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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,335

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HAHAHAHA! TruthSocial offices are as empty as the heads of the people who post there!

Chris Anderson @ChrisA0213

This is what the #TruthSocial office looked like in Sarasota, Fl. on Wed. afternoon. There was no one inside the social media company’s headquarters, no receptionist, no business sign, no sign of CEO Devin Nunes, nothing with Trump’s name anywhere in the building.

And don't forget this from last month

Exclusive: Trump left Sarasota media company weeks before federal subpoenas were issued

Over/Under on Fox Spews tossing TRE45ON for DeFascist? Days? Hours? Minutes?

If even Steve Douchey is concerned and perplexed, Fox will be tossing TFG under the bus sooner rather than later

moRon DeFascist is already on a de facto campaign tour

FLASHBACK: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence...

PUBLISHED: 09:23 EDT, 5 April 2018 | UPDATED: 10:58 EDT, 5 April 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death
Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Jared Kushner in October
Salman has since bragged about using classified intelligence from Kushner as part of a crackdown on 'corrupt' princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia
He said the intelligence from Kushner included information on those who were disloyal to Salman and who were his 'enemies', insiders tell DailyMail
Kushner's attorney's spokesman said it was 'false' that the president's son-in-law passed on secrets and that he was 'well aware of the rules'
The crown prince launched his crackdown on corruption in November, days after he met Kushner for talks in Riyadh
Hundreds were rounded up, including princes from rival parts of the Saudi royal family and some of the country's wealthiest businessmen
But the crackdown saw accusations of torture and at least one reported death

Bradley Moss - Great summary of the DOJ filing last night!

I have read the entire Government filing. I spend all day, every day, litigating against the Government, so some of this is familiar stuff to see. This particular brief is very well-done.

Here are the highlights:

1) The facts. NARA negotiated in 2021 for the missing records. They finally got 15 boxes. After going through them and finding all kinds of classified records (not organized at all), they raised the alarm. They wanted to make a referral to the FBI but had to first consult with Trump's team, per the PRA procedure. Trump's team delayed for weeks and weeks, and never substantively responded. Finally, NARA told Trump's team they were making the referral and rejected the "protective" assertion of Executive Privilege.

2) At no time did Trump's legal team file an action *at that point* to prevent the referral to FBI.

3) The FBI reviewed the records and the criminal inquiry was opened. A grand jury subpoena was issued to Trump's team. Again, they delayed and delayed in complying. Finally, in early June they agreed to a meeting at MAL to comply. They turned over more classified records, and swore out a statement that they had done a diligent search, they had not found any more classified records, and any records that remained were in the storage room. They refused to let the FBI agents look at the boxes in the storage room.

4) The FBI gathered new evidence that there were in fact more classified records at MAL, including in locations outside of the storage room. They got the search warrant and found approximately 100 additional classified records, some located in Trump's own office.

5) That is straight up obstruction and concealment of classified records, and willfully retaining them in an unauthorized location.

6) Now come the legal arguments. First, DOJ says Trump lacks standing. The records are not his: they are the property of the US. Even if he wanted to claim them as personal records, he never did so. He did not do so in 2021, he did not do so when subpoenaed, he never did it. He has no possessory interest in the records.

7) Second, they argue Trump is not entitled to any injunctive relief. Again, these are not his records, he waited way too long to even try to stop the FBI from getting the records, he's not entitled to relief given Executive Privilege would not apply, and even if it did the criminal investigative need outweighs it.

8) Third, the Special Master is moot. The A/C privilege records
were already separated and are set to be evaluated by the magistrate. The records Trump claims are covered by EP are not his anyway, and the Nixon precedents make clear he cannot invoke it to override the need to conduct a criminal investigation.

9) To sum it up, Trump took
PLAINLY MARKED classified records to MAL, he delayed, obstructed and resisted Government efforts to recover them, he (or his staff) concealed the records from investigators, and they got caught doing so.


Soooooo. For ONE thing, TFG and his legal team KNEW about the FBI investigation referral in 2021! *2021*

They KNEW this wasn’t about being political as a midterm election neared. This was over a year ago!

Florida leading the way! (In Covid deaths since vaccines became available)

Data is Covid deaths since vaccines were first available

moRon #DeathSantis has a #Covid death rate more than double NY and CA. More than 50% worse than TX


Covid vaccines became available to all adults in the US on April 20, 2021.

Since that time, aggregate COVID death rates were 37% higher in states with GOP governors than in states with Dem governors.

He’s definitely earned the nickname DeathSantis

Now this! WaPo: "Boxes of documents even came with Trump on foreign travel"

Boxes of documents even came with Trump on foreign travel, following him to hotel rooms around the world — including countries considered foreign adversaries of the United States.

“There was no rhyme or reason — it was classified documents on top of newspapers on top of papers people printed out of things they wanted him to read. The boxes were never organized,” Grisham said. “He’d want to get work done on long trips so he’d just rummage through the boxes. That was our filing system.”

Dear gawd! Was he shopping intel around the world? Or referring back to docs before meetings to use as tidbits or bait??

Keith Olbermann - He " sold the names of our foreign spies and sources, didn't he?"

Motherfucking Trump sold the names of our foreign spies and sources, didn't he?

Motherfucking Trump.

"Last year, a top-secret memo sent to every C.I.A. station around the world warned about troubling numbers of informants being captured or killed..."

Badd Company - Courtlistener document of an affidavit re: Jan 6 and other stuff


link internally to

Robert Costa: Bolton on TFG and classified document handling. NO regard for security protocols!

(thread) I've been following up today on something
in recent days and it has led to a new understanding of a part of this story: how Trump handled defense and intelligence-related documents inside the White House, and how that led to the FBI search

(thread) I've been following up today on something @AmbJohnBolton told @CBSNews in recent days and it has led to a new understanding of a part of this story: how Trump handled defense and intelligence-related documents inside the White House, and how that led to the FBI search

To understand how certain documents landed in certain boxes, and then ultimately at Mar-a-Lago, you have to understand how Trump digested daily briefings.

What happened in the briefings often touched on the most sensitive aspects of U.S. national security and defense, as you'd expect for the commander-in-chief. But since much of the briefings were verbal, Trump would only glance at papers most days and sometimes asked to hold them.
"Sometimes they forgot."

That line stuck with me. If they forgot to take the papers back, where did they go?

That's the question I started asking intel types and former Trump officials today. If the briefers sometimes let him keep the papers, where did they go?
Here's more Bolton. A key exchange.
So, according to Bolton, you have a president who asks intelligence briefers to at times share documents after mostly verbal briefings. They take them back most of the time, but not all the time.

Then what? Here's what I've learned...
According to multiple sources who worked in the Trump White House, Trump had a tendency to work from the residence. He got briefed in the Oval and enjoyed the dining room, but enjoyed morning and evenings working from the residence.

And he'd often take a pile of stuff.
That transit, from West Wing to the residence, is where there was often a breakdown in the tracking of documents since most days few, if any, people confronted or asked Trump about what he was carrying, the sources said.
Trump at times kept those piles at the residence. At some point, some of those misc. piles were boxed up.

More Bolton:

COSTA: Why do you think he took potentially sensitive documents back to Florida after the presidency?

BOLTON: Because he thought he could get away with it.
(end) Bolton to @CBSNews: "I was always concerned about him asking for those documents, because once he had them and we left the Oval Office, there's no telling what he did with them."

TFG #TRE45ON had NO regard for decades-long established rules for handling classified documents. It was all a novelty to him

EmptyG showing why she's a founding member of the Gang of Dumb


Marjorie Taylor Greene believes generating electricity from “wind turbines and solar panels” will result in the loss of air conditioning and home appliances.

Greene: “I like the lights on. I want to stay up later at night. I don’t want to have to go to bed when the sun sets.”

I mean.... wow. The absolute idiocy

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