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Member since: Wed Aug 25, 2004, 01:28 PM
Number of posts: 15,171

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Living in an area where my political views are at odds with most voters.

Not being a member of an organized religion or group that is persecuted I for one take the stand no one is going to run me off. I have no exit strategy but am fine with anyone that feels they need one. As for as the Trump traitors and associates are concerned; get the hell off my grass. Persist and resist, I am a student of history.

59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles launched against an airfield that was forewarned.

With dubious political and military results...At roughly $250,000 each not including transportation and logistics costs, would have bought a lot of golf removing the entire planet from immediate concern about Donald Trump. Every minute he is away from the office and affairs of State is fine with me.

Was Nunes involved in espionage?

Who told him to gather secret information? Why did he switch cars after he disappeared? Who has he shared this information with? Just how many laws did he break?

What makes him think he is secret agent man?

Are Republicans getting ready to dump Trump.

Trump is threatening to cooperate with Democrats one day takes it back the next day and is increasingly frantic. Trump is not the only one increasingly incoherent. Have Republicans decided the wild man needs to go and get on the right side of history with a replacement?

I make no claims for Republican ethics but who would want this disaster to continue?

Did I just hear Spicer equate the Obama administration with the Deep State?

They are holdovers from the Obama administration. Unreal

Anyone notice who is missing in Trump and his mess?

Where is Pence? It would be so much fun for fake media to stalk out this creep and just ask questions? Several things might happen to Trump as his fragile grip on reality decays even more.
I want to know where Pence is located as Trump attempts to cover up?

As an idol Trump is the Golden Calf.

His followers are in as much danger as his enemies. Look how he pays his bills then he stiffs them and declares bankruptcy. Trump's idea of success is to claim credit for anything he thinks is positive. Trump is poison and this time he has recruited a lot of willing suckers. "The Golden Calf"

For Trump politics is show biz and he is your idol (snort inhale) with a thin skin of gold.

Remember the days of obsession with politicians with charisma?

It was maddening but fear not those days are gone. Now you have a leering frowning old man that opens his mouth almost solely in praise of a Stalinist Gangster throwback. His idea of a joke is grabbing female genitals.You would not want your daughter, sister, girl friend anywhere near this man. As far as sharing a beer I would be afraid of poison slipped in away from sight. Now I could see him throwing an orgy or a party where you get forbidden fruit but even if you are into such spectacles suspect they are for future blackmail or intimidation by lawyers. Then there are the Trump children that elicit in me visions of Uday and Qusay. Actually the demeanor of Donald is strongly reminiscent of Saddam Hussein. Donald intends to RULE in fear of Twitter proclamations. I expect him at some time to
at least get his own app maybe generate some ad revenue.
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