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Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 03:47 PM
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I'm so sick of this idea that feminism is all about the whims of the individual.

Feminism is a collective movement about changing those dominant systems that keep women relative and subordinate to men.

It's not about gee, i like this and I'm a woman, so all feminist MUST support me. Gee, it's my choice to think my man rules the household and it's his duty to hit me if I get out of line. Gee, it's my choice to allow men to determine my worth based on how sexy i am. Gee, it's my choice to let my husband control the finances and give me a small allowance.

No. A woman does not either support every single individual choice ever made by a woman or else not be a feminist. I'm sick of the ignorance and extreme oversimplification of women's "choices" and "consent" in a patriarchal society. It's BS and the idea was marketed to us by sex industry profiteers.
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