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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 11:10 PM
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Hillary is really good at explaining

Obama is also, but them of low understandingment have a hard time with him.

15 tweets since Obama told him to quit whining

He's got the temperament all right.

Trump briefly sued Bill Maher about proving he was not the son of an orangutan (2013)

I don't remember this, but found it typical enough to share.

Donald Trump is withdrawing his lawsuit against television host and comedian Bill Maher seeking $5 million that Maher said he would give to charity, in a seemingly facetious offer, if Trump could prove he was not the son of an orangutan.

The lawsuit stems from comments Maher made during an appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show" in January in which he said an orangutan's fur was the only thing in nature that matches the shade of Trump's trademark hair.
In a letter to Maher before filing the lawsuit, Trump's lawyer wrote, "Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump's birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan."
In an appearance on Fox News after the lawsuit was filed, Trump said he was convinced that Maher was not joking. "That was venom," he said. "That wasn't a joke."


Unhinged, going after Biden with the "he did it too" excuse

The twit twitted some vid of Biden hugging people and this must make his repeated sexual assaults what? OK? Because "he did it worse".

Seriously wtf.


And we know that when it comes to women-he walks the walk instead of just paying lip service to us

True quote from a women for Trump page. http://womenvotetrump.com

Typhoon Songda hitting WA, BC, OR today

It'll be a wild day on the coasts, and an interesting evening here in the WA. Time to go check for loose tarps and batten down the chickens. We're set for an extended outage, so no worries here. Good luck to my duer friends in the area, and to everyone. Next time don't wait until the last minute to buy batteries because stores only carry a limited amount. If I'm offline for a bit, catch you later.


Imprison your opponents, shut down freedom of the press, women are 2nd class citizens. Vote Trump.

Do I have this right?

I have a suggestion, about sexual assault

Find a time to talk with you partner, spouse, friend, sibling, child, parent, etc. Ask them about their sexual assaults, and listen to them. What your stories with them.

Have an open mind, accept survivorship. Be gentle. Be kind.

You, and they, might well be surprised at what is shared.

" Unshackled, Trump unleashes aggressive attacks on own party" NOT The Onion

This is a great article.

The “shackles” gone, Donald Trump stepped up his fierce attacks on his own party leaders Tuesday, promising to teach Republicans who oppose him a lesson and fight for the presidency “the way I want to.”

“I’m just tired of non-support” from leaders of the party he represents on the presidential ticket, Trump said Tuesday evening on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” He saved special ire for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who told Republicans Monday he’ll no longer campaign for Trump with four weeks to go before Election Day.


With his campaign floundering and little time to steady it, the businessman reverted to the combative, divisive strategy that propelled him to victory in the GOP primary: Attack every critic — including fellow Republicans. Those close to Trump suggested it was “open season” on every detractor, regardless of party.

Rage against fellow Republicans from the face of the 2016 GOP exposed a party slipping from mere feuding into verbal warfare with advance voting already underway in roughly half the states. Polls suggest Trump is headed toward a loss of historic proportions if he doesn’t turn things around...(etc etc etc)

How do you acid wash or bleach an email?

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