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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,369

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The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events


The Russian government, at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, waged a sustained influence operation in the United States in support of Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Major questions remain about the degree of interaction between Trump associates and Russian operatives.

Here’s what we know so far based on news reports, public statements and the U.S. government’s unclassified report on Russian election interference.


June 18: Trump writes on Twitter: “The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th. A big deal that will bring our countries together!”

Trump, who owned the pageant at the time, adds later that day: “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?”

Oct. 17: Trump says in an interview with David Letterman he has conducted “a lot of business with the Russians.”

“Well I’ve done a lot of business with the Russians,” Trump says. “They’re smart and they’re tough.” Trump goes on to say that Putin is a “tough guy” and that he’s met him “once.”

Follow on to 2017 at the link!

The Pathology of the Rich: Chris Hedges

The AFL-CIO will send you action alert texts and you can just click a button and be transfered

to your rep. where you can speak to them directly. I got one on Fri about the AHC and clicked and sent to my congrASS's office where I was able to talk directly.


Sign up for working families e-mail alerts here.

Text WORK to AFLCIO (235246) to receive periodic text alerts from the AFL-CIO.

(Message and data rates may apply.)
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


I believe that if I see someone verbally attacking another person it is my duty as a fellow human

being to say something. And that includes the growing number of racists who feel empowered because of trump.

I hope other people do this too and I hope if some are not doing it that they start, if you are uncomfortable saying something you can always apologize to that person for the OTHER person's behavior after they leave or to say something like, "I'm sorry that happened to you. That person is just ignorant".

I know plenty of people do this already. But it bothers me to hear people say, "It's not my business" I believe it is our business to look out for one another.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Trump Documentary from years ago! 1:20 hours long! Everything you never wanted

to know about the tiny man in chief. I just paused it in the beginning because I had to post this! They are talking about Gorbechav!!!

The Russian ties go wayyyyy back


EDIT: Dear Oklahoma women who hate this guy and want to make him pee in his pants

(I think I am being irresponsible here but you get my drift. If I were in Oklahoma and were of child bearing age I would do this)

Tell the newspapers that you are pregnant with this guy's kid and you need his "permission" to get an abortion. This is your new baby daddy.

Justin Humphrey

Make him prove that he isn't!

Color me stupid but if someone at the IRS sees Trump's returns and also sees connections

with Russia which could result in a danger to the national security shouldn't they be required to report this information to someone?

For example, If everything was above board and a politicians taxes revealed that they received money directly Putin I would think that would be a national security interest and the IRS would have to share the information with the proper authorities

At the very least they should be auditing him again since they were 't doing it when he said they were.

I also don't know why his taxes haven't been leaked but that just me being curious

Not exactly on topic but I need to know what kind of pipe to get for an herbal mix

I read about these 2 herbs, Khella and Lobelia that are supposed to be great for asthma and other lung problems. Lobelia is called "Indian Tobacco" because native Americans used to smoke it. The thing is they never got sick from it and it actually does the opposite of tobacco.

I bought some loose herb from Amazon and went to the local convenience store and got rolling papers. I never really smoked pot as an adult and can't roll the damn things!

So I decided to get a pipe and I thought about those glass ones but it looks like it might not stay lit in the little bowl. (?) And the regular pipes I looked at were expensive!

So I'm asking what kind of pipe would you use to smoke pot since this stuff is a herb like it.

(By the way when I have gotten a semi decent roll and I can take in a kind of big toke it burns the back of my mouth for a few seconds and then I hold it in and my lungs literally relax and open. I love it! I'm also taking the Khella through a tincture and that is helping a lot too)


Trey Gowdy Concedes the military could not have gotten to Benghazi in time

This was written: May 17, 2016 3:12 pm The Republican convention was July 18, 2016 – July 21, 2016


Trey Gowdy Concedes: The Military Could Not Have Gotten To Benghazi In Time To Save Lives

A central element of conservative conspiracy theories spread in the aftermath of the September 11, 2012 attack on our diplomatic facility and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, has been the myth that the military could have responded to the attack more quickly and therefore saved lives.

In the most outlandish version of this story, President Obama or Hillary Clinton ordered the military to “stand down” rather than come to the aid of the Americans who were under attack.

Earlier this week, a letter from two House Democrats to Rep. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican who is chairing the select committee investigating the Benghazi attack, revealed that the GOP’s own chief investigator acknowledged during the investigation that nothing “could have been done differently to affect the outcome in Benghazi.”

Remember her?

Michael Beschloss just gave some interesting news about Nixon

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">On December 1972 tape, Nixon told Kissinger, “The press is the enemy, the establishment is the enemy, the professors are the enemy."</p>— Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) <a href="https://twitter.com/BeschlossDC/status/832712935956885505">February 17, 2017</a></blockquote>
<script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

I don't know how to post these things
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