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Florida man goes crazy in Miami Airport


The video, posted to Twitter by the website "ONLY in DADE," was reportedly shot at the Miami International Airport on Friday evening.

At the start of the video, a maskless man wearing a baseball hat backwards is hopping around the terminal and swinging his arms as if he's boxing, as he threatens a man that appears to be an airline worker.

"Wow, he's actually calling people n****rs," an off camera woman is heard saying after the maskless man shouted the n-word.

He then started knocking over the post and rope stanchions used to line people up at the gate for boarding.

I saw this on FB. No report on what happened.

Florida averages 250 COVID deaths a day; children top infections, positivity rates


The state reported 1,727 deaths from Aug. 20 through Thursday, the most recent seven-day period of data released by the state. That is the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities reported in a single week since the start of the pandemic.

The state distributed over 460,000 vaccinations last week and nearly 280,000 more Floridians were fully inoculated against the coronavirus, 17 percent of whom were 19 or younger. But 41 percent of the total population is unvaccinated.

Young Floridians also continue to lead all age groups in positivity rates: Ages 12-19 have a 23 percent positivity rate, the highest in the state. Children ages 12 and under have the second highest rate at 19 percent — and those 11 and under cannot be vaccinated.

The fight over whether schoolchildren should wear masks gripped the state this week. A Leon County judge on Friday overturned Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order banning school districts from requiring masks.

Ron DeSantis has 'made a monumental mess of masking in public schools'


Ron DeSantis is a governor uninterested in actually governing, a lawyer with little respect for the law, an anti-elitist with an Ivy League education and a hypocrite unbothered by inconsistency. Populist politics, not public policy, is his long suit.

So it is not surprising that he has made a monumental mess of masking in public schools. When it became apparent that many of Florida’s 67 local school boards intended to require students, teachers and staff to wear masks based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics, plus the clear consensus of health care professionals generally, DeSantis did not see a serious public health issue. He saw an irresistible opportunity to pander to the MAGA peanut gallery on a grand scale.

Through a combination of executive orders and emergency rule making by a docile Department of Health and a spineless state Board of Education, DeSantis forbade mandatory masking in public schools and made private school vouchers available to the parents of every child in any school district with a mask mandate. This cowed almost all of the recalcitrant district school board members and superintendents, who tried to save face and have it both ways by requiring masks but allowing parental opt-outs.

And things have gone downhill for DeSantis from there. He and whoever gives him what passes for advice in such matters realized the voucher threat was not going to get the job done. Not enough parents in Broward and Alachua were going to take advantage of the vouchers to make a difference, as evidenced by the low percentages of parents who have opted out of the quasi-mask mandates in the compliant school districts.

Hillsborough sends over 5000 students home first week (so far)..


Only a TV report for now.

BREAKING: 5.6K Hillsborough County Students Sent Home into Isolation or Quarantine for COVID-19
BREAKING: 5.6K LOCAL STUDENTS SENT HOME | Hillsborough County Public Schools say 5,599 students and …

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