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Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
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Proving that ppl in this business are essentially heartless.

I'll echo MLAA...


Kitties vs foxes

Size is all that matters in this equation, all critter experts say.

We have semi-tame little cat-sized Gray Foxes (under 6lbs & look more like the tiny "Island foxes" ) in our neighborhood. Cute as can be. They avoid the local big kitties who some neighbors let out to hunt .

Our little Grays look like this...

I've lived in a "haunted" house.

And I'm an old, hard-core, non-believing atheist too.

All my family witnessed inexplicable things in that house.
I named our "ghost" Charlie and talked to "him", which helped me abandon all my fears. There is inexplicable, weird stuff happening but it doesn't push me to believe in an afterlife, as badly as I'd like to give up my objective reasoning and do so.

Extremely dangerous times..."strict presidential control...

"Strict presidential control of govt. data" includes control of CoVid data now.

Michael Caputo, tRump's new HHS Director, is now in control of all CoVid data! His other jobs: (from Wikipedia):

Reagan Administration adviser
George H.W. Bush campaign adviser
Carl Paladino campaign manager
Boris Yeltsin adviser
Vladimir Putin media consultant
Donald Trump campaign adviser


Fat Donny is getting pointers directly from Vlad.


That person may be "educated" but she definitely does not have "raw intellectual ability" - no koolaid drinkers do.

Bet she never had a General Logic or Critical Reasoning course. Regurgitating course material is not the same as learning how to think.

K & R ....

Total new 64,771

64,771 New Cases*

At 8:00 p.m. July 9.


Yes!: "What this also means is that a vaccine may/will not work."

Repeating your sentence:

What this also means is that a vaccine may/will not work.

DH & I have been discussing this for days now & what it means for society & the economies.
Conclusion: we must continue to isolate, wear masks, & be damn careful. Darwin's laws will rule.

Exactly: "It's a psychological condition"

They were conditioned to accept a premise absent of any supporting facts.

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