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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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I'd say that Louie Gohmert has what it takes to contract Covid four or even five times.

It's too early to predict and obviously there are just so many variables and moving parts, but just projecting from his raw tools I'd say that Louie Gohmert has what it takes to contract Covid four or even five times. The scouting comp here is Jair Bolsonaro. He's just that good


Schools out... forever!


TXConservative: Schools should reopen since most Texans dying from COVID-19 are elderly or Hispanic


“Why not #openschools, end universal mandates, target vulnerable & check those from #Mexico?” Ginn wrote in a since-deleted tweet. He juxtaposed his tweet with a GIF of Prince Harry of Wales miming a mic drop.

He later apologized for tweeting the GIF. “It’s been brought to my attention that the gif may have been perceived as insensitive. I apologize as that was not my intention,” he tweeted.


The $600 unemployment bonuses did not lead to people working less, Yale study finds

A report by economists at Yale University did not find any evidence that the $600 weekly jobless benefits authorized by Congress in
March in response to the COVID-19 outbreak reduced employment in the US.

Findings suggest that in the aggregate, the expanded benefits "neither encouraged layoffs during the pandemic's onset nor deterred people from returning to work once businesses began reopening. "

"Workers facing larger expansions in unemployment insurance benefits have returned to their previous jobs over time at similar rates as others," the economists said. "We find no evidence that more generous benefits disincentivize work either at the onset of the expansion or as firms looked to return to business over time. In future research, it will be important to assess whether the same results hold when states move to reopen."

The $600 per week unemployment benefits that millions of Americans have been receiving under the CARES Act expire at the end of July. This comes as members of the Trump administration have been critical of these benefits to unemployed Americans, frequently claiming without evidence that they disincentivize people returning to work.



Biden: "I'm running because Trump is the president & I think our democracy is at stake, for real"

Joe Biden: Joe Biden: "I'm running because Trump is the president. And I think our democracy is at stake -- for real. And what seems to be the case is many Americans, those who don't like me and those that do, view me as the antithesis of Trump. And I believe that I am."



What's going on with Trump's right leg in this footage?

Trump appears to be dragging his right leg around in this clip from his visit to a lab in North Carolina on Monday


Portland Mother: "I'm a mom, and I heard George when he called out 'mama.' That's why I'm here."

“Black Lives Matter. That’s why we’re here … I’m a mom, and I heard George when he called out ‘mama.’ That’s why I’m here.”

A Portland mother explains why she continues to protest.


Jack Ohman with a Lewis/Trump comparison.

Out of 195 countries in the World, America is in 185th place, for its ability to keep people alive.



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