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Heading to the NRA convention in Dallas to see Trump, Pence? Leave these items at home

Heads up National Rifle Association members.

Anyone attending Friday's NRA-Institute for Legislative Action Forum — where President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are scheduled to speak Friday — has a strict list of things to not bring into the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

"Firearms and firearm accessories, knives or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum prior to and during (the officials') attendance," according to a statement from the U.S. Secret Service, which is now in charge of security during this forum.

Here's a look at items those attending the sold out NRA forum in the convention center arena may not bring:

▪ Backpacks and bags larger than 18 by 13 by 7 inches.

▪ Drones and "other unmanned aircraft systems."

▪ Glass, thermal or metal containers.

▪ Knives, firearms and weapons of any kind including gun parts, ammunition, holsters and magazines.

▪ Aerosols, mace or pepper spray.

▪ Selfie sticks, signs or laser pointers.

▪ Toy guns.

▪ "Any other item determine(d) to be potential safety hazards."

There will be no storage provided for anyone who brings firearms, but Knife Rights will provide free storage near the ticket scanners for knives and other items named as off limits. The forum is expected to run from noon to 3 p.m. Friday. The NRA annual meeting runs from Thursday through Saturday.

Guns are allowed during the rest of the NRA gathering in Dallas.


Such delicate flowers, WHY don't they want GUNS in their forums? Don't they always insist GUNS are not a danger? I guess they don't believe the lies they are selling!

Posted by MagickMuffin | Thu May 3, 2018, 12:03 PM (1 replies)

Guns Kills More People Than ALL "illegal" Drugs Combined

Of course I don't have any stats for this statement. As we have learned over the course of this mass shooting the gun lobby has been very successful in stopping any research into this area. So, this is just an observation.

The politicians have made claims throughout the decades to decry the horrors of drugs and how it is saving the lives of children (won't anyone think about the children) and they did everything in their power to create a War on Drugs.

However, when it comes to children and gun violence they are on the ready to defend the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby.

And I suppose it should be pointed out that this flies in the face of hypocrisy with their pro-life agenda (won't anyone think about the children) being shot by careless gun owners?

Perhaps because drugs are illegal there wasn't anyone to lobby congress without the fear of being busted. If there had been lobbyist for the illegal drug trade they wouldn't have created the WOD.

How Does Everyone KNOW How People Are Voting In The Early Elections???

My hubby is working the early elections and there is no way to tell who anyone is voting for unless they scream out they are voting for Trump, which has happened.

How does DU know how people are voting???

Just curious.

Tarrant County Democratic Party: Poll Training Oct 29 @ 12:00 for General Election

Anyone interested in attending.

So we will be hosting a Democratic worker orientation on Saturday, October 29,2016 at 12 noon at the party headquarters at 2812 Race Street, Fort Worth, TX. We will cover questions that many of you have asked about how to handle situations at the polls and provide you with telephone numbers should you feel that you need help.

Once the training is finished we invite you to stay for our Fall Burger Bash as we all deserve a little relaxation before the big day on November 8th.

Deborah Peoples
Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairwoman

I am the precinct chair and will be serving as the Alternate Judge on Nov. 8th.

I hope some of you will attend the training.

Who is Dylan J. Schacht accused of making bomb threat in RNC-NC?

Can anyone find out if he is registered to vote and which party he belongs to?

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A man is facing felony charges after being accused of making a bomb threat against a GOP office in North Carolina.

The Hendersonville Police Department said in a news release that the Henderson County party headquarters received a bomb threat Thursday morning on the organization's voicemail, prompting an evacuation. The State Bureau of Investigation swept the building with a bomb dog and found no explosives.

Authorities say they were able to trace the call back to 24-year-old Dylan J. Schacht, of Hendersonville, who was arrested and charged with one count of terrorism and one count of filing a false report concerning a destructive device.

The threat came just days after someone firebombed the Orange County Republican headquarters.

It is unclear whether Schacht has an attorney.

Suggestions for an affordable telephoto zoom lens for Nikon D3300

I don't have a great budget but was hoping someone here might offer me some advice.

There are several chicken hawks in my neighborhood that I'd really love to get some good pics of, currently the lens I'm using is a Nikon DX VR 18-55 mm. The lens isn't strong enough to take good pics of them high up in the trees.

Any suggestions? Hopefully something under the $200 range. That's all I can afford right now.

Posted by MagickMuffin | Thu Aug 4, 2016, 10:38 PM (7 replies)

It is a thankless job!

Why would she want it?

And no thx!!!

CBS/DFW Local News: No one wants to host Trump event for this Thursday

No link, it was reported on the 6:00 broadcast.

No law enforcers are willing to help.

Grand Pairie- OUT

Not sure about the other communities in DFW. But this is a start!

TX Runoff Election: 3060 ballots issued, 10 people bothered to vote

I am a Precinct Chair and Election Judge in Tarrant County.

Two of those votes were my hubby and myself. So, only 8 people showed up to vote. I was in charge of officiating 17 precincts.

This is a huge problem with Democrats in Texas. They do not get out to vote. Why? I have no idea. I have been a precinct chair since '08 and this is what I am up against. People not doing their civic duty and voting.

I am hoping to get email addresses so I can do email campaigns to GOTV. The Tarrant County Democratic Party is working on turning our county blue. They have several programs devoted to helping the precinct chairs to get voters to the polls. However, the voters have to vote to make a difference. When our voters refuse to vote then the other side always win. It is that simple, yet, it is a difficult task to undertake. But I am so frustrated by the lack of voter turnout that I am compelled to work harder at getting my precinct out to vote.

Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, says the new Congressional Voting Rights Caucus

also will work to strike down laws in Texas and other states that require voters to show photo ID to cast a ballot. Texas’ voter ID law is “the clearest manifestation of modern day suppression tactics,” Veasey said at the caucus launch. “They must be done away with immediately so that everyone can have full access to the ballot box.”

Veasey is the lead plaintiff in a legal challenge to the state’s voter ID law, a case that is before a federal appeals court Tuesday.

The caucus emerges nearly three years after the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a move that Veasey and other congressional members said has helped give rise to voter suppression efforts across the country. The Voting Rights Caucus so far has nearly 60 members, including Texas Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas; Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston; Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio; and Al Green, D-Houston.

The caucus’s first order of business, the new members said, is to urge Congress to update the Voting Rights Act in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling. The nation’s highest court effectively eliminated the requirement for Texas and eight other southern states to receive pre-clearance in order to change its election laws, saying the criteria used to monitor them were outdated.


It was a good article until the DMN decided to add input from Hans von Spakovsky, (a shill) legal scholar with the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation.

Marc Veasey is someone to watch. Glad to call him one of our own (Fort Worth)!

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