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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Journal Archives

Seeking Freedom and taking chances

I can't imagine that Fox can keep it up.

Large suitcase and tuck him in

Posting this image without additional comment or further ado

Alyssa Milano on Roe v. Wade / History lessons

What I got today - for Mother's Day

A long time ago I adopted a then 16 year old girl and took her out of an orphanage.
We treasure each other, and she brought me this to celebrate the day.

Cello - sounds to promise soothing in the present and hope for the future

NOW I KNOW what was the glorious impetus for the Ukraian flag. Take a look

Today, in a humongous local hospital, visiting a close family member, I got seriously lost in the hallways. I always study the art on the walls, it's second nature. I came across this one, and took the photo.

I explained to the doctor who came along that the reason I took the photo was because they are the state flowers of Ukraine and they exported the most sunflower oil on earth. He did not know, and was really happy to learn. He said his church had gathered $10 000 for Ukraine, and he himself was financially aiding two hospitals there.

He then helped me find my way.

Only later when I showed the photo to my grandson who came for a visit as well, did it dawn on me when he immediately said: this photo shows the origins of their flag.


From all the world and beyond

This photo was sent to me from Berlin from a Bonus Sister who got it from a friend in New Zealand.

Angel over Kiev - the whole world should see it - please pass on

Sat 3/5 Interview withe Admiral William McRaven - Informative - Impressive -Informed

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