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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,966

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WOW. Tulsa arena filled in quickly at the end


Sharpie to the rescue!

NEW - SDNY US Atty Berman *IS* stepping down

Berman apparently only stepped down once the head of the SEC wouldn’t be jammed into his position. Dig the shade...

PBS Frontline - Putin's Revenge (Nov 2017)

That moment when #Putin started going after the US, and, specifically, #HillaryClinton

Part II

10% of Kansas State football team has tested positive for Covid-19 (30 LSU quarantined)

Kansas State has suspended all football workouts for 14 days following the most recent coronavirus test results, the school said Saturday.

As of Friday, 14 athletes out of 130 tested across sports were positive for COVID-19. They are in self-isolation for 10 days or until the patient is without fever for 72 hours without medication, whichever takes longer.

"The health and well-being of our student-athletes will always be our top priority," K-State athletics director Gene Taylor said. "Following the most recent test results, we felt like temporarily pausing all football workouts and access to our facilities was the best decision for everyone. We continue to take this situation very seriously and want to do everything we can to get back to workouts soon."

500 Delta Airlines employees have tested positive. 10 have died.

Five hundred employees with Delta Air Lines reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, and 10 of them died due to the virus, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

According to the company’s chief executive officer Ed Bastian, a vast majority of those who tested positive have recovered. He made the announcement during a shareholders meeting Thursday.

AJC reported Delta plans to test all of its employees for the virus starting this week in Minneapolis, expanding to Atlanta, Detroit and New York.

Scared to find out what the new testing reveals (and curious as to why they haven’t been testing all employees who work on planes on a weekly basis)

Dear. Gawd. #TrumpianLogic

Is there anything Trump can do to make you lose support of him?

"Commit adultery on his beautiful, classy wife."

What about Stormy Daniels?

"That was years ago before he ever became president. Nobody is accountable for what he done when he was a lot younger."


"a lot younger".

This was 14 years ago.

trump was *60* and it was cheating on this same "beautiful, classy wife"

Asha Rangappa goes OFF on "Bully Barr" - thread


Bully Barr, how do you obstruct justice? Let us count the ways:

1. LIED about the contents of the Mueller Report, claiming that it found “no evidence” of colllusion or obstruction of justice

2. Attempted the redact material in Mueller Report which reveals that Trump DID collude

3. Tried to interfere in sentencing of Roger Stone, who we now know was communicating with Trump about said collusion

4. Is trying to get the case against Flynn dropped, against the interests of justice as a former federal judge serving as amicus has stated

5. Is dropping the case against RUSSIA, which attacked the U.S., by classifying info necessary to prosecute Russian defendants

6. Has testified that he doesn’t believe that foreign assistance to a campaign is even a crime if it is not directly by a “foreign intelligence service”

7. Had his OLC justify blocking a whistleblower complaint required by law to reach Congress from ever reaching Congress (an opinion which was soundly rebuked in a letter from collective Inspectors General)

8. Oversaw his Criminal Division deciding — before even investigating — that secretly extorting a foreign country to investigate a political opponent would not constitute a violation of campaign finance laws

9. Has appointed, without any legal basis that I am aware of, political appointees to (repeatedly) “investigate the investigators” of Russian interference even after the DOJ IG has investigated it
*taling a break to refill wine glass*

10. Where was I? Oh yes: Got “activated” by POTUS to tear gas peaceful protesters and clergy members in violation of the Constitution of the United States


11. Has YET to mention that right-wing extremists are the most dangerous domestic terror threat AS TESTIFIED TO BY THE DIRECTOR OF THE FBI

12. But meanwhile has put the Joint Terrorism Task Force on investigating Auntie Tifa who is his imaginary foe

13. Has been pimping hydroxychloroquone in his free time for no apparent reason even though by the way we know it kills people

(Not sure this is obstruction but it’s super cray cray so including it)

14. Now is trying to fire the U.S. Attorney for SDNY which, among other things, has evidence that:

a) Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in criminal campaign finance violations in conjunction with the indictment against his former lawyer, Michael Cohen

b) was investigating to co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein who died under mysterious and as yet unexplained circumstances and who by the way used to work for his DAD who wrote a bizarre novel about space sex trafficking (someone else please take over this piece because I can’t)

c) was reportedly investigating Fruity G & Co. playing Scooby Doo in Ukraine digging up sketchy dirt on his political opponents (see #2 and 3, reprise)

d) is obviously investigating other things which will continue “without interference” as per SDNY U. S. Attorney who

i) never was told he was “resigning” and

ii) isn’t resigning
APPENDIX A: (To tweets #11 and 12) Took it upon himself to bring in unidentified, armed federal agents to DC to intimidate the population and usurp the authority of the DC mayor*

*reserve the right to add appendices and additional vidence that I forgot or which may arise
15. I am SO EFFING DONE with this dude and if Ted Cruz wants I will wrestle Barr and settle this once and for all if Congress isn’t willing to impeach him because this %#*$! has Got. To. Stop.

END (but to be continued)

Florida Covid-19 Graphs thru June 24, 2020

The trends are becoming scarily apparently. Hospitalizations are trending slightly up and they typically lag new cases 1-2 weeks. The % of positive cases is the highest it's been since early April (when less than half of the test were performed each day and ALSO when one typically had to be SYMPTOMATIC to be tested).

New Cases, New Tests and % Positive in new tests:

New Hospitalizations:

About statues and erasing history...

Do the names Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, King George ring any bells?

I can’t for the life of me place who they were. When their statues were toppled, all historical accounts of them magically disappeared, too.

Anyone remember these people by some weird chance?

Breaking: McDonald's introduces 2020's most poignant menu item possible

BREAKING NEWS. Today, Chris Kempczinski, McDonald's CEO announced beginning July 1, the restaurant will be adding the McKaren Meal®. "It's like our Value Meal® but with one item intentionally missing. In addition, you'll have to wait an extra 10 minutes for it," Chris said.

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