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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Florida Gov. Rick Scott on drug testing

Source: Tampa Bay Times

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected Florida Gov. Rick Scott's petition to review a ruling that his random drug testing policy for state employees is unconstitutional, the latest in a series of legal battles facing the governor.

The decision leaves in place a May 2013 appeals court ruling against Scott's 2011 executive order making consent to suspicionless drug testing a condition of employment. A judge had previously concluded that the program, covering up to 85,000 state workers, violated Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did grant Scott some leeway, saying drug testing without suspicion could be used in "certain safety-sensitive categories of employees — for instance, employees who operate or pilot large vehicles, or law enforcement officers who carry firearms in the course of duty."

Lawyers are still arguing about which employees could be subjected to random tests. It could take months to sort out.

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/national/us-supreme-court-rejects-florida-gov-rick-scotts-request-to-review-drug/2176064

Vanity Fair: When Snowden was still missing on Tuesday-the N.S.A.’s efforts to find him intensified

From Vanity Fair’s Snowden Exclusive: A Tense Few Days in Hong Kong
Inside a hotel room in Hong Kong, Edward Snowden shared secrets with journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Ewen MacAskill—and then disappeared.

According to intelligence sources, neither Booz Allen nor the N.S.A. yet knew that Snowden had taken classified documents. At this point he was simply missing. It’s believed his family contacted Booz Allen when they couldn’t reach him, setting off alarms. “I feel alone, lost, overwhelmed, and desperate for a reprieve from the bipolar nature of my current situation,” Mills wrote that Monday.

When Snowden was still missing on Tuesday, the N.S.A.’s efforts to find him intensified. On Wednesday, a Century 21 real-estate agent, Kerri Jo Heim, was at the bungalow on Eleu Street with a photographer, preparing for an open house. At one point she was surprised to see two people, one a uniformed policeman, approach the front door. “They just asked if I knew what had happened to the former tenant, and I said I didn’t know,” Heim recalls.

That morning at the Mira, Snowden “was emotional” and had been worrying about his girlfriend, MacAskill remembers. “He was still lying in bed. Just agitated.” Told of this, a person who knows Snowden well says, “Part of him is very naïve. I think he thought the world would see how fucked up what the N.S.A. was doing is and give him a part in a parade. I think he knew people would get mad, and charge him, but that the more that came out, the more people would say, ‘Hey, no.’ ”

That first Guardian story sent tremors through the N.S.A. Somewhere, it was clear, there had been a leak. But was it inside the N.S.A. or elsewhere? Verizon? A rogue congressional source? No one as yet had any sense of how serious this might be. “This data was coming in, but there was no context,” says one official. The Guardian gave them very little to go on.


the rest:

Even motherhood & apple pie are fair targets if it turns out that liberals happen to like them

There Goes the Sun
APRIL 21, 2014, 5:22 PM

Like just about everyone who has looked at the numbers on renewable energy, solar power in particular, I was wowed by the progress. Something really good is in reach.


For the Kochs, it’s partly a matter of financial interest. But for the conservative movement in general, Kevin Drum has it right: it’s all about tribalism. Liberals like solar power, so we’re against it. Or as Drum says,

We’ve now entered an era in which affinity politics has gotten so toxic that even motherhood and apple pie are fair targets if it turns out that liberals happen to like apple pie.


What makes it even worse is that one (not the only) reason to like the solar revolution is that it helps fight climate change. So if you’re a card-carrying conservative, who believes that climate change is the biggest, most intricate, and most incredibly successful conspiracy in history — thousands of scientists around the world, and not one of them squealing! — you want to block solar even if it saves money.

To reuse an old line from Brad DeLong, at this point right-wing paranoia is worse than you can possibly imagine, even if you take into account the fact that it’s worse than you can possibly imagine.


Warren: 'I think Hillary Clinton is terrific' Mario Trujillo - 04/21/14 05:50 PM EDT The Massachuse

Warren: 'I think Hillary Clinton is terrific'

“I think Hillary Clinton is terrific,” she said. “We've got to stay focused on these issues right now.”
Warren, whose name has been floated by progressives as a possible alternative to Clinton, continued to deny she would run for president, repeating twice, "I'm not running for president."

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/204014-warren-i-think-hillary-clinton-is-terrific#ixzz2zZWxnWav

"These New SAT Questions Are A Little TOO 'Relevant'"

Thomas Jefferson re: "Our Monied Corporations"

REAGAN: "No reason why on the street today, a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons."


Justice Stevens: John Roberts Really Wants To Protect Rich

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens is taking aim at the Supreme Court's recent 5-4 decision to eliminate the limit on a person's aggregate expenditures to political candidates and committees in an election cycle.

"The voter is less important than the man who provides money to the candidate," he told the New York Times, criticizing what he views as the premise of Chief Justice John Roberts' controlling opinion. "It's really wrong."


Stevens tore into Roberts and the Supreme Court's conservative tilt in a separate interview with New Yorker legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

"Sam Alito replacing Justice O’Connor was a very significant change," he told the magazine in an article for its forthcoming issue. "He is much more conservative. And, as for John Roberts, he is much more in the direction of protecting the rights of very rich people to donate money to campaigns than former Chief Justice Bill Rehnquist ever was."



Warren's World - Leave the White House to some other sucker.

Warren’s memoir reads a bit like The Payoff,

Jeff Connaughton’s story of his lobbying career and the two-year Senate
residency of Delaware’s Ted Kaufman. Both books contain head-shaking
anecdotes about banks attempting to rebut decades of studies with junk
data that they paid for; both portray members of Congress as gibbering
ideologues. Connaughton concluded that the system was, well, rigged.
Warren decides that the people running the system are so blatant in
their venality, laziness, and graft that they can be beaten. That’s the
battle. Leave the White House to some other sucker


Honor the Hare, why not?

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