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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,366

Journal Archives

What song is she singing?


The Immigrant (in cages) Song

Don't we usually have a pinned topic for donations? Is there an ActBlue post with links?

president Gramps is SOOO excited about the stock market today! YTD numbers here...

DJIA - 0.049% (this is the indicator he keeps tweeting about)
S&P - 8.8%
NASDAQ - 31.18% (because everyone who has any money left has been buying stuff online, gone to streaming services, etc., due to trump's criminal negligence in handling the pandemic)

NEW - British Virgin Islands publishing a PUBLIC register of the owners of its offshore companies.

BOOM! The British Virgin Islands publishing a PUBLIC register of the owners of its offshore companies. Dictators, crooks, Mobsters, and spies are all...worried today. Trust me.

This will be...NOTEWORTHY.


Notorious tax haven British Virgin Islands to introduce public register of company owners
The territory’s secrecy rules have long attracted criminals and secretive companies created there have featured in several ICIJ investigations on offshore finance.
The British Virgin Islands, a popular tax haven where secrecy rules have long attracted criminals, will introduce a public register of owners of companies created on the island.

The BVI, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom located east of Puerto Rico, has a well-documented history of being misused by drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, and tax evaders. Successive scandals, including exposés by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, have placed the BVI under pressure to increase transparency.

Andrew Fahie, BVI’s premier and minister of finance, told the island’s House of Assembly in September that his government would work “towards a publicly accessible register of beneficial ownership for companies,” albeit “subject to reservations.” Liz Sugg, the U.K. minister with responsibility for territories like the BVI, later tweeted that the public register would be adopted by 2023.

“Every time that there’s a global exposé on illicit finance, the BVI’s name comes up,” said Ava Lee, anti-corruption campaign leader from the nonprofit Global Witness. “The recent leak of files from FinCEN showed that at least 20% of the occasions when banks in the US raised suspicions of money laundering involved BVI companies, and half the companies exposed by the Panama Papers were registered there.”

FL Covid - 7-Day trend for % Positive is below 10% for the FIRST TIME since JUNE 17!


I've updated my charts to have a start time of when schools re-opened (Aug 10...most were virtual). Aug 14-17 face-to-face restarted.

% Positive 7-Day trend is BELOW 10% for first time since June 17!

7-Day trend for new cases has edged up slight over 2 wks

BREAKING: Minnesota federal court REJECTS Trump Presidential Electors challenge

BREAKING: Minnesota federal court REJECTS Trump Presidential Electors challenge to our prior state court vote-by-mail consent decree victory!

Another victory for MN
, and ALL the voters of Minnesota.



The Minnesota Secretary of State agreed to waive the witness signature requirement and extend the ballot receipt deadline, republicans sued to block that, court denied it

CA church tried to collect mail-in ballots illegally??

Unofficial Ballot Drop Box Appears In Front Of Baptist Church In Castaic
Shannon Kaehny first spotted it on Facebook: a grey metal container with a taped sign that read “Official Ballot Drop Box” outside of Freedom’s Way Baptist Church.


But, when Kaehny and others reached out to the L.A. County Recorder/Registrar’s office, they responded on social media, saying: “This is not an official vote by mail drop box and does not comply with [state] regulations for drop boxes.”
“Oh, it was insane!” Kaehny said. “I can’t imagine in what world that you would think that that’s acceptable.”

The registrar’s office told KCAL9 they are trying to reach Pastor Cook and are working with counsel to issue a cease and desist letter. However, the drop box is already gone.

Other posts on the church’s website show it hosting a forum for Republican local candidates and criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. With that in mind, some locals said they are suspicious of what the church’s intentions were with the box.

WH aide caught in lie re: Fauci being available to the media

Trump aide busted after leaked emails prove she lied about blocking Dr. Fauci’s public statements
Wow. We know the White House lies. We know their Comms Dept lies. But @jonkarl brought clear receipts here. @Alyssafarah straight up lied to the public and he clearly called her on it.
The public needs to demand better after this election regardless of the winner. @PressSec

The truth matters. The requests for Dr. Fauci and the other members of the task force were made directly to you — multiple times. In this email, for example:

If consumer goods ads must meet factual requirements, why not political ads?

Papa Johns was sued over “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”

Red Bull was sued over “It gives you wings”

Yet political ads can be horribly misleading and flat-out lying

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Fairness Doctrine-esque commission that reviews all ads for misleading and false claims

THREE ads in FL attacking a Democratic State Senator are what triggered this thought:

Here’s an article about one (Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee just broadcast the same ad, too)

Republican Brodeur and new group launch false attacks on Democrat Sigman in key Senate race
The group, Economic Improvement Fund, sent mailers to voters in District 9 in Seminole County and parts of Volusia County claiming “Money meant to save jobs is pouring down on Patricia Sigman’s campaign. ... Shame on you, Patricia Sigman, return the money now!”

The mailers quote from Politico and Washington Post stories about the Democratic Party of Florida receiving $780,000 in Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, loans earlier this year.

But the stories don’t mention Sigman, because neither she nor her campaign received any PPP money. Senate Victory, the Democratic-affiliated political committee that has backed Sigman, also did not receive any PPP money from the state party, which is a legally separate entity.

The party returned the money in July after receiving criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Yes. There have been THREE separate ads from different groups, all pushing the same lie

Someone asked me to list a few reasons why I don't like trump. A few...

1) He’s a traitor (to the country and the constitution)
2) he’s a grifter
3) he’s a pathological liar
4) he’s caused the unnecessary deaths of probably 100,000 people
5) he’s allowing the Senate to pack the courts with inexperienced and corrupt judges
6) he’s destroyed the economy with the tax cuts, trade wars, and ignoring the pandemic
7) he doesn’t care about environment
8) he’s turned cabinet positions into pure lobbyist/grifter positions
9) he’s used his position and those of his vile offspring to sell influence
10) he has sought foreign interference in our election, from multiple countries
11) he panders to fake christians
12) he encourages hatred and bigotry and panders to white supremacists
13) he has a white supremacist running his domestic policy and has separated thousands of children from their parents, illegally
14) he’s violated the Hatch Act MANY times
15) he’s misused campaign funds to enrich himself and payoff mistresses
16) he’s divulged the utmost of top secret information to the kremlin (and probably Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, etc)
17) he helped cover up the dismemberment of a US resident and Washington Post reporter
18) he’s insulted Gold Star families
19) he’s shafted our troops (esp the national guard)
20) he panders to dictators and enemies of america and democracy
21) he’s broken decades-long alliances

22) sexual predator. Dozens of credible claims of sex assault and rape. Evidence of involvement with minors

Shall I go on?
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