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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,189

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I think a new type of women's assisance program needs to be organized. Singing and dancing for the

ones getting their unnecessary sonograms and hearing the doctors explain them and/or having to look at the monitor. Or in other words, listening to something else and looking at something else. In this case, hopefully loud Broadway, (or whatever you or the woman wants or the person can provide) songs and dance.

I think some good belting out of tunes is just what the doctor is ordering in this horrible situation. I'm not the best singer but I'd get in there and help the woman join in a romping round of "Hello Dolly" if it helps he take her mind off things.

I'm not great at organizing but I would love to offer my offbeat theatrical performance if someone else would do the other parts.

Anyone else have an idea?

Queen anne's lace pressed flower resin pendant necklace made by me.


The pressed flowers were dyed and I layered them in resin pours to create the 3D effect that they have. There is a photo at the link of the pendant on its side so you can see the thickness of it.

Do we still have the Market Place forum in this new DU?

I can't find it anywhere.

Tom Delay was sentenced to 3 years in jail over a year ago. Why is he not in jail yet?


Seriously? The judge said he could post bail while he filed an appeal but does that mean you don't have to serve your jail sentence?

I have been waiting for years for this man to hit the jail. I've never seen anything like this.

Anyone have any insight?

Of Broken clocks presidential candidates and the contusion of certain white liberals


Unlike Barack Obama, he supports either abolishing or fundamentally reforming the Federal Reserve system, and he opposed bailing out the banks with public funds.

Unlike Barack Obama, this individual opposes government spying and believes in absolute freedom of speech and the press, and as he puts it, “reduced government intrusion into our lives.”

Clearly, with such a progressive vision, no one of the left would want to pass up the opportunity to support a candidate such as this for president! Surely it would be a vast improvement over Barack Obama, that Wall Street- friendly, imperialistic, war-monger, who promised to close Guantanamo but didn’t, among other unforgivable crimes.

So by all means, let’s get behind someone who will close down the national security state, stand up for civil liberties, and stop handing out money to bankers.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the left, I give you your perfect candidate for 2012:

David Duke.

I am sure the people that made this video fight dogs


Who can I alert to track down their names?

America's sweat shops are just air conditioned and nicer

The true thievery in this country is not people taking extra weeks of unemployment when they could have worked harder to get a job, (that might not be there....let's face it), or not working when they actually could be working, which I'm sure happens ) The true thievery is the theft of 99+cents of every dollar by the top 1% of the country.

Find that hard to believe? The CEO of Walmart makes 35 million/year while their average worker makes $8.75/hour or $13,650/year. That means that in one hour the CEO makes what it takes an average employee a year to make. Your taxes pay their food stamps and medicaid. Still want to blame the Democrats?

The CEO'S salary is 1560 X's that of the work's. The only reason Walmart is not a sweat shop is America is too rich to have sweat shops and thank God people have fought to get rid of sweat shops in this country. But this is our American sweat shop. Welcome home.


Another reminder about Lowes boycot . I spoke to them today

I called this number:

>Robert A. Niblock
First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO
Lowe�s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe�s Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: 704-758-2084

I was told a bunch of shit. Somehow they gave me the name of the Florida Family association but then said they had no influence on them. I called back twice and neither woman would say she ever watched "All American Muslim" and would not agree to watch one show.

So I'm taking the opportunity to remind everyone of the boycott. I went to ACE 2 times and the customer service was great!


Funny cartoon video about Christian right and Christian left


I like the way the Christian left guy just stares at the Christian right guy when he says some of the things he says.

Europe is cutting off drugs US needs for letal injection to get US to stop the practice

I was not aware that around the world other people are fighting to stop the barbaric death penalty system in the US. Now that one drug supplier is no longer available in the US another one in Europe will not sell the drug to the country.

It feels good knowing that you are not alone in the world.
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