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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Woke up to this ---German friends sent it ---just before my Chlorox Cocktail

Had scissors in hand and considered it......

A small circle of levity in hard times

Yes - it's a cartoon - but nobody is laughing

Getting ready to suffer through another episode of Whining and transparent Self Defense ---but

Maybe - just maybe - this is the day he'll unravel

So glad we're back up, so I can post my "Happy Easter 2020" Photograph

Since i'm in self quarantine pretty much all the time I assembled a few things lying around the house to take this photo.
I hope all of you are doing the very best you can to have a good Easter, either by yourselves, or with your families.

Happy Easter 2020 / to my friends at DU

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito. ~Virgil

This quote is about strength, tenacity. It means something like this: Do not give in to darkness, but fight even bolder against it.

Plaintive Plea from all of us, all ages

To cheer us up and tap our creativity while we are locked in our houses


Worried about how to act at the grocery store to stay safe? Watch this!

Planned to make this statement with pictures, and a little humor

It did not work because there is nothing that can be funny about it.

My thought is, and I feel mentally small to think it, and even smaller to express it, that the President of the United States, who during this crisis is expressing unahppiness about being isolated in the White House, and who is expressing thoughts about the "beauty" at Easter, and about wanting things to start back up and be normal, is deep down not really making these comments because he thinks it will start the economy back up and bring America back just as it has nothing to do with filling churches with supposedly recovering but instead endangered people who might do it because they believe he is Christlike and Christian.

It's nothing but a self serving desire to be back on the golf course.

That's how much I distrust his poorly expressed concern for us.
And that's how sick I think he is. He can feel it, think it, part of him knows it's horrible and bad, but he cannot help himself. He has been spoiled and rotten to the core his entire life. And now he's a stinking rotten selfish old man way over his head. He surely rues the day he came down that elevator to a paid group of actor supporters and started his ranting and his run for President. He rues the day in the same place of his heart where he rues wanting this pandemic over with so he can again cheat at golf.

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