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The chronic issue of poverty: how do the sincere Republicans propose to alleviate it ?

Caveat: I am not talking about Trump or Trumpists. Forget them.

I am referring to, I guess, "Reagan worshippers". I have always heard from them, "oh all boats are lifted by a rising tide". From what I have seen, I am not too sure about that. Those who have a "good boat" (aka enough education or training, good health, family support, etc) are lifted, whereas all others are not lifted.

My hunch is that, if you are Republican, you really do NOT care about poverty, whatsoever. Or its effects upon society. Over 47 years of observing them, it is ONLY Democrats that have really put forth serious proposals about it. I can't tell you the exact ones, I would have to go do hours of research.

Has anyone had a debate with a Republican about it, or read a "serious book" about it from one of them ?

Thank you again for tolerating my questions. I hope it helps others be educated, also.


Cute picture of corgis


On YouTube, there are Trump ads accusing Biden of wanting to harm Social Security

I can't give you a link, besides this one.

I am sure the footage they show lack all context and are total BS.

Irony alert: Trump is the one who has eliminated the SSA deduction for now, which would decimate SSA if it continues.

Poll: Have you, a family member, a loved one, an acquaintance or co-worker had COVID-19 ?

Feel free to interpret all those words as you wish. Simply curious how the disease has affected us here at DU.

So far, no one, in my life, in those categories has been diagnosed, that I know of. I am very lucky indeed.

ETA, after reading all the replies so far:

I just wanted to express my profound and sincere condolences to all who have lost others. Whether it's a family member, a co-worker, a friend, a casual acquaintance, or your dearest loved one, all of you have some level of grief and loss. It's truly a terrible disease to fall victim to, or even to suffer through and survive.

I want to speak now to lurkers (people who never participate and only read), particularly those who are Republican or who lean Republican:

THE COVID-19 VIRUS IS VERY REAL. Your family is at stake. YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE. Please wear a mask and practice 6 feet of social distancing. Wearing a mask is MASCULINE AND MANLY for men, and totally appropriate for women. It expresses caring for others and yourself. Do you go into combat and wear no helmet or other protective gear ? Hell no. Same thing with our "combat" against this horrible virus.

Pee Wee German (Stephen Miller)


BREAKING: Lincoln Project got recorded copy of call between Stepien and Pence

https://twitter.com/ProjectLincoln/status/1312505948099932161 (they took it down !! )



If you need help to hear it, just ask.

ETA: If you cannot hear the file or download it, I can upload it and give you all access. So far, it's not too interesting, just standard Trump BS.

'I'm going to beat this,' Trump tells Rudy Giuliani of COVID-19 during phone call


(sorry only source so far)

President Donald Trump phoned Rudy Giuliani from his hospital bed Saturday afternoon to declare he feels so healthy, I could get out of here right now.

The former Big Apple mayor said his friend of 30 years sounded hale and hearty during the 2:30 p.m. conversation. If you can judge by the way he speaks, he sounded like vintage Donald Trump, Giuliani said.

The president dictated a statement to Giuliani:

You go tell people Im watching this coverage [reporting hes taken a turn for the worse].

I feel I could get out of here right now. But theyre telling me there can always be a backstep with this disease. But I feel I could go out and do a rally.

sincere question: what do you regard as the "golden age" of political discourse in Congress ?

I've heard about Tip O'Neill and...I forget the Republican counterpart, back in the early 1980's. Even though we disagreed strongly with the Republicans, somehow things got done and it wasn't so freaking toxic. Compromises were forged. Yes, I would love to have a 1933-style Congress where we have iron-clad majorities in both houses but that seems to be the exception to the rule.

Opinions ?

Meadows has changed his tune, shows why we cannot trust ANYONE in this White House

Meadows has now changed his tone, tells Reuters: "The president is doing very well. He is up and about and asking for documents to review. The doctors are very pleased with his vital signs. I have met with him on multiple occasions today on a variety of issues.


It seems to me he was the "anonymous source" for a negative report on Trump several hours ago. Reference here:



Juliette Kayyem (CNN Security Analyst): Russians very likely to know more about Trump's condition...

It is very likely that Russian intelligence agencies -- through signal and human intel sources at Walter Reed, etc -- have more information about the President's condition than we do (though I think we all know how the president is doing.)


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