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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
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two more days....

THIS IS THE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP. Abrasive and unkind comments are not welcome here.

until the hoped-for "miracle" of Selegeline arrives.

Once again, thanks to all regulars. I'm still having the freaking "brain zaps" as part of the SNRI and NDRI withdrawal from both Bupropion and Venlafaxine, but hopefully that very annoying symptom will go away once the Selegeline kicks in.

I hope all of you are having a lovely February, and hope it gets even better

I can see why some people are a bit blase' about this fool

1- He's some idiot running against Ryan in a congressional race
2- He already lost once in 2016 and will most likely lose again
3- He's not openly labelling himself a neo-Nazi
4- He's not openly calling for the extermination of Jews

Let's look at this (not you, everyone else), shall we?

In 1918, Hitler was just some disgruntled WW1 German army veteran.
In 1924, he and his band of morons were arrested in Munich for a truly stupid plot against the German government.
Hitler railed against Jews but never once (AFAIK) openly called for concentration camps or mass genocide. He simply wanted Jewish people "dealt with" and referred to the "Jewish question".
From 1918-1933, a very large minority (if not majority) of the German people were antisemitic, so Hitler fit right in, just like this fool in Wisconsin fits right in (until he opened his mouth and proved himself a neo-Nazi)

1918-1933: Hitler and his band of goons gained power through elections, through violence in the streets, and through intimidating the KPD, SPD and other political parties.

It all starts somewhere, people. These people need to be crushed as soon as they poke their head out from under their rocks. That's the way it used to be!

Now...good god, I felt the need to devote time to this fool on DU. If you don't worry at all about neo-Nazis, good people of DU, you are not paying attention. They are the true scum of the political earth. They are the worst of any racists, bar none.

If you do your research on neo-Nazism, Hitler, Nazism and World War 2 and still yawn...I don't know what to tell you. Neo-Nazism is an ever present threat to our system, just at a low level RIGHT NOW.

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