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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,338

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This jerkhead is too friggin much. Kenedy had it easy compared to how "they" are treating him


A new ACT BLUE fund raiser for Rob Quist is matching your gift 4 X's!!!!


I'm from FL but I am trying to donate some to all these new elections.

The guy Rob Quist is running against has dead animal heads around his office (just an aside but also a nasty fact about the guy)

So if anyone is thinking about donating you can give $5.00 and it will be worth $20.00 and it might help save our country!


So Rep Cummings was on Rachael saying that he thinks the Comey firing was

another attempt at burying information - like everything Sally Yates said the day before!

I wonder if it is a simple as that? It was brought up how much trump has praised Comey up until now and then all of a sudden he is "not doing a good job"?

Dems hatch plan that could make Trump resign


Senate Democrats are hatching a plan that could lead Trump to conclude that he has no real choice but to resign.

The plan, on its surface, is simple enough: sue Donald Trump. But the genius is in the details. This isnít a plan to merely tie up Trump in court with some willy nilly lawsuit. The effort is being crafted by Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former State Attorney General with detailed knowledge of how these things work. The idea is to sue Trump over his financial conflicts of interest in violation of the Emoluments Clause, forcing him to think twice about how far heís willing to go to remain in office.

Because the lawsuit would focus on Donald Trumpís financial conflicts, it would open the door for Senate Democrats to try to subpoena his tax returns and financial records. If the judge in the case orders Trump to turn over that evidence, heíll have to do it. During the election we saw that Trump was willing to risk losing just to avoid forking over his tax returns, because they contain things just that awful. If the Democrats back Trump into a corner where the only way to avoid surrendering his tax returns is to resign so the lawsuit goes away, it just might mean his exit.

More at the link

Since when did abortion become between "choice" and "life"?

Because the real reason Roe V. Wade went the way it did is the justices read the constitution as saying our "Right to privacy" includes our visits with the doctor! And I don't know about other states but here in FL every time you go to a new doctor they have to give you a paper to that effect and you have to sign that you got it, (or refused it) Privacy is very serious stuff.

Now a woman's right to privacy has morphed into something that sounds like a woman just chooses whether or not to have an abortion like she chooses anything in her life. And this couldn't be father from the truth.

It is not an easy choice and I think the the word should not be used. Abortion is a medical decision between a woman and her doctor and I think we need to go back to the privacy we are guaranteed of that basic right that our constitution gives us.

The intellecual dishonesty of "Regret" Trump voters


Even though we are less than 100 days in, there seems to be a wave of "I already regret my vote" stories--whether in "mea culpa" form by a prominent conservative or a compilation of anecdotes by mostly red state voters who don't feel like they got what they voted for.

And while this may make the author or voter feel better, there is one major item missing from each of these stories: the lack of rejection of conservatism and right wing ideology. Without that, these stories are less than meaningless. The tripe that is "conservatism cant fail, it can only be failed" makes this no more than "it isn't Republicans, it is just THIS Republican".

The past 35 years have shown us just what conservative and right wing ideology is. Bigotry. Hate. Wealth inequality. Pollution. Sexism. Party over country. Aggression. Gutting voter rights. And that's just off the top of my head.

Let's just start from, "The Republicans are going to steal the Ossoff election

unless we stop them"

They have proven time and time again that they will lie cheat and steal. It is to our peril to forget that.

Maybe ideas can be exchanged and changed implemented.

I personally think that each person should receive a receipt of their vote so they can have a hard copy.

Edit: I mentioned somewhere else that when you stick a sign in the ground you can put some blobs of Vaseline or Vapor rub or even grease, around the area where someone would grab to pull it out. Just remember to use towels when you go to pick them up yourselves

This should not be allowed.

I just saw this video by RT the Russian Government's very own "news" organization.

The woman is complaining about Rachael Maddow and how much time she has spent talking the Trump Russia connections.

I think Youtube should take their videos down considering they are Russian propaganda

Cool Tweet


The Google bots are back. What are we going to do about it?

So I'm on twitter and I read that Susan Rice is under a full blown investigation for "misuse of intelligence" and I think, "That sounds rediculous and I type her name into Google.

So here is what you get when you type Susan Rice's name into Google. The first articles to pop up are Fox news - "Susan Rice is a liar, even the liberal media is starting to admit it

Washington free beacon - House intel committee person, "This is now a full blown investigation"

Washington times - "Graham compares Rice investigation scandal to Benghazi lies"

There are ways to get something to the top of a Google search and obviously nefarious people are using them to spread propaganda, (remember the effort to get people to search for "Santorum"? I guess it is the number of hits a website gets that makes a difference.....not quite sure)

But I know that however they are doing this we must find a way to counter it or our elections are going to continue to be lost. If the biggest search engine shows up RW bullshit when you enter an important name people are going to just know RW bullshit. We know that this was a big tactic used during the last election so why is it still happening?

Maybe Russia has superior computer technique but I think this does not require that much technique. So why is it still happening?

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