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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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This is supposed to be funny. But if I were a man, and black...

I might well need a coffin

+++++Winners for Color Riot - April Contest+++++ are posted in GD

Thanks to all for participating and for helping to keep things kicked and moving along.
I am just subbing for Whoa_Nelly, she won the March contest - was happy to do it.



+++++Here are the Winners - top 10 Spots in order+++++ April Photo Contest “Color Riot”

I was glad to do the work of posting for this contest, Whoa_Nelly actually was the winner and I did this as a favor more or less at the last minute, which explains why I had an entry in the contest.

Congratulations to everyone for participating, this has been a riot of color and fun,
I'm leaving in the photos so you get to see them all one more time

1st Place goes to justiceischeap

for the wonderful portrait of


It would be great to know where it was taken and if Hon knows of her good luck

2nd Place goes to Mira for

Dance like everyone's watching…

I took that a half a year ago in a Restaurant on top of a mountain in San Jose Costa Rica

3rd Place goes to Solly Mack for

Colors in Motion

Many of us have expressed curiosity about how she achieved it. Maybe now she will let us know

4th place is shared by

I'm Feeling Blue by NV Whino

Farmer's Market Flowers by dyedinthewoolliberal

5th place belongs to Binkie the Clown for


6th comes next for Tom Kitten with

Inside Salvation Mountain

7th is Turborama with

Purple Power

8th is Mz Pip with

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me

and then finally we have CC with

Himalayas meet Hawaii at Longwood

My hostess awards go to postatomic for his intriguing photograph called


and to JDB for the architecture and color in

Eye catching

Thank you, everyone, and take it away for the contest in May, Justiceischeap!

G.O.P. Chairman Warns Against Hatred for Hillary Peaking Too Soon/ overheard by Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an urgent memo to the field of G.O.P. Presidential candidates, the Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, praised them for their relentless personal attacks on Hillary Clinton, but warned that their hatred for the former Secretary of State might be “peaking too early.”

Priebus called the candidates’ ongoing evisceration of Clinton “magnificent,” but expressed his concern that “no human beings, even an impressive group like yourselves, could possibly sustain such a high intensity of throbbing hatred for an entire year and a half.”

“Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint,” he wrote. “You need to leave some hate in the tank.”

In the conclusion of his memo, Priebus advised the candidates to take an occasional day off from hating Clinton so that they could “return to despising her with renewed freshness and vigor.”

Responding to the R.N.C. directive, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that he understood Priebus’s concerns, but assured him that, at the end of the day, they were groundless. “Anyone who doesn’t think I’m capable of spewing an infinite stream of vitriol and bile doesn’t know what I’m made of,” he said, pointing with pride to his long record of hating President Obama.


by the way, a reminder, if you take out all the vowels from
Reince Priebus you get
(he's good at it)


++***Finalists are posted***++ for "Color Riot" - April contest

As you know I'm doing the posting for Whoa_Nelly who does not have a star.
I was happy to do it.
Please help keep the thread kicked and enjoy the voting process


++***At last the Finalists ***++April Contest “Color Riot” Please vote to determine the Winners

I posted this contest for the winner of last month’s contest “ Whoa_Nelly" who was unable to do the posting herself this time

Here are the 10 finalists in alphabetical order. This was a close contest all the way around.

Please pick your very favorite and determine the 3 top spots for April.

As you know the theme is “Color Riot”, Color Riot meant as explosions or abstracts of any or all color, with the interpretation of this theme as literal, figurative, or metaphorical as the photographer wished.

please give us your vote, your comments, and good wishes. And help keep it kicked.

Colors in Motion

Dance like everyone's watching...

Farmer's Market Flowers

Himalayas meet Hawaii at Longwood


Inside Salvation Mountain

I'm Feeling Blue

Purple Power


Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me

+++++Runoffs in progress for "Color Riot" ++++

Please vote in each of the threads.



Thank you.

+++++Need help to determine the Finalist’s 10th spot - April Contest “Color Riot” also the 9th spot

In our April Contest “Color Riot” these 3 compete for spot # 10

I will run this one day and then post the finals.

link to the next one, please vote for one in each post.
Thank you!

Farmer's Market Flowers

Orange on Asters

Eye catching

+++++Need help to determine the Finalist's 9th spot - April Contest “Color Riot” also the 10th spot

In our April Contest “Color Riot” these 2 compete for spot # 9

I will run this one day and then post the finals.

link to the next one, please vote for one in each post.
Thank you!

Himalayas meet Hawaii at Longwood

Love on The Lower Eastside

Hillary Promises to Get Everyday Americans Foreign Money - revealed by Andy Borowitz

NASHUA, N.H. (The Borowitz Report)—Delivering a stirring populist message at a campaign appearance in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton vowed that as President she would help everyday Americans obtain large cash payments from foreign governments.

“Like a lot of everyday Americans, many of you are struggling to pay your bills,” she told an audience here. “As President, I will work tirelessly to help you make ends meet—by getting foreign governments to pay you.”

“In cold, hard cash,” she added, to a standing ovation.
Growing emotional, the former Secretary of State spoke of the “transformative power of foreign money,” calling it “nothing short of magical.”

“I’ve seen up close how large sums of foreign currency can change people’s lives,” she said. “And I will not rest until every middle-class American partakes of the riches of the Emirates.”

Clinton said that she and she alone was qualified to disgorge heaps of cash from foreign governments, and took a swipe at two of her Republican rivals.

“Do you honestly think Ted Cruz could pry loose any Moroccan money—or Rand Paul?” she asked. “Come on. No one in Morocco knows those losers.”

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