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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 49,991

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BREAKING: PA Federal Court REJECTS Republican motion to allow poll watchers at satellite locations

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Federal Court REJECTS Republican motion to allow poll watchers at satellite voting locations.

Marc and Democracy Docket are on a roll!

more details here:

edit: fixed link

**GOP Sens. Collins and Murkowski vote no on moving to consider the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

BREAKING: GOP Sens. Collins and Murkowski vote no on moving to consider the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS.

This was something they forecast when the opening happened, now they've followed through.

GOP still has enough votes to proceed however.

All planned to give them political cover in their respective states

BREAKING: PA Supreme Court rules election officials are PROHIBITED from rejecting mail-in ballots...

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that election officials are PROHIBITED from rejecting mail-in ballots based on signature comparison.
BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that election officials are PROHIBITED from rejecting mail-in ballots based on signature comparison. Nor may a party "challenge based on signature analysis and comparisons."


Read the brief joining the Secretary’s petition here.

Read the order granting application for extraordinary relief here.

Read the opinion here.

trump is the a**hole, bad guy frat boy from every movie ever made, but 55 years after the fact


Trying to prod Netanyahu into saying something derogatory about Biden.

Florida - Early Voting Stats - Oct 22-23

Oct 22

#Election2020 #Florida #EarlyVote #MailInBallots

Summary of votes submitted in FL as of 10/22 8:27am

Dems w/a COMMANDING lead in Vote-by-Mail (+550k)
Reps w/a small lead in-person early voting (+91k)

applied a 50/40 split (Rep/Dem) for no party affiliation (was 47/43 in 2016)

I'm being more pessimistic on the split for no party affiliation voters than we saw in 2016. Even with that slightly pessimistic viewpoint, Dems could conceivably have a sizeable lead as of this morning of ~381,000 votes...so far. That's a lot of ground to makeup from in-person voting from republicans

In 2016, a total of 9,618,915 were cast. 2,758,617 were vote-by-mail and election day numbers were close to that at 2,959,085. Total early in-person votes in 2016 were 3,876,753 and about 24k provisional ballots.

FL has already blown past vote-by-mail returns this year with about 3,200,000

SOOO...ESTIMATED current split between Biden/trump is 52.9/44.0 (ignoring other candidates)!

Wow. fox news national correspondent confirms hunter "scandal" is NOTHING!

I completed searching all of Tony Bobulinski’s emails. They establish:
• the “Chairman” is China.
• NO ROLE for Joe Biden in emails/docs
• Tony Bobulinski states himself there are NO OTHER MEMBERS besides Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Rob Walker, James Gillar, and Bobulinski

someone will probably need to be updating their resume....

NYT - Out of Work in America

As you go to work today realize that millions of Americans would do anything to be in your shoes. We teamed up with news organizations across America to capture joblessness in 2020. Please take a few minutes to read.

Americans have endured economic crises before but none quite like this one. To capture the depths of the suffering, The New York Times teamed up with local news organizations across the country earlier in the year to document the lives of a dozen Americans who found themselves out of work.

For months, we followed them as they dialed unemployment hotlines, applied to hundreds of jobs and counted every dollar in their bank accounts for rent and food. All of it while trying to survive a pandemic.

* She had Plan A. Now, it’s Plans B through Z

* Laid Off With a Baby on the Way

* Two Master’s Degrees but Out of Work

* Broken Promises From One Job After Another

* Her Job Was a New Beginning — and Then She Lost it

* A Funny Guy in an Un-funny Time

* From a Promising Career to a Dwindling Savings Account

* Watching Every Penny

* ‘I Hope They Put Themselves in Our Shoes’

* For a War Veteran, a Different Kind of Training

* A Couple Weeks Became Months on End

* A Career in Hospitality Now on Hold

Gut-wrenching. Heart-breaking. So many stories like theirs.

A former co-worker I still keep in touch with reached out to me a month ago. He’d still not received ANY unemployment from the state of FL. Had been laid off for about 3 months. Had the most seniority in his dept and he and another more senior person were let go and two younger ones kept.

Said he’d been falling into depression. He’s married with 4 kids.

I helped him a little a few times and then he shared good news a couple weeks ago that he got a job better than he’d had before. I was so thrilled for him

But so many still without any prospects struggling to not just get by but struggling to survive!

PSA - To all old guys in a hotel room with a very young flirty blond

THIS is how a shirt is tucked


Avoid those nationally embarrassing moments from now on

Inside the campaign to 'pizzagate' Hunter Biden

From one of the reporters that Grenell lit into in a pre-debate call earlier today

Pizzagate-style rumors in 2016 were largely confined to far-right message boards. This year, they are reaching the mainstream with help from a website boosted by Trump.

By Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny

Some of the same people who pushed a false conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton that first emerged in 2016 are now targeting Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, with similar falsehoods. Their online posts are garnering astronomical numbers of shares on social media.

The fantastical rumors, which NBC News is declining to repeat verbatim, echo specific plot points central to "pizzagate," a viral disinformation campaign that predates QAnon but also falsely alleges a vast conspiracy of child abuse.


The disinformation campaign appears to have been successful in its goal of generating a smear against the former vice president's son. According to Google Trends, "human trafficking" is now the third-most common related search term for "Hunter Biden" in the last year, after "laptop" and "New York Post," which point to search interest around the unconfirmed allegations that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden contained evidence of crimes.

The New York Post published an article on Oct. 14 that it said was based on leaked private photos from Hunter Biden's personal hard drive, including photos that appeared to show the younger Biden sleeping and screenshots of unverified emails claiming that he had used his position on the board of an energy company to set up a meeting with his father, then the vice president. Both Bidens have denied any wrongdoing, with Joe Biden recently calling the allegations a "last-ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family."

More at link

FL State Rep Anna Eskamani on with THE Mark Hamill for GOTV!




About this event

On October 22st at 3 PM, save the galaxy (or maybe just Florida) with Mark Hamill and Rep. Anna Eskamani on an Early Voting Phone Bank. We will talk to Central Floridians to ensure they are turning out for the Biden/Harris ticket as well as Democrats up and down the ballot. Every vote counts and every call made brings us closer to victory in November!

there's been a recent show of support for Rep Eskamani to run for Gov against moRon DeathSantis, too
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