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BlueGreenLady's Journal
BlueGreenLady's Journal
January 26, 2020

Endorsement: Elizabeth Warren will push an unequal America in the right direction - DMRegister

Excerpts from the Register's Endorsement:

"The senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts is not the radical some perceive her to be. She was a registered Republican until 1996. She is a capitalist. “I love what markets can do,” she said. “They are what make us rich, they are what create opportunity.”

"A former Harvard professor and expert in bankruptcy law, she helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency was specifically designed to prevent a repeat of the banking crisis and look out for little guys swindled by lenders and credit card companies. "

"But at this moment, our country needs more. We need a president who can work the levers of government to translate ideas into signed laws and effective regulations. We need a president committed to bringing our troops home from open-ended foreign entanglements. We need a president who understands that the American dream itself is at risk: the ideal that someone who works hard and plays by the rules can get ahead, and that their children will do even better. With Warren, the Oval Office will be occupied by someone who has made rebuilding the middle class her life’s work."

"Warren’s competence, respect for others and status as the nation’s first female president would be a fitting response to the ignorance, sexism and xenophobia of the Trump Oval Office."

I could not put it any better than the Register's editorial board did. Here's why I support Elizabeth Warren's in her bid for President. Here's the link for those of you who want to read the rest of the Des Moines Register's Endorsement of Elizabeth Warren. It includes some criticism of her as well:

January 23, 2020

It's the Trumpublican Corruption, pure and simple.


Love E Warren's answer to Rachel's question about whether the blowback from Trump's impeachment trial was worth Democrat's efforts. IMO, yes, we had to Impeach Trump for abusing the power of his office. He did obstruct justice and used American taxpayer dollars to extort an allied country to get dirt on Joe Biden. We need to remove all the Trumpublicans in 2020 and 2024!
January 16, 2020

Why did CNN and Corporate Media hack down Howard Dean's campaign?

"Cash LeBrun:
NBC, CNN, and the rest of the main stream media didn’t want Universal Healthcare, they tried to portray Howard Dean as crazy and John Kerry as electable. Every time they showed a clip of a candidate, it was of them talking about an issue with a sound bite, but every clip of Dean was him screaming. NBC, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media derailed Howard Dean’s campaign because of their bias against progressive issues like Universal Health (Care)"

January 15, 2020

Warren's New Electability Argument -Emma Green/The Atlantic

"Elizabeth Warren made the case during Tuesday’s Democratic debate that gender is not a liability in 2020. It’s a strength."

"To make her case, Warren pointed to hard evidence, invoking the records of her competitors in the Democratic primary race. “Look at the men on this stage,” Warren said. “Collectively, they have lost 10 elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that they’ve been in are the women: Amy [Klobuchar] and me.” And she’s more than prepared to take on President Donald Trump as a woman, she added: “The only person on this stage who has beaten an incumbent Republican anytime in the past 30 years is me.”

"But Warren managed to move the conversation to a new level—past any disagreement with Sanders, past a referendum on what happened to Clinton in 2016, past a debate over how sexist America really is. Women candidates and voters will once again be crucial players up and down ballots in 2020, Warren argued, and they’ve proved that they can win against men and Republicans alike. And besides, she said, this is not the first time people have questioned whether a candidate’s identity will prevent them from electoral success. “Back in the 1960s, people asked, ‘Could a Catholic win?’” she said. “Back in 2008, people asked if an African American could win. In both times, the Democratic Party stepped up and said yes, got behind their candidate, and we changed America. That is who we are."

January 14, 2020

Sexism: Warren Tried Not to Talk About It /The Cut

"What has been exposed here are some of the complicated, painful, difficult dynamics that have kept women from the presidency for the country’s entire history. Among those dynamics is the chilling fact that talking in any kind of honest way about marginalization becomes a trap for the marginalized. To acknowledge the realities of running as a woman — the double standards, the higher bars, the demands for likability and relatability in a nation that mostly only relates to and likes dudes; the need to be authoritative but not hectoring; to be smart but not a know-it-all; to be cool but not fake; to be warm but not a mommy; to be maternal but not too soft; to have the contours of your life, from your breasts to your skin-care routines to your maternity leaves, treated as foreign and weird and maybe counterfeit by a political media that’s never had to take this stuff seriously before; to be honest but not actually tell the truth about any of this stuff because you’ll sound like a whiner — is a trap. You will be understood as trying to leverage the bleak unfairness of it all to your benefit: as if you are the one to enter the arena with the advantage of getting to cry “Sexism!” and not with the multiple disadvantages of … sexism.

And so you can’t really sit down and talk about it, certainly not in a media landscape that trades in sound bites and takes and lethal tweets; you can’t actually meaningfully reveal the things that drive you nuts or that stop you short or shock you into stunned silence, because how can this still be so ridiculously dumb and obviously unjust? To live this, and to not be able to talk about it, and to be regularly warned about it by even well-meaning people who aren’t experiencing it themselves? It must be galling.

Especially galling for a human being like Elizabeth Warren, for whom forward motion is a constant, for whom predictions of doom, or even setback, are anathema. Back in 2018, when she recalled those friends who warned her that a woman couldn’t win Massachusetts, she stared at me and said, “At the end of the day, you just can’t let that [stop you]. You could’ve said to me, ‘You’re going to get all your skin burnt off,’ and my answer would have been, ‘That’s going to be part of the prize.’ Every person who said to me, ‘Massachusetts won’t elect a woman,’ or, worse, ‘When you lose, it will set back the cause of women,’ made me lean harder into the decision to run.”"

January 10, 2020

Here's who will be onstage for the January Democratic presidential debate in Iowa Business Insider

“In order to qualify for the January debate, candidates must secure 225,000 unique donors and earn 5% in four DNC-approved national polls or 7% in two DNC-approved early state polls released between November 16 and January 10” So far, these six candidates have qualified for the January debate, according to Politico's tracker of qualifying debate polls:

Former Vice President Joe Biden
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont
Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota
Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana
Businessman Tom Steyer”


January 6, 2020

Phyllis Wheatley's poem from Elizabeth Warren's New Year's Eve speech in Boston

“After the lawsuit, while still an enslaved woman, Phillis wrote a poem entitled On Imagination. She asks her readers to embrace the power of possibility. Here are her words:

“We on thy pinions can surpass the wind,
And leave the rolling universe behind:
From star to star the mental optics rove,
Measure the skies, and range the realms above.
There in one view we grasp the mighty whole,
Or with new worlds amaze th’ unbounded soul.”

“Phillis Wheatley’s spirit is the American spirit. It’s the enduring spirit of imagination fortified by courage. Patriotism infused with the dreams of the great country we can be.

Phillis Wheatley challenged the power structure of the 1770s — just a few years before our fledgling nation would challenge the worldwide power structure by taking on a British king in a revolution.”

“Yet in the face of hatred, injustice, and oppression, Black Americans throughout our history have never stopped imagining and fighting for a better tomorrow. Not just for themselves, but for our entire nation.”


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