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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 01:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,365

Journal Archives

HA. The perfect tweet for the moment


Finally: Attorney General of the United States, Rosen.

Aside from his role in The West Wing, he played AG Rosen on “Scandal”

Anyone surprised?? FL elector (and state Senate leader) positive for Covid-19!


Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) informed Gov. Ron DeSantos (R) that he will not attend Monday's presidential Electoral College vote in Tallahassee, Fla., after he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Simpson wrote in a letter to DeSantis he was "honored" to have been selected as an elector, and that he was looking forward to casting his vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence, who won the state in last month's presidential election.

The state senate president did not publicly note how he was feeling or whether he was symptomatic.

Wow! Incisive and eloquent analysis about trump and his election fight


It just don’t get no better

EDIT - disregard. Guess who made his first tweet? Dr Fauci


My first tweet!

Remember, love over hate, faith over fear and wear a mask. God bless you all!

We will get through this!

Apparently has had the account for years but never tweeted til just now

(Assuming it’s him. But who would create an account name @Fauci in 2009?)

EDIT - it was a fake acct

Peter Staley
This is NOT a real account (I just asked him).

BAM!!! WI Judge with the SHADE in case being heard right now

Troupis cites Facebook posts for evidence.

Dallet: Based on Facebook posts?

"We'll keep that in mind as a way to use evidence in the future," she adds with withering criticism.

Technology is so frustrating sometimes

Why is it so hard to watch ESPN on a device w/an HDMI cable?

My phone, ESPN app won’t play any videos.

On my iPad it plays by itself but when you hook up HDMI cable using an Apple adapter, can’t tap on any game to start playing.

Had to drag my laptop out here to get it working

used to work on my phone outside here for the last few years. I guess something changed in one of the iPhone updates

THIS 8 min video is PROOF that ANY gop lawyer involved in these suits MUST be disbarred and fined

This sums up the quality of claims from Republicans over this “fraud“. Basic searches with no verification of any other data that they are submitting to the courts. Every single lawyer involved in this should be disbarred, sanctioned, and fined

This is quite a takedown of the Trump campaign's list of allegedly illegal voters from Georgia State Rep Bee Nguyen.

NONE of these lazy asshats did ANY sort of fact-finding at all. They merely took the word of GOP operatives showing names and papers at them and telling them, “hey! File a lawsuit with these claims! “

How mad is trump right now?

Live look at the West Wing right now


OMG. FAKE OAN website is a riot! Check the "sycophant websites" from the menu, too!!


This is funny stuff!
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