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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,338

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Pages of Google with alt right sites talking about Obama meeting with Russian ambassador 22 times

I heard it on Youtube and did a Google search. All the usual suspects like Breitbart reporting that the ambassador signed the sign-in sheet at the White House 22 times. It was probably for state dinner etc

Add another check to the Republican sex offender list. Oklahoma senator charged with child

prostitution with teenage boy.

Oklahoma senator charged with child prostitution, soliciting sex with teen boy

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A two-term Oklahoma Republican state senator’s fall from political power following his arrest on child prostitution charges has been stunningly fast. Before state Sen. Ralph Shortey was even arrested or formally charged, Senate workers already had scraped his name from his office door, changed the locks and painted over his name in the parking lot.

After felony charges were filed Thursday alleging the 35-year-old solicited sex from a 17-year-old boy, the state’s most prominent Republican leaders began calling for his resignation, including Gov. Mary Fallin, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb and Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz.

A conservative Republican with a wife and three young daughters, Shortey surrendered to authorities on charges of engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church. He was released after about two hours on a $100,000 bond.


Web pages and even Twitter now cover 1/2 the page with advertisement! I want to see the whole

page. Now I have a small window to look at because the top is covered.

Does anyone know what I am talking about and how to fix? It is very annoying

Trump rally photo. What is that flag?

I keep wondering why the US doesn't have the smart people like Russia does so we

can hack them back. Or hack the Republicans. Why are the Democratic computer hackers so inferior compared to Russian computer hackers? And then I just thought.

It is not the ability of the computer hackers.

It is who is giving the computer hackers the information they need in order to hack what they want.

Can someone really hack into a government's website just by using another computer? I don't think so. If that were true all governments would know all things about all other governments.

It is all about people. They have low people in low places giving them all the information they want.

Maybe getting dirt on sleazy politicians in hotel rooms really is the way to topple a foreign a government.

Maybe we should do like them and find more dirt about Republican politicians and rather than just print it we should use it to control their sleazy asses

Just like Putin does.

I am certain there is not a lack of dirt.

Rep Joe. Kennedy just threw Ryan's bible quote right in his face. We all need to do this

I was doing this on Twitter for a while until I had to stop or go mad. All these rethugs call themselves Christians and do every single thing that Jesus said not to do and nothing that he said to do.

It is really easy to look up things like, "Jesus's sayings on healing the sick" "The bible on welcoming foreigners"

Just look at what they are doing and there is probably something in that book that they lay their hands on when they are sworn in that says NOT to do it. They are hypocrites of the first degree and they should be shown that, in their face, repeatedly, by all of us.

You don't have to be a Christian to teach these hypocrites about Christianity.


Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) absolutely torched the House Republicans’ health care plan on Wednesday, and he did it by throwing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s words back in his face.

Noting that Ryan called the House GOP health care plan an “act of mercy,” Kennedy noted that there’s nothing at all in the New Testament that would justify stripping health insurance from millions of people.

“With all due respect to our speaker, he and I must have read different Scripture,” said Kennedy. “The one I read calls on us to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless, and to comfort the sick.”

Apparently we are not supposed to take what this president says, "Literally"

"As you all know the president is a neophyte to politics.... and a lot of the things he says you guys sometimes take literally" Rep. Devin Nunes (R)

Sounds like we should be respectful of his alternate facts man!

14:09 On Chris Matthew. About the orange headed one being wiretapped.

Some people forget how demoralizing it is to us Democrats when our representatives cave.

And allowing Gorsuch in without a bitter fight is caving and the repercussions among Democrats that have been fighting so hard against this hostile administration will be horrible.

How many times do we have to watch our elected officials roll over? Why do we fight so hard to make things better when they just say, "Meh"?

Even if, in the end they can't stop him there is zero excuse for not doing everything in their power to try.

The Republicans fucked us with Merritt Garland. They fuck us all the time and why?

Because they never face any consequences for their abhorrent behavior!

I am sick of people saying, "We can't because.....(fill in the blank) Or "We'll do it next time"

Even if they can find a way to interrupt the proceedings with any and all kinds of tactics they should do it!

(What about not giving them a quorum? Don't know if they can do that but.......)

Plus I just found this. The guy caucuses with the Dems but is leaning toward Gorsuch. But maybe he also needs to know that this will be his first and last term if he votes for him


PORTLAND, Maine — As Angus King goes, so may go Neil Gorsuch’s hopes of clinching a seat on the Supreme Court.

For Gorsuch to be confirmed to the nation’s highest court without a nasty filibuster fight, Donald Trump’s nominee needs to win over the likes of King, the first-term Maine senator, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats and whose vote is one of about a dozen that will determine Gorsuch’s fate.

After nearly four hours fielding questions and comments at a Gorsuch-themed town hall here Sunday night, King still wouldn’t tip his hand. Yet he began to drop hints about how he could eventually get to “yes” on Gorsuch — one of earliest choices of President Donald Trump’s young administration, and one of the few Trump decisions against which Democrats have struggled to fight.

A really nice video with the teachings of the Buddha


Harvard Business Review. Why so many incompetent men become successful


This reminds me of Jane Goodall's exploitation of how a male gorilla be comes leader of a group by stomping around and making the most noise, acting like he deserves the position somehow.

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

There are three popular explanations for the clear under-representation of women in management, namely: (1) they are not capable; (2) they are not interested; (3) they are both interested and capable but unable to break the glass-ceiling: an invisible career barrier, based on prejudiced stereotypes, that prevents women from accessing the ranks of power. Conservatives and chauvinists tend to endorse the first; liberals and feminists prefer the third; and those somewhere in the middle are usually drawn to the second. But what if they all missed the big picture?

In my view, the main reason for the uneven management sex ratio is our inability to discern between confidence and competence. That is, because we (people in general) commonly misinterpret displays of confidence as a sign of competence, we are fooled into believing that men are better leaders than women. In other words, when it comes to leadership, the only advantage that men have over women (e.g., from Argentina to Norway and the USA to Japan) is the fact that manifestations of hubris — often masked as charisma or charm — are commonly mistaken for leadership potential, and that these occur much more frequently in men than in women.

This is consistent with the finding that leaderless groups have a natural tendency to elect self-centered, overconfident and narcissistic individuals as leaders, and that these personality characteristics are not equally common in men and women. In line, Freud argued that the psychological process of leadership occurs because a group of people — the followers — have replaced their own narcissistic tendencies with those of the leader, such that their love for the leader is a disguised form of self-love, or a substitute for their inability to love themselves. “Another person’s narcissism”, he said, “has a great attraction for those who have renounced part of their own… as if we envied them for maintaining a blissful state of mind.”

The truth of the matter is that pretty much anywhere in the world men tend to think that they that are much smarter than women.
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