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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
August 30, 2021

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

'nuff said.
August 28, 2021

Bang! Zoom!


I love how some folks take dewormer, get Covid, die, and then...
feed worms.
August 26, 2021

Serious question. So, over 100k have been evac'd from Afghanistan. How many Americans were there?!?!

I mean...I'm sure many of these are Afghani nationals or were Afghani citizens perhaps with visas for the US but how many US citizens were there and how many left?

In light of the news of the State Dept official saying very dire warnings were issued nearly 6 months ago, WTMF were these people waiting for?!?

August 25, 2021

US Open won't require spectators to wear masks or show proof of vaccination

US Open won't require spectators to wear masks or show proof of vaccination

Spectators will not be required to wear masks or show proof of their vaccination status to attend matches at the US Open when the tennis tournament returns at full capacity next week, one year after all fans were banned from the event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The goal is not to prevent all cases of COVID. The goal, really, is to be certain that we don't have an outbreak of COVID that's going to be unusual or that we would regret," Dr. Brian Hainline, a U.S. Tennis Association first vice president and member of its medical advisory group, said on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. "We're still relying on the goodwill of people. The unvaccinated -- although it's not going to be enforced -- they really should be wearing masks. I expect many vaccinated individuals are going to be wearing masks, as well."

The year's last Grand Slam tournament starts Monday in New York.

August 25, 2021

!! Arkansas Jail Doctor Reportedly Prescribing Inmates Ivermectin (The Deworming Drug) For COVID

Arkansas Jail Doctor Reportedly Prescribing Inmates Ivermectin (The Deworming Drug) For COVID

“I was really mortified by it, but also just embarrassed. I mean, the whole world’s talking about ‘don’t do this,’ but yet we’re doing it to our detainees,” Eva Madison, a justice of the peace in Washington County, told TPM Wednesday. Justices of the peace are equivalent to county commissioners in Arkansas.

Madison claimed in a county meeting Tuesday night that the doctor contracted to work in the county jail, Rob Karas, was prescribing Ivermectin for inmates. She said she’d also heard from a county employee who’d received a negative COVID-19 test at the jail that the employee had been prescribed Ivermectin. Madison shared with TPM a photograph of the prescription she said the employee received for Ivermectin.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that Sheriff Tim Helder separately confirmed that Karas Correctional Health had informed him last month that they were using the medication. Helder praised Karas at the county meeting Tuesday night.

“This is appalling,” State Rep. Nicole Clowney (D) wrote in response to the Democrat Gazette report.

dear. gawd.
August 25, 2021

Bodies stacked to the ceiling as COVID-19 surge creates backlog at Florida funeral homes,crematories

Bodies stacked to the ceiling as COVID-19 surge creates backlog at Florida funeral homes, crematories

At West Side Crematory in Winter Garden, they’re overwhelmed with the remains of people that need to be cremated.

There’s an influx of bodies like they’ve never seen, worse than the first wave of COVID-19. The area where bodies are stored prior to being cremated is stacked to the ceiling. The staff is working day and night to honor the dead.

WESH 2 called 20 funeral homes and crematories and many were too busy to be part of our story. Some were too busy to even talk on the phone. One funeral director said that in a 30-minute period where he talked to his partner, four new cases came in.

Mike Marchetti, the area manager for Newcomer Funeral Homes, says as much as they don’t want to, sometimes they have to delay meetings with families and delay funerals because they only have so much staff.

227 deaths reported per day right now (not date of death, just date death reported so many of these were days or weeks ago)

But still, that's a plane crash a day in FL
August 24, 2021

I just can't anymore. I don't know why I even did....

I ventured into a local FB group discussion on Covid/masks/kids/school. Been trying to avoid them for a while now. I was deep into "discussions" during a few month furlough last year, trying to lay out the facts and charts and trends and studies, etc.

But yet here we are, 18 months into this pandemic and the SAME goddamn idiocy is still very rampant among at least 30% of Americans, and a good-sized cluster of over-privileged me-monsters in my area.

Sick of them....I'm *this* close to just hoping they all get it but then I think about the needless suffering of any kids involved, through no fault of their own, just their goddamn covidiot parents.

August 23, 2021

Pfizer Covid vaccine has now received FULL approval by the FDA!

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine wins full FDA approval, potentially persuading the hesitant to get a shot

Federal regulators Monday granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine — a milestone that could help increase inoculation rates and spark a wave of vaccine mandates by employers and universities amid a surge of new cases and hospitalizations fueled by the ferocious delta variant, according to two individuals with direct knowledge of the decision.

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