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An idea for how to get a new house with a security system in these trying times.

A bowl at the door. Every time the word Trump is mentioned the offender puts in five dollars.
Goes for family members, and also all guests. Just give BYOB simple pot luck parties.

There is a yellow pad beside the bowl and a pen on a string. The accumulating 5 dollar bills will be converted to singles so every time someone puts a new word on the pad that is descriptive of the above mentioned person he/she can take out a dollar to reward creativity and foster levity.

It has to be a new expletive not previously used, cannot be read or said out loud until the head of the family recites them all before dinner.
Or before calling the guests to the table.
Prayer can resume after the election in 2020.

Can't think of a really good sign for the bowl yet.


So I'm a bit late with promises kept - was poking around in my archives

Last year when I was lucky enough to visit with lots of European relatives I was so overwhelmed on so many levels that it wasn't possible to address all the photographs.
And I had promised to show you more.
Here I am in a synagogue in Prague, the name of which I unfortunately did not write down.
I learned, in looking at the glorious façades and streets that Hitler loved Prague so much he wanted to make it the capital of his 1000 year Reich. Not Berlin. Not Vienna.
And that he did all he could to keep the war destruction to a minimum in the city of Prague.

Here is a bit from the (nameless) synagogue.

Truth about US financing the wall expressed by 3 laid back familiar faces

"As I sit here today" swallowing the bits of vomit

...that keep showing up in my mouth I want to put the obvious into words: the hearings are exposing the squirmiest and slimiest of the underside of a useless beholden corrupt human being.
Also brutal, callous, and hard hearted, disgusting and unworthy.

On the flip side I am riveted by most of the house members who as questioners have caught on. They are not allowing the acting AG worm his way into stealing their time and they show him up for the unco-operative blob he is.

In the last week I have had a little recurrence of a formerly felt relieving feeling creep back into my consciousness. I had not experienced it since Obama took over for Bush 2.
Watching some Democratic Members of the legislative branch swing into action and hearing their determination for investigations and oversight started and expressed I am feeling a bit of permission to slowly exhale. Maybe they’ve got this.

History proves what is hard to imagine in our perilous time. We can believe that this, too, shall pass.

A quick study of red and blue on white

Seen on facebook: How a fork can be useful for more than eating

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