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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,813

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Leahy on "3 million illegal votes claim":"The next thing we're goint to hear is that unicorns voted"


"I'm taking care of your mom...BUT...I can't go see mine"


ELLEN: Wanna know what I thought about Trump watching "Finding Dory" in the White House?


Lewis Black"I did a lot of hallucinogens to prep for any eventual reality & I never saw this coming"

Amazingly, it’s been 20 years since Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black started working together on The Daily Show. Because of their shared history, it did not take much prompting for Colbert to get Black to share his true feelings about President Donald Trump’s disastrous travel ban Monday night.

“I have seen you angry through four presidential administrations,” Colbert said. “Is there anything unique about your present level of anger with the Trump administration?”

“I did a lot of hallucinogens when I was younger in order to prepare me for any eventual reality, and I never saw this one coming,” Black replied to wild applause from the audience.

On Trump’s decision to follow through on his so-called “Muslim ban,” he added, “The amount of energy it must take for these people to turn bullshit and insanity and meanness and make it look reasonable, how do you do it?” He then suggested that Colbert pixelate his face and disguise his voice because, “I don’t want that big baby yelling at me.”


"America Banned From Entering USA"


Bannon: Power behind the throne

Trump: "Piss on it"


Vermont's republican governor (gulp) has come out against Trump's immigration edict.

With his announcement Monday night, Scott becomes one of the highest-profile Republicans in the country to join the legal fight against efforts by President Donald Trump to restrict the flow of refugees and other immigrants into the United States.

“I understand public safety is a primary concern of any government. It’s primary concern of mine as well,” Scott told VPR Tuesday morning. “But I believe these executive orders extend beyond that concern. It’s overreach. And we all have a great fear of terrorists … entering our country. But I think this is the wrong way to go about it.”


Alt-Truth: Fact check: White House claims 109 affected by travel ban - it's more like 90,000


"Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning." - President Donald Trump, tweet, Jan, 30, 2017


"Remember we're talking about a universe of 109 people. There were 325,000 people that came into this country over a 24 hour period from another country. 109 of them were stopped for additional screening." - White House press secretary Sean Spicer, press briefing, Jan. 30, 2017


The "109" number is old, and rather dubious. For instance, it does not reflect how many people were prevented from even boarding a plane. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 348 people were denied boarding from the issuance of the executive order on Friday through 6 p.m. on Sunday.

But all of these numbers fail to provide the full picture. The real number is about 90,000.

Here's the breakdown by country:

Iran: 34,819 nonimmigrant visas, 7,179 immigrant visas

Iraq: 13,335 nonimmigrant visas, 2,010 immigrant visas

Syria: 9,770 nonimmigrant visas, 1,901 immigrant visas

Sudan: 5,039 nonimmigrant visas, 1,642 immigrant visas

Yemen: 4,472 nonimmigrant visas, 3,143 immigrant visas

Libya: 3,303 nonimmigrant visa, 272 immigrant visas

Somalia: 399 nonimmigrant visas, 1,078 immigrant visas


BREAKING: Russian FSB agents suspected of treason-being charged with passing secrets to CIA


FSB officers arrested were accused of collaborating with the CIA
Interfax6:08, January 31, 2017To be confirmed
Arrested on charges of treason employees of FSB of Russia passed confidential information to the Central Intelligence Agency, told "Interfax" a source familiar with the investigation.

He also said that in addition to the chief of the FSB Center for Information Security department Sergei Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev on charges of treason were arrested two more people.

As co-owners, according to the source, in the case are still eight people. They have not brought charges may he added, they "get off the status of witnesses."

Another source told the agency that "the theme of hacker attacks and betrayal as if stacked on top of each other in the case, but do not cross."

The officers of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev were taken into custody in December 2016. Mikhailov and Dokuchaev was charged with treason. Mikhailov reportedly also suspected of receiving money from a foreign company.

Another defendant in the case, as reported, is the employee of "Kaspersky Lab" Ruslan Stoyanov.

According to some reports, not confirmed officially arrested by FSB agents are associated with the hacker group "Humpty Dumpty" ( "Anonymous International". According to the "Novaya Gazeta", in managing its own security FSB believes that Mihailov was in charge of "Humpty Dumpty" and hacks carried Dmitry Dokuchaev.

In January, as it became known that in the autumn of 2016 was taken into custody Vladimir Anikeev whose "Rosbalt" refers to the founder of "Humpty Dumpty." Anikeeva suspected of computer hacking. According to "Rosbalt" sources, the FSB officers detained after Anikeev dla testimony against them.

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