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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Hello! Starbucks ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for


The average Barista makes a hot $8.80/hour

(This is below the poverty level for 3 people in a family.)

Shift salary - Shift Manager - Hourly - $11.17/hr

What makes Starbucks such a great company to work for according to CNN?


New president and CEO Jim Donald keeps in touch with the "partners," as employees are called, by randomly calling a dozen district managers and several stores each day. After a year, part-timers qualify for $500 in tuition reimbursement."

Did you hear that? $500 in tuition reimbursement!!!!


This is a sick country.

Long rant about my Mom, her condition and prognosis and her boyfriend.

I posted this on Friday after I spent the day in the emergency room with my Mom who just had a stroke. Unfortunately because she was alone by the time someone found her it was past the 4 hour window that they use to administer some drug that takes away the damage caused by the stroke.


Anyway I have been a mass of emotions since then and the one that outshines all the others is anger, (well there is also fear and frustration and sadness).

My Mom has lived with a man for the last 13 or so years. They are both in their 80’s now. He has had so many heart attacks and stints and clearing blockage it is amazing he is still alive. And to be truthful, because he is such a jackass and so mean to me that fact is not a happy one. I was kind of waiting for him to die so I could spend time with my mom with him not around, which he always is. He has said and done so many inappropriate and mean things to me if I told the whole story everyone would understand. I'll just share a couple things he has done since my Mom went into the hospital.

First I am pissed beyond belief that my mom has taken care of him and taken him to all his doctors and to his surgeries and the one fucking time he could have helped her he was in damn hospital having yet another heart attack. Thank God my mom went outside after having the stroke sometime during the night because one of her neighbors saw her, went over and called 911.

So in the emergency room I am seeing my mother there lying there without the ability to speak or hardly move and this fuckwad starts talking and talking and talking to me about stupid shit I couldn’t care less about. I wanted to just be by my mom’s bedside. I finally got away from him. I think he was pissed that he was not given power of attorney since he and my mother are not legally married. When he called later on that day he said real loud, “How’s my wife?” Well fuck you!

It doesn't sound like much yet but I really feel like getting it out. The next day we were both in her room. I had brought a boom box to play music for her because I read that it is very helpful. So I turn it on and stay there for awhile and then go to the nurses’ station to ask a question. I was gone for about 2 minutes and when I walked back in the room he had gone over and shut the music off. I said, “What did you do that for?” His reply was, “She doesn’t like it”, (not to mention that she can’t talk and also that the monitor had had a yellow line going across it saying “irregular heart beat” and that sign went away within 30 seconds of her hearing the music. Then I was showing her pictures and he was adamant that I take them back home with me because “someone will steal them”. Of course he is not doing a damn think except sit there with her.

Then he pulled his, “I don't know how your mother stands you” bullshit like he has in the past but this time I came back with, “None of us know how she stands you” (which is true).

Anyway the doctors and nurses were all very positive and would tell me that she said words and sang and walked and the day before yesterday when I was there she said my name twice very clearly. She laughed at Youtube videos I showed he and laughed at “Funniest Home Videos” But last night, (while the jackass was still there along with my brother and sister in law and I could tell with all the confusion and stress in the air she was not comfortable I asked the nurse if we could take her for a walk.

She said a bunch of stuff like how we would have to push the IV and monitors etc. And then she came into the room and in front of my mother said that because my mom had only said a few words and has not said sentences yet she will probably end up in a long term facility, (nursing home). I got the impression that she did not think my mom could recover.

One, I do not think it is a nurse’s job to tell such things to the patient. She has two damn doctors and neither has been that negative about my mom’s prognosis. The one has been pretty positive and the other I really didn't talk to long. And two what the Hell is she doing saying these things in my mother’s presence?

I was so furious when I left the hospital yesterday and it is only now that I can write about it. They say she has to stay in bed for 24 hours before they release her to the rehab but she keeps trying to get up and they have to tie her into the bed so she doesn't get out and fall. I would be going nuts too if I was in bed or in a chair except for physical therapy all day.

Thanks for letting me rant.

If we do not push and push and push Nate Silver will be right and we will lose the senate.


Nate Silver revealed a new forecast on Sunday via his new venture, FiveThirtyEight.com, projecting that Republicans have about a 60 percent chance of wining at least 6 Senate seats to take control of the upper chamber in November.

When FiveThirtyEight last issued a U.S. Senate forecast — way back in July — we concluded the race for Senate control was a toss-up. That was a little ahead of the conventional wisdom at the time, which characterized the Democrats as vulnerable but more likely than not to retain the chamber.
Our new forecast goes a half-step further: We think the Republicans are now slight favorites to win at least six seats and capture the chamber. The Democrats’ position has deteriorated somewhat since last summer, with President Obama’s approval ratings down to 42 or 43 percent from an average of about 45 percent before. Furthermore, as compared with 2010 or 2012, the GOP has done a better job of recruiting credible candidates, with some exceptions.

Silver emphasizes that while his model favors the GOP, the number of seats could vary depending on several factors.
So our forecast might be thought of as a Republican gain of six seats — plus or minus five. The balance has shifted slightly toward the GOP. But it wouldn’t take much for it to revert to the Democrats, nor for this year to develop into a Republican rout along the lines of 2010.

So this woman from Australia does this performance piece for 28 days. She knits with her vagina.

I didn't even get the significance of the 28 days until I watched the video. I give her Kudos now. If she had balls they'd be brass.

First time I've done this but I would love positive vibe or prayers or white light sent to my mother

She suffered a stoke today. She can recognize me but cannot speak. The said it would be a long haul in rehab - at least 90 days.

I'm so afraid she will lose the ability to play cards and bridge and Mah Jong. These thing kept her moving. I am afraid fof what she will be able to do now. My mother stays alive by keeping busy.

The weird thing is I have be meaning to get her checked because her mother had a series of strokes and and I think that is what eventually killed her.

I can think of nothing else but her. I depend on her. I am devastated.

I thought I had heard it all. Then I was watching Lockup tonight and there was this

young woman who was arrested for drug possession or something and she has her head shaved about 3-4 inches behind the front hairline.

They asked her what happened and she said it was some sort of "process" that went bad while the beautician was trying to bleach her hair. Then she was asked again because it fell out in such a straight line and she said something about "that was where the curlers were" and that is when I realized that she indeed did this to herself.

Why? Because the drugs that she was trying to get at the pharmacy were for cancer patients, (I don't know the names. I assume they are powerful pain killers), and the officers said that she was probably putting her hair in a bandana to look like she was having chemotherapy.

So that is new to me. Just thought I'd share.

I am not sure of your new voting requirements but let me tell you if you have to get

a copy of your birth certificate you are screwed in Georgia!

I am helping a friend who is trying to get her teeth fixed here in Florida and only has a photo copy of her license which is expired. They will not take that. So I got on the site today to order a copy of her birth certificate and after I am done, (putting in my credit card into and everything) I am sent to a page that tells me to print it and guess how much it costs?

U.S. Vital records or Vital certificates $52.87 PLUS
VCN Georgia Vital records $54.00 for UPS Delivery or $34.00 for Regular Mail, (after ID requirements are met)

So they charge you $34 just to send the copies through the mail??????

This total is $86.87 for a copy of a birth certificate. She does not have a credit card and I don't know if there was an option for a debit card.

This is just one big fat rip off and I bet it was set up in place to screw people from being able to vote.

I wanted to put this in Georgia in case anyone doesn't know how much they are charging for this.

So there is this town in Columbia where all the young men have sex with donkeys

This video mostly talks to the people and the women think is it OK and the young boys talk about it like it is nothing, (one kid said he had over 100 donkeys).

But toward the end it kind of shows one man doing it with blurred out parts. Just to warn you.

I just never thought that this type of behavior is celebrated as normal!

So I accidentally stuck myself with an epi-pen today and called 911

and they came and I was alone and my heart was racing and one of them said they would rather take me to the hospital than leave me alone because of that. I think they called them PVC's that I was having.

I felt like an idiot.

So how did I accidently stick myself you ask? Well they give you 2 of them and one is to train with. I found it today and thought it was the training one. It wasn't.

Epi-pins, (sp) are used if you have a severe allergy to something that could be life threatening is you don't have immediate treatment. It is to stop alaphalactic shock and death.

I have heard this statement many times in my life: "Only you. This could only happen to you"

How much does a person know who isn't on the internet?

I have a relative who is very smart and very educated - from many years ago when the computer was in the computer room and you wrote computer language on those long yellow type pieces of paper.

And she thinks that martial law is coming to this country very soon - unless of course the magnetic poles shift and most people die from starvation.

Should I tell her?

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