will launch legal challenges to prevent the law from taking effect.

The New American Economy, a centrist, corporate-tied think tank, warned in March that the bill could drain billions from the Florida gross-domestic product.

The idea for the bill was pitched by an anti-immigrant extremist group.

Russian Hacks on U.S. Voting System Wider Than Previously Known


Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before Donald Trump’s election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported.

In Illinois, investigators found evidence that cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data. The hackers accessed software designed to be used by poll workers on Election Day, and in at least one state accessed a campaign finance database. Details of the wave of attacks, in the summer and fall of 2016, were provided by three people with direct knowledge of the U.S. investigation into the matter. In all, the Russian hackers hit systems in a total of 39 states, one of them said.

The new details, buttressed by a classified National Security Agency document recently disclosed by the Intercept, show the scope of alleged hacking that federal investigators are scrutinizing as they look into whether Trump campaign officials may have colluded in the efforts. But they also paint a worrisome picture for future elections: The newest portrayal of potentially deep vulnerabilities in the U.S.’s patchwork of voting technologies comes less than a week after former FBI Director James Comey warned Congress that Moscow isn’t done meddling.

In many states, the extent of the Russian infiltration remains unclear. The federal government had no direct authority over state election systems, and some states offered limited cooperation. When then-DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said last August that the department wanted to declare the systems as national critical infrastructure -- a designation that gives the federal government broader powers to intervene -- Republicans balked. Only after the election did the two sides eventually reach a deal to make the designation.

A detailed article...worth reading.

Florida Manatee Orgy Near Tampa Bay Highway Causes World's Most Awkward Traffic Jam


An unusual congregation of mating manatees reportedly caused a traffic jam in Tampa Bay, Florida last Friday.

Approximately a dozen of the creatures were spotted by commuters offshore of Courtney Campbell Causeway, reports Fox 13. The news channel says it received several calls from drivers commuting via the road—many of whom pulled over to watch the spectacle—reporting a possible whale in distress. On arrival, a news helicopter discovered the herd of manatees engaging in a rarely seen reproduction practice known as a "mating ball."

Though distasteful, this practice may prevent manatees from slipping back toward extinction, as the size of their wild population is limited. Manatees were classified as endangered for more than 40 years, until their reclassification in 2016 to the less-severe status of "threatened," implying population numbers greater than those of endangered species.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that manatee mating season runs from March through November, meaning more traffic slowdowns could occur in the rare event that another manatee mating ball appears off the coast of Tampa Bay.

Just a reminder about John Mitchell....


John Newton Mitchell (September 15, 1913 – November 9, 1988) was the 67th Attorney General of the United States (1969–1972) under President Richard Nixon. Prior to that, he had been a municipal bond lawyer, chairman of Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, and one of Nixon's closest personal friends.
After his tenure as U.S. Attorney General, he served as chairman of Nixon's 1972 presidential campaign. Due to multiple crimes he committed in the Watergate affair, Mitchell was sentenced to prison in 1977 and served 19 months. As Attorney General, he was noted for personifying the "law-and-order" positions of the Nixon Administration, amid several high-profile anti-war demonstrations.

Let's see if Bill Barr is next...

Cops: Sarasota man crashes stolen Audi, threatens homeowner with ax, ends up naked in a chicken coop


According to CBS affiliate WBNG, John Mehne, 25, crashed the stolen 2016 Audi into an I-81 guard rail Tuesday morning in New York's Southern Tier. He reportedly tried getting away by jumping onto the back of a van, which sped up -- forcing him off. Looking for another getaway vehicle, police say Mehne hopped into the bed of a pickup truck, which carried him about a mile before it stopped suddenly, prompting him to run off into the woods.

Hours later, a man came home from work and reportedly found Mehne in his chicken coop.

WBNG says the guy asked Mehne what he was doing, and he replied that he was killing the chickens. The local news station says Mehne then grabbed an ax and began chasing the homeowner with it. According to WBNG, the homeowner ran away, Mehne stole his ATV and took off.

Not long after, investigators say another resident called and claimed Mehne was naked in another chicken coop. Law enforcement responded, and a police K-9 bit Mehne, who was captured and treated at an area hospital before being charged.

This occurred in NY, but the man and car were from Florida....

If an armed teacher doesn't intervene in school shooting, will they be arrested, too? Read more...

New questions are emerging about who is responsible for the safety of others during a mass shooting after Tuesday’s arrest of a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy who hid outside during the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

The sponsor of this year’s bill which allowed classroom teachers to carry guns, said Wednesday it’s possible armed teachers could similarly be on the hook, legally, if they don’t do everything required of them to keep kids safe during a shooting.

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/education/article231213983.html?fbclid=IwAR234OwHcV4F94p7SYtjWPCL4hGWDlX7ldiiO8GxUbx3NU2QBzC49dksy3c#storylink=cpy

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