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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Heinz 57... Army Brat
Home country: United States
Current location: Nokomis, FL, just south of Sarasota
Member since: Thu Oct 7, 2004, 11:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,435

Journal Archives

Haven't Posted In Some Time, But Not Seeing A Thread About

WHICH Democrats voted Yea today. DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ was one of them! Admittedly I NEVER liked her, I do live in Florida but she's the DNC Head and this is JUST WRONG!

I called Bill Nelson & her office, not the either care much.

Just Taking A Quick Look Here... Not In Depth

but have there been any threads about the fact that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz voted YEA today! Head of the DNC and I guess she just sold a little MORE of her soul for who knows what!!

Never liked her, never supported her and SOOOOOOOO hope she loses BIG TIME! And I DO live in Florida!!!


I'm supporting BERNIE! I HAVE supported him from the beginning and just got my email about where I can BUY stuff! This time I'm going to spend a bit more. There's one that says Vote For Bernie --- You know you wanna! I may have the total phrase wrong, but have that's the message!

HE said you shouldn't count him out, but he also said he doesn't have the money to win or the BIG BACKERS! So to all here who believe in his message and in him, we have get his message out and go to work! He's going to get a LOT OF BACKLASH because the Corporatists and Wall Street will be sharpening their LONG KNIVES!

Senate Has 63 Aye Votes...


I Know I Should Post This In FLORIDA GROUP...

but wanted to get a general answer on something. I just called Sen. Bill Nelson's office to ask if he is one of 13 who are switching their NO vote to YES and his staff said they didn't know, but he voted NO recently. I told them I was aware of this still I wanted to know what how he was going to vote THIS TIME. Pretty much same reply. Then I asked why a staff that works FOR a Senator was unaware of where their boss stood on issues how could they keep his constituents informed? Tried to pin the staffer down FOR an answer, but no dice.

How many here thinks that's an indication that he HAS changed his mind. Even told him I was aware that 13 changed their minds AGAIN just to be sure. My bet is he changed his mind, we seem to have once against been DUPED by Democratic Senators... I know how Bill Nelson works and call his office regularly!

So, my bet is that BILL NELSON OF FLORIDA will vote YEA simply by the evasive answers of his staff!


He's a lying sack of SHIT! He's talking like he's always understood how he compromised!


A ny Update On Kay Hagan?

Don't know much about her, but I thought she could win again. Now I wonder what really happened. Is she toast??

Chris Hayes Just Named Rick Scott The WORST

candidate he's ever seen. Just thought I would report this tidbit for anyone who cares to enjoy hearing it.

Carry on, kind of made me feel a "little" better, but not sure it means a hill of beans to everyone who votes for "the alien!"

Race is neck and neck, GO FIGURE!

WTF, Tweety Spouting Off, Saying NOW The Repukes

have a GREAT issue to run against the Democrats because of the terrorist threat in Canada! Even said there's been a 9 pt. turn around with women who now are willing to support Repukes. Dems were up by 2 pts. but now Repukes up by 7!

Did he really have to make such a huge deal with this? He actually said this is terrible for Democrats who are perceived "weak" when it comes to protecting this country! What a swell guy!

Just Saw A St. Pete Poll That Has Scott Up

by 7 points. Does anyone want speculate, this is horrible!
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