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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 06:11 AM
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Let me get this straight...

Florida has done everything they can to spread the virus:

- Cruise ships!
- Spring break parties
- Open beaches
- Open theme parks
- Etc., etc.

Now they plan to release 750,000,000 mosquitoes into the face of two hurricanes and blow blood-sucking bugs all over North America!!! Squitonado??

Sure they say the little buggers are "safe" and won't spread disease.


Oh well, got to go now and get ready to teach school that opens on Monday (the day the hurricane arrives)!!

Great moments in Senate history: Kamala shows Senator Warner how to make a tuna melt...

Another Florida Republican hospitalized with Covid19 (Randy Fine)


In a Sunday Facebook post, Fine said he was admitted to Holmes Regional Medical Center after an X-ray showed he had suffered serious lung damage.

Im not going to lie Im pretty scared. I didnt even see the boys before I left because I figured Id be back in a couple hours, Fine wrote.

Good news is they want me here as a precaution for observation. Nothing about my present condition requires supplemental oxygen, let alone a ventilator. And they only have this snapshot in time of my lungs they dont know if it would have looked worse a few days ago. But they feel as though things could fall apart quickly and if I do need those things it is better that I am here, he continued.

Fine tested positive for coronavirus on July 22. His two sons tested positive the same day and his wife, Wendy, had tested positive on July 21.

How do DeSatan and MF45 avoid catching it? Maybe they are getting antibody infusions as preventative?
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