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Name: Dawn
Gender: Female
Hometown: Iowa
Home country: USA
Current location: In the sunroom.
Member since: Fri Oct 15, 2004, 08:28 AM
Number of posts: 2,721

About Me

Illegitimi Non Carborundum!

Journal Archives

Why Was Bill Browder Blocked From Flying To The US?

Browder himself was irate when he spoke to TPM on Monday afternoon: “I’m pretty sure that this is just an automatic thing. So the question is, will they lift it or not?”

“There’s no way that I can get any information about any of this stuff,” he added. “When I called [DHS’] help line, after waiting an hour and a half they said ‘I can’t tell you anything about why this has happened, you’ll have to write a FOIA.'”

Hours later, the Department of Homeland Security provided an answer: Customs and Border Protection had to manually approve Browder’s travel authorization after the Interpol notice went out—but says it did so on Wednesday. Browder contests this—he said he still couldn’t fly on Thursday, when he got the email notice. TPM has asked DHS for clarification and will update this story when and if it comes.http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/what-happened-bill-browder-us-travel

Help me get this....

The FBI blocked a Russian attempt to infiltrate the Clinton campaign in 2016, but the FBI allowed Russia to infiltrate the tRump campaign, thereby abetting his win. Now the Putin backed tRrump Administration has apparently revoked Bill Browder's passport. Will the tRump Administration succeed in repealing the Magnitsky Act as well? Ever wonder who the FBI is working for? Is Rachel on this story yet?

Elon Musk thinks we are most likely living in a Simulated Reality

"there is only a one in a billion chance that we are living in the "base reality". He postulates that virtual reality will become so realistic that we will soon be unable to distinguish it from the real thing. And, the Simulated Reality will continue making another Simulated Reality and so on...

Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality (A TedTalk)

On the edge research from Anil Seth

Not sure whether to post this under Science or Metaphysics, so I posted it in General Discussion.
I have been researching these new scientific studies in Science and NonDuality. Are we living in a huge phenomenally complicated hallucination or hologram? Many scientists think we are.

HRC on Trump: Building Moscow on the Potomac

BBC One Interview of HRC by Andrew Marr.

(Trump) "doesn't just like Putin, he wants to be like Putin. A white authoritarian leader who would put down dissenters, repress minorities, disenfranchise voters, weaken the press and amass untold billions for himself. He dreams of Moscow on the Potomac"


Donald Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs Exposed

Russia worked a MUCH deeper mission than even I thought

Malcolm Nance on the Stephanie Miller Show:
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