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Could have posted this elsewhere - but this group won. Smile and eat during Thanksgiving.

Blah-bla-bl-bullshit. Sarah you know who on the Nuclear Option and what she thinks it is

Sarah Palin hit a new low even for her today, by apparently not knowing what the nuclear option is during an interview on Fox News Sunday.


Don't know who this actress is-but she is a new (S)Hero.Rolled down her power windows and did this:


Incredible happening: Something involving a gun makes me laugh out loud


Oh Freude... Ode to Joy. We went Nuclear today.

Think of this orchestra - as it assembles - as our collective Joy in being Democrats and having achieved something important and incredibly valuable today.
Thank you Harry Reid.

Don't call it Passive Aggression - just say:

"I changed the toilet paper, dear"

Obama Says Americans Can Keep Their Damn Insurance - Borowitz reports

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Faced with a barrage of new questions about the Affordable Care Act, President Obama cut short a White House press conference today, telling the stunned press corps, “You know what? Everybody can keep their damn insurance.”

Glaring at the reporters, the President continued, “You heard me. If your insurance is crappy, then you just go ahead and keep it—the crappier, the better. Let’s pretend this whole thing never happened.”
A vein in his forehead visibly throbbing, the President added, “You know, I really wish I hadn’t spent the last three years of my life on this thing. I should’ve just gone around invading countries for no reason. That would’ve made everybody happy. Well, live and learn.”

As the reporters averted their eyes from the President, many of them looking awkwardly at their shoes, he concluded his remarks: “All those people out there who want to repeal Obamacare? Well, guess what: I’ll make their day and repeal it myself. Really, it’s my pleasure. But I swear that this is the last time I try to do something nice for anybody.”

Am watching Don Lemon's show on CNN. Can we talk about him a minute?

I admit that I don't watch CNN, unless a disaster breaks out and I check what they have found out about it. I watch MSNBC.
But it's Saturday night, and I'm cleaning up my kitchen, and needed some background blather so I turned to CNN and have been absolutely riveted with how this young beautiful man is running his show.

He was not picked for his age, looks or color. They may have played a role. He was picked for his abilities. He is running this show by interviews providing intuitive and heartfelt conversation in his interviews. It seems based on what seems to be a huge intellect and knowledge of history past and present.

I am going to try to remember now to listen to his show in the future.

He is a Mensch. And that is a huge compliment because being a Mensch is the most well-rounded compliment I know how to give.

Bill Maher's guest list tonight. Put up your feet and enjoy the discussion. HBO 10 & 11pm EST

The Interview:

Radley Balko is the author of Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Force. His latest column as an investigative reporter for The Huffington Post delves into the legal and ethical issues surrounding invasive drug searches on suspects.

The Panel:

Mattie Duppler
is the Director of Budget and Regulatory Policy at Americans for Tax Reform and the Executive Director of its affiliate, the Cost of Government Center.

Ezra Klein
is a columnist for The Washington Post and Bloomberg View, as well as a regular contributor to MSNBC. On Thursday he detailed several proposed “fixes” to Obamacare.

Reihan Salam is a senior fellow with the R Street Institute and lead blogger for the National Review Online domestic policy blog, The Agenda. This week he wrote about the public backlash that could occur upon enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Mid-Show Guest:

Casey Affleck will join the panel mid-show to discuss his latest film, “Out of the Furnace,” which opens wide on December 6th. He has also been rustling up support for the Massachusetts Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, which would ban the extreme confinement of farm animals “in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs.”

Prepare to have your mind blown at 1:05, 1:41, 2:24, 3:50, 4:50, 5:20, and 5:50/ money distribution


These charts are so well done I feel they simply and plainly illustrate the horror of our wealth distribution. Worthy of forwarding or bookmarking.
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