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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,671

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So it's pretty clear, the way Trump worshiped the Saudi's and behaved boorishly toward

our European Christian allies, Trump is a Muslim.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just would like to make it clear.

There is a petition with almost 1 million signatures to take away health care from Congress.

I don't know how these petitions work, especially when congress makes the rules, but I think 1 million is pretty impressive.

So I'm going to post it here in case anyone wants to sign, like I just did


So an elephant refuge rescues a new baby. Other elephants run to meet her

The DNC must set up an automatic recount of any wins by R's from now on

and especially with the upcoming special elections. This probability not only accounted for the presidential election but the wins in the House and Senate too.

Remember how we were supposed to win back the Senate and maybe even the House?

Who would believe that hackers would only go after a president? A president is no good without a willing and able criminal cabal behind them in the House and Senate!

The Presidency was stolen
The House was stolen
The Senate was stolen


Replying to @vibrantSun44 @ScottFairbairn1 and 2 others
I'm a Math teacher. Prob Trump would win all 5 swing states was .0016, 16 ten thousandths of 1%. Putin hacked more than just emails.



EDIT - Sancho just posted below that we need paper ballots or paper receipts to make sure that we can get a true count.

So do browsers make a difference in speed? I am using Chrome and my internet

gets real slow pretty quickly now. When I check task manager I see several Chrome processes going on.

I wonder if I used a different browser if my internet wanderings wouldn't become so clogged up.

Anyone know?

I found another new example of Putin and the GOP trying to sway (Graphic words)

the conversation. Well maybe it is not such a new example as a new scapegoat, Bill Maher. I was watching a video of Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher and saw this on the side, "Bill Maher Shits On Progressives Again to Defend Queen Hillary" (They are also chanting "Fuck Bill Maher" They seem rather pathetic to me)

And the date is today - MAY 27, 2017

I think it is a good idea to post under these things how we are aware of it all being an attempt to divert attention away from the White House/ Russia investigation so I am linking this here in case anyone feels so incined.

The video is stupid but it shows up when I put the link up and if you are going to say something you have to click on it. I only listened to a couple minutes of the video.

This GIF is seriously creepy


I put this "Donate to Rob Quist" on General Discussion and it's sitting there with 4 votes. I can't

Believe how people talk so much about electing Democrats is so important now but talking about what as asshat #45 is gets to the Greatest Page while an opportunity to raise some money for a very much needed Democrat is like "MEH"

Then I thought of MONTANA! Maybe you've already done this I don't know but I'll cross post it here.



Special election next week in Montana. They are very close. Please donate!!!!

The Republican is a "repeal and replace" Trump supporter. Montana has a Dem governor but the rest of the state is burn red. We need every one we can get.

Go here is you want to donate.


I just donated and my donation is supposed to be matched 5 times.

His website: https://robquist.org/

This jerkhead is too friggin much. Kenedy had it easy compared to how "they" are treating him

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