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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
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Wow. Of all days. New official White House presidential portrait


Ooooooo... oh AGBarr. Care to answer this now??


Aaron Rupar

.@SenKamalaHarris: Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested you open an investigation into anyone?

BARR: ..... ah .....

HARRIS: Seems like something you should be able to answer

BARR: I don't know .......

Did Zelensky imply he also received Russian interference help??

From the “transcript”

We used quite a few of your skills· and knowledge and were able to use .it as an example tor· our ele.ctions -and.yes it is-true that these were unique elections.


Five Moments In Donald Trump's Phone Call To Ukraine That Could Fuel The Impeachment Investigation

Five Moments In Donald Trump’s Phone Call To Ukraine That Could Fuel The Impeachment Investigation
President Donald Trump asked the president of Ukraine to do him a “favor” and investigate the origins of the Russia probe as well as former vice president Joe Biden, according to a transcript of the July 25 call reviewed by BuzzFeed News.

The ask, which came during a 30-minute phone call monitored by other White House officials, came immediately after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Trump for the United States’ defense support and said his country was “almost ready” to buy more US military technology.

Trump then asked Zelensky to do a “favor” and investigate the “whole situation in Ukraine.” Trump made vague references to CrowdStrike, the company hired to investigate the hack of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election, and former special counsel Robert Mueller.

When Zelensky agreed, Trump then brought up what he referred to as the “other thing,” saying that “it “would be great” if Zelensky could also look into unsubstantiated allegations against Biden — that he used his position to influence an investigation in Ukraine into his son Hunter.


Andrew C Laufer, Esq
Prima Facie abuse of power and possibly a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Absolutely a basis for impeachment. I’m guessing Trump et al’s response to this will be Yeah, I did it... so what...”. https://twitter.com/zoetillman/status/1176859231682793473
Zoe Tillman

BREAKING: Trump explicitly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden, saying it "would be great," according to a transcript of the July call.

Here are five key moments from the call likely to fuel the impeachment

Just how common is it for Federal Prosecutors to fight AGAINST state court grand juries?

NEW YORK (AP) — Federal prosecutors are joining President Donald Trump in asking a federal judge in New York to temporarily block a state court grand jury subpoena seeking his tax returns.


“To the extent that enforcement of the subpoena may adversely affect federal interests of constitutional dimension, those effects could not be redressed after the fact,” the prosecutors said in asking for a “short stay of the subpoena’s enforcement.”

Prosecutors say they could inform the judge by next Tuesday whether they intend to join Trump’s quest to block his longtime accountant from complying with the subpoena, which stems from a criminal probe.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said Trump’s challenge doesn’t belong in federal court and he’s asked U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero to reject the effort to block the subpoena.

@MerriamWebster. I love you.



You'll never guess our top search right now.

Oh. Well played tweet, Greg


Gotta love that “liberal media”

Found elsewhere... a slow walk to an ironclad impeachment case?

Seems to make sense but the urgency necessary needs to accelerate

And now I need to check out Craig Unger’s House of tRump

From Thomas Clay Jr.:

“House Democrats have a strategy for removing Trump from office. Not only is it a good strategy, it’s the very best strategy available in terms of both substance and timing. This thread will explain what the House is doing and why.

First, House Dems know they can vote to impeach Trump right now on multiple bases, including obstruction of justice, violations of the Emoluments Clause, gross unfitness for office, and more. They also know the Senate will NOT convict for any of that. Rather than rushing to impeach and failing to get a conviction, House Dems are working hard to put together an “ironclad” (using Pelosi’s words) case against Trump. The centerpiece of the ironclad case is that Trump is compromised by money laundering for Russian oligarchs.

House Dems are betting it all that Trump is compromised by Russian money laundering. They already know it’s true and they know where to get the evidence needed to prove it: from Trump’s bankers (Deutsche Bank) and his tax advisors (Mazars).

Getting evidence from Deutsche Bank/Mazars has been the primary focus of House General Counsel (Douglas Letter) ever since he was hired by Pelosi in January. Subpoenas were issued to Deutsche Bank/Mazars back in April and the cases have been working their way through the courts.

The strategy is sound and the House should get the documents from DB/Mazars by November of this year, a full year before the election:

Once House Dems get the DB/Mazars documents, they have a team in place to analyze them, namely Daniel Goldman (former SDNY deputy chief of organized-crime unit) and Daniel Noble (former SDNY co-chief of the complex frauds and cybercrime unit).

Goldman and Noble will put together a killer case showing Trump to be a career money launderer for the Russians. This not only makes him a criminal, but it also means he’s compromised and beholden to Russia. This is way beyond any of the other evidence against Trump; this is nuclear.

Once the case is built, Pelosi will take the podium and announce formal impeachment hearings, complete with the smoking gun. Pelosi will detail the evidence House Dems have gathered and the electorate will suddenly awaken from a long, gaslit slumber.
Don’t worry, all the other goodies will be in the Articles of Impeachment: the emoluments violations, the obstruction, the racism, the lying, the rapes, all of it. But the nuclear bomb is the money laundering. And it’s not just a little bit of money laundering, it’s massive.

If you want to know more about the money laundering, read
@craigunger's #HouseofTrump, listen to episode 4 of
@AssetPodcast, and read up on what Deutsche Bank already has admitted to in terms of money laundering. It’s vast and it will blow your hair back.

And we know all that just from what’s public. Imagine what we will find when we get the receipts. You can bet Goldman/Noble are licking their chops. And it’s not just Russia: Letter said during oral argument on 8/23 they are looking at money laundering for Russia AND the Saudis.

Now that we know that the money laundering evidence is the centerpiece of the case and is on a November 2019 timeline, we can see that everything else is being timed to coincide with November. Can you hear the steady drumbeat of Dems supporting impeachment? That’s on purpose!

And how about the obstruction case? Why isn’t that moving faster? Well, it seems to be on pace to reach a crescendo right around November. And keeping the powder dry until November has a side benefit: the bombs start exploding right as Trump’s re-election campaign takes flight.

My guess is impeachment hearings run 3 months, with impeachment referred to the Senate around March ‘20. That’s not going to be fun for GOP Senators up for reelection in November ‘20. Are they really going to acquit in the face of all that evidence right before the election?

My guess is that #MoscowMitch tries to become the hero at that point by trying to get Trump to step down and not run for re-election. If you think #MoscowMitch won’t throw Trump under the bus to save his own ass, you don’t know #MoscowMitch!

Any way you slice it, the House Dem strategy is VERY bad for Trump. He definitely will be impeached for truly explosive crimes. He may very well be convicted in the Senate. And even if he’s not convicted, his re-election campaign will be besieged. Bottom Line: Trump is DOOMED.”...

Oh dear gawd. Is it worse than ANYONE could have imagined??? This would be pure treason


Jennifer Cohn
Trump speaks w/ Putin: 7/31/19

Trump requests list of top US spies: 8/3/19

Russia publishes name & biography of a man living near DC: 9/10/19

Trump says we should not use foreign spies: 9/10/19#WhistleblowerComplaint is filed re: alarming “promise” to foreign leader: 8/12/19 https://twitter.com/jennycohn1/status/1175692552642580481
Jennifer Cohn
Did Trump promise to tell Putin the identity(ies) of one or more US spies?

“Trump’s interaction w/ the foreign leader included a ‘promise’ that was regarded as so troubling that it prompted an official in the U.S. IC to file a formal whistleblower complaint...” 1/ #Whistleblower

Pompeo: 'It wouldn't be appropriate' to release transcript of Trump conversation with Ukrainian pres

Oh. Why not??

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that "it wouldn't be appropriate" to release a transcript of President Trump's call with his Ukrainian counterpart that is reportedly at the center of a whistleblower's complaint.

Pompeo said on ABC's "This Week" that the Trump administration publishes transcripts only in unique circumstances.

"Those are private conversations between world leaders, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to do so except in the most extreme circumstances," Pompeo said.
The secretary of State deferred to the White House when asked why the administration wouldn't provide the transcript if, as the president said, there was nothing wrong about the conversation.
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