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Profile Information

Name: Dawn
Gender: Female
Hometown: Iowa
Home country: USA
Current location: In the sunroom.
Member since: Fri Oct 15, 2004, 08:28 AM
Number of posts: 2,736

About Me

Illegitimi Non Carborundum!

Journal Archives

Cyber Collusion Malcom Nance

Malcom Nance's book about "The Plot to Hack America" gives more details of what really happened in the 2016 election.

How Trump Makes Extreme Things Look Normal Carlos Maza Vox

Stephenie Miller Bio/Interview

Stephanie Miller sweetly kicks ass in this 2009 interview by Brian Lamb. Enjoy!

Sam Seder's Modest Proposal

Having listened to Sam over the years, I find that Sam's a great guy who's heart and actions are honest and good. Something is clearly wrong when his bosses at MSNBC can't see that his post was meant as over-the-top sarcasm in the tradition of Jonathan Swift. Remember Swift wrote ironically that the poor in Ireland could help themselves if they would only sell their children to rich folks to eat.




Modern Authoritarianism

According to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder, Authoritarians (ala Putin/Trump) have policies that deliberately create uncertainty by casting doubt on all Media. They overwhelm everyone with uncertainty of what really is true. (IE: Clinton was too unhealthy to be President.)
Authoritarians like Trump Campaign found ways to waste political time and money with political
fiction (IE: Clinton was running a child sex slaves operation in the basement of a pizza parlor.)
By doing this, Voters are backed into corners arguing about fake issues while major legislative issues are ignored.
Further, the Trump Campaign was able to paint Hillary Clinton as corrupt because she was secretly being backed by Russian Oligarchs while Trump was an open, honest Oligarch who would return America back to some (imaginary) time when white men ruled and everyone's Daddy was happy and rich.
After a while people give up the fight and accept the Tyrant as normal.

All of this was thrown into the American Political campaign by russian bots backed by Putin in order to throw the election to tRump.

Trump, the wanna be Oligarch. Prof. Timothy Snyder

What does oligarchy mean? The third episode of "Timothy Snyder Speaks" explores the meaning of oligarchy, where it came from, how it endangers us and how it connects the United States and Russia.

How Russian CyberWarfare Defeated America Dr Timothy Snyder

Yale Historian and Author of "On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The 20th Century" talking about how Russia usurped America's democracy and placed Trump in power. What do you think?

Good Suggestions about surviving Christmas

with my Republicon relatives. Posted about an hour ago that I am dreading spending time with TrumpHumpers:https://www.democraticunderground.com/10029915714

Here are the great suggestions I got:

In summary:

Go and lay down the law of no political conversations: 3
Go and support Mom: 2
Go and duct tape oral cavity: 1
Go with Pro Democratic shirts, videos, information:2
Go and hide a recording and speaking Parrot in Christmas Centerpiece: 1
Go and start an argument about the best Football team:1
Go and spike the punch: 1
Go and organize a family duel: 1

Don't go, call in sick: 13
Don't go, get invited to visit a sympathetic DU'er: 2
Don't go, volunteer: 1
Don't go book a cruise, spa or other sunny vacation: 3
Don't go, roll naked in nettles for a similar experience:1

On the Fence: 3

(Please don't check my math, because I didn't.)

Help. TrumpHumper Invasion Alert.

With Christmas fast approaching, I just found out who is on the guest list for Christmas:

1. Sister from CA, who says she is an Independent voter, but will not tell me who she voted for.

2. Sister's Husband who is long time unemployed, has COPD and smokes non-stop, and is a rabid TrumpHumper. He survives on disablity and my sister's income, but wants taxes cut and does not care if it destroys Social Security or Medicare.

3. My manic depressive, TrumpHumper brother who has had two closed head injuries and who resonates perfectly with Donald Trump's mind. He talks non-stop, has no impulse control and is unable to perceive that he is driving other people crazy. He continues to demand Hillary's impeachment(sic) and is certain Obama was Kenyan. Even the other TrumpHumpers in the family get tired of his continuous Faux news frenzy.

4. Step Father who tells my Mother he voted for Democrats but was overheard telling his ex-wife, by my sister, that he voted for Rump.

5. Thirty something, Wealthy niece and her husband who made millions buying and selling Chinese belts and undercutting American manufacturers here. He is extremely happy that the TrumpHumper Tax bill passed. He is also a Conservative Christian who's being sued by his brother for hostile takeover of the company the brother started. Niece goes along with him- the money must be worth it.

6. My 80 year old Mother who is Democratic but ever willing to have all these people over at the same time and expects no religious or political topics to be raised. She believes she can single-handedly command Peace on Earth.

7. My other Democratic Sister with 3 kids and their husbands and 7 children.

8. Me the Resister with low tolerance threshold for TrumpHumper Propaganda. I'm the happily divorced, crazy Aunt in the family. I check in with my elderly folks daily and help them shop and take care of their pets.

With these seventeen at the table I am wondering how do I keep my mouth shut? Duct tape??

I know this seems like an amusing script for a low budget TV show or Reality show but it is not pleasant to actually be here. I was able to go visit a supportive Democratic friend for Thanksgiving, but do not know how to disappear for Christmas? Any ideas?

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