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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,366

Journal Archives

trump DOES apparently have lung damage!


Go to 1:20 mark. In response to a question about CT scan and x-rays, Dr. Conley replied with:

“There’s some expected findings“

Schrodinger's Virus

"I didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction," Dr. Conley says when asked why he was reluctant to answer specific questions about the president's health yesterday.

Apparently, just talking about the illness changes the course of the virus.

I needed this

BREAKING: Kremlin announces Putin has been put in isolation after Ron Johnson tests positive for COVID.

Sad news in the Roland99 household

Looks like we’re going to have to put down our daughter’s horse

He’s had an intermittent bone chip problem in a front leg for a few months. We determined he’d never be a jumper and came to terms with doing a minor surgery and letting him live his life out at a wonderful pasture where our last horse retired to

But. Tonight. He came in lame and we did more x-rays. Another bone chip in a hind leg. And the other hind leg showed signs of issues too

They told us to sleep on it tonight but we all know what decision needs to be made

Ugh. This sucks

He’s such a goofball! So loving. And he’s only 6. So much life in him but his legs just betrayed him


Jaime Harrison debates LeningradLindsey. NOW!


This should be good!

Evidence/sign that trump Walter Reed video was edited

It’s a morph cut.

Feature added into @AdobePremiereCC a couple years ago.

I’d recognize it anywhere.

You’d think they’d reshoot the first minute of that if it wasn’t that hard for him.

So typically you would do a hard cut between two statements that somebody leaking if you have two angles. The morph cut is intended to be able to cut out small imperfections like if somebody is breathing or pause is is a little too long, you can use a morph cut to clean that up.

Others notice the video quality on the US flag pixelats briefly. His pinky reflection on the table disappears briefly

*You're* the Super-Spreader!


He’ll NEVER admit that not wearing masks in the WH was a bigly mistake

Senate will continue hearings on SCOTUS nominee over recess, but not covid relief

BREAKING: McConnell will move to halt Senate floor activity until Oct. 19, but will permit Judiciary Committee’s SCOTUS hearings to continue.

So...the Senate WON’T work to pass relief for Americans during the Coronavirus pandemic, but will continue to steal another SCOTUS seat.

#MoscowMitch only cares about a republican stranglehold on power, not about the well-being of Americans!

Is Mark Meadows the source behind the anonymous info on trump's vitals??


UPDATE: Immediately after the press conference ended and before the anonymous statement was sent out, Mark Meadows briefed reporters without cameras—but he was caught on a feed asking to be off the record.

Olivia Nuzzi @Olivianuzzi
So we have the White House chief of staff on camera, anonymously providing contradictory information to reporters right after the president’s doctors briefed the public.


It *does* have a nice ring to it
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