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My cousin sent PDF's of family letters written to my uncles while they were overseas in WWII today.

My uncles have been gone quite a while; in fact, we're all getting along in years, too.

But, somehow, reading all these letters while we're separated, confined, and fighting our own attacks, I felt a real kinship with these family. They were younger, more vital and grappling with a world out of their control. They were - the people they were before I ever knew them. And the love and support they showed each other, the togetherness, the letters and packages and war bond drives and involvement with each others' lives - it was like I was reading a blueprint for what we can do. They never abandoned each other; they lived their lives with hope and confirmation and encouragement. They pulled through it, and came out of it to live remarkable lives filled with families and achievements; became the people as I knew them.

This is our version of what they were going through. I'll read their common-day letters of their extraordinary lives and draw inspiration.

You have a good plan, Genetic Other - Do It!

November 7th, 1944: "It's election night here, & Lowell's ear is glued to the radio while I scratch off this note. Of course Roosevelt will win he just wants to know by how much!"

We have our own Roosevelt to put into office.
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