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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,366

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Some good news for tonight. We didn't plan on another one so quickly but

Our daughter just got a new horse

It’s only been a few weeks since we tragically had to put down our previous horse. Still miss that big ol goofball.

But her trainer came across a young (two year-old) off-track thoroughbred. He’d only been raced three times and wasn’t quick enough. There was a waitlist a few dozen long already but we managed to get them to hold him until yesterday until we could decide

Flexions and x-rays were good (so we won’t be blindsided with leg and joint issues again) and he’s very young and hardly raced so he hasn’t been stressed

But. He’s 17hh! Will probably make 17.2hh

He’s TALL. The withers are at the top of my head!

Our daughter is excited. She’s been saving for a while and was able to buy him on her own (we help w/board and vet bills)



Here we go again!

It's the last gasp of patriarchy

White male conservatives KNOW they’re soon losing control they’ve had for centuries. Trying to keep it for as long as they can, no matter the cost

50,000 posts. That's a lot, eh?

I just noticed I passed 50,000 posts. This one was post #50,000:


I was planning on something a bit more substantive but I think that one suits me well.

Anyway....this is what I *was* going to go for:

Single-Payer Health Insurance is NOT Socialized Medicine

Remember the days of Dennis Kucinich and H.R. 676 (PNHP.org)?

There's a lot of talk about Single-Payer and Medicare for All and the right skewering it as Socialism (even though tens of millions of senior citizens - many of whom are Republican - rely upon it and love it and wouldn't give it up for anything)

The only Socialized Medicine in the US is the Veterans Administration. Hospitals and Doctors are part of the government, itself.

With Medicare for All/Single-Payer, that's NOT the case. Existing hospitals and private physicians will still be in place. Nothing will change in terms of that. What WILL change is that instead of having dozens of private health insurance companies with much higher administrative costs (due to large HR departments, executive compensation, for-profit focus to satisfy stockholders, etc), we'd go to the government being a Single Payer. Your healthCARE is NOT government-run but the health INSURANCE is and would fit in line with much of how Medicare has been run for decades. This removes a HUGE portion of overhead which would be used to lower premiums and costs for Americans as well as increase services available to everyone.

Say you make $75,000/yr. That's $1,442/wk before taxes. The average ins premium for a family of 4 is between $200-$300/wk
14-21% of GROSS. 16-24% of NET! And that does NOT include CO-PAYS and DEDUCTIBLES.

Imagine payroll taxes went up 2.5% (that's just a bit less than 14-21% wouldn't you say??) but you now have Medicare, which is NOT socialized medicine. It's Single-Payer Healthcare. There will still be PRIVATE hospitals and doctors. Just no more private insurance to gouge families and enrich execs

And look at the corporate side: They'll pay more in payroll taxes from their end (7-8% or so) but no longer will need to carry large sections of HR departments to manage healthcare options. That's a HUGE reduction of overhead for most companies
Also look at what your healthcare insurance does NOT require: No more deductibles. No more co-pays. And it would now include Dental/Vision, too.

#HR676 can be revived and can help save American families


Two Studies Confirm - Water on the Moon

here is water on the moon’s surface and ice may be widespread in its many shadows, according to a pair of studies published Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy. The research confirms long-standing theories about the existence of lunar water that could someday enable astronauts to live there for extended periods.

One scientific team found the telltale sign of water molecules, perhaps bound up in glass, in a sunlit region. Another group estimated the widespread prevalence of tiny shadowed pockmarks on the lunar landscape, possible shelter for water ice over an area of 15,000 square miles.

Moon water has been eyed as a potential resource by NASA, which created a program named Artemis in 2019, to send American astronauts back to the moon this decade. Launching water to space costs thousands of dollars per gallon. Future explorers may be able to use lunar water not only to quench their own thirst but to refuel their rockets.


The SOFIA study detected individual molecules of water near a massive crater formation, named Clavius, in the moon’s southern region. Because the water molecules are so spread out, Honniball said, they “do not interact with one another and so cannot form liquid water or water ice.”

Space 1999 was just a bit too optimistic on the timeline

Stock Market futures reeling! Chicago Fed national activity index moderates for 3rd-straight month

DJIA F 27,881 -308 -1.09%
S&P F 3,416.50 -35.30 -1.02%
NASDAQ F 11,561.50 -102.00 -0.87%
Gold 1,903.30 -1.90 -0.10%
Silver 24.300 -0.375 -1.52%
Crude Oil 38.80 -1.05 -2.63%

Chicago Fed’s national activity index moderates for third straight month in September
National Activity index slips to 0.27 in September from 1.11 in August
The numbers: The Chicago Fed’s national activity index, which is designed to gauge overall U.S. economic activity, fell to 0.27 in September from a revised 1.11 in the prior month. The index’s three-month moving average, which tries to smooth out volatility, moved down to 1.33 from 3.22 in August.

A zero value of the index indicates the national economy is expanding at its historic trend rate of growth.

The August reading was revised from an initial reading of 0.79.


Big picture: This is the third straight weaker reading in the index. It fits with worries that the economy is faltering after a burst of activity earlier in the summer. Additional fiscal support for the economy still seems blocked in Congress.

Just an FYI - Dropped off Mail-In ballot In-Person? Be sure to keep checking your ballot status

With all the corruption in the GOP and efforts to suppress votes, my big fear is a massive amount of challenges of mail-in ballots, even those dropped off in-person

I have verified our three ballots here were accepted and will be counted but I do intend to keep checking on that as the election approaches. If, for some reason, a challenge is made, I want to be aware and be ready to take action!

So this happened near downtown Orlando this weekend

Events happening near Amway Center to inspire minority voters
Community leaders come together for Central Florida Vote Fest
Orange County community leaders are joining pastors and civic-based organizations to host the Central Florida Vote Fest, aimed at getting more minorities and African Americans to vote.


Organizers said the purpose of the Central Florida Vote Festival is to energize and engage minority and Black voters to get out and vote early.


“This weekend, it was our goal to make it exciting, that voting is exciting and people want to be engaged and participate,” Russell said.


“Without your voice, there will be no change,” McRae said. “We want to take every excuse away from our communities saying, ‘I couldn’t do it.’ We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to cast their vote.”

More from that YouGov poll's crosstabs. Look at these Ind breaks for Biden!

If u look at the cross tabs 4 the @YouGov polls from today, you'll find that of those who've already voted by party breakdown this is what you'll see (%):
Dem:B 100-0
Rep:T 89-8
Ind:B 57-34
Dem:B 99-0
Rep:T 94-6
Ind:B 54-42
Dem:B 99-1
Rep:T 87-12
Ind:B 56-40

And Reps breaking 12% for Biden in FL??

College student from suburban Chicago dies of coronavirus after leaving campus (in Dayton, OH)

A college student from suburban Chicago has died of coronavirus.

Michael Lang, 18, was a native of La Grange and a freshman at the University of Dayton.

The campus said that Lang left campus on Sept. 13 to "return home for remote study" and that on Oct. 22, he died of coronavirus-related complications "following a lengthy hospitalization."

"The loss of Michael calls our campus community to honor his memory and support those who are affected by his passing. Please respect the family's request for privacy at this time," University of Dayton leaders said in a statement.

Yeah. Youth are immune. Affects no one

Holy shit! Did you see that??! (World Series Game 4!)



That was insane!!
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