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"Now this would have been so much more cool ----- about water on Mars"

Portraits of the real Welfare Queens and " Free Stuff " recipients

I wanted to post this in the gun - friendly forum. But I could not find it.

Vegan Hunter

Here is why I so very much wish (and pray) the Pope's visit could be extended

Bill Maher's lineup for tonight: HBO 10 pm and repeat at 11pm

Jane Goodall, Ron Reagan, S.E. Cupp, John Cleese and Spike Feresten

I realize we don't all like Bill Maher these days. I still do very much enjoy his show and the unpredictability of the mixture of host, guests and subjects.

There are two in that lineup I can't wait to see and hear.
You guess which two.

Speaker Boehner to resign from Congress this year. Not a joke

just heard it on CNBC. No link yet.

Wisconsinites Alarmed That Walker Has More Time to Be Governor / Satire by Borowitz

MADISON, WISCONSIN (The Borowitz Report)—In the aftermath of his sudden withdrawal from the Presidential race, on Monday, residents of Wisconsin are alarmed at the prospect of Scott Walker having more time to do his job as governor, Wisconsinites report.

In interviews across the state, Wisconsinites expressed emotions ranging from dread to panic as they grappled with the realization that Walker would soon be back behind his desk performing his duties.

“Earlier this spring, when he was riding high in the polls, a lot of my friends and I were thinking, ‘This is the break we’ve been looking for,’ ” said Carol Foyler of Green Bay. “We definitely had our hopes up.”
Tracy Klugian of Milwaukee agreed. “I don’t know a person in Wisconsin who wasn’t pumped about the idea of Scott Walker going to Washington,” he said. “And then we watched that first debate.” He shuddered at the memory.

In the hours after the governor’s stunning announcement, on Monday, Wisconsinites formed support groups to help each other navigate the reality of Walker turning his full attention to their state.

At a meeting of one of the groups on Tuesday evening, Kenosha resident Harland Dorrinson expressed confidence that his fellow Wisconsinites would be able to contend with their new situation. “People in Wisconsin are stronger than you can imagine,” he said. “We’ve been through blizzards. We’ve been through tornadoes. We’ll get though this somehow.”

“Still, it’s tough,” he said, his voice breaking.


My "reject" for the Sept. contest. But it should not just crack me up - so I share.

Wanna guess where this road side attraction might have been?


Adding this a little later:

I’ve been asked by pm if this is a dead dog or a trained dog.
It is a dog that is trained to make money for his owner and get treats for himself, and since I saw him take position and then get back out I was all clear to me in reality and emotionally that it is not a dead dog.

I was also informed about the death of OhWiseOne’s dog with the wonderfully soulful chastised eyes in the beach photo.
I am sad about that. It’s a terrible pain to lose a pet. They so much love you anyway and never talk back. A huge loss.

So I just have to let this post stand and allow it to rest in peace.
Sorry if I offended or startled anyone.

Would you like to know what I had to do during the Republican Debates just now?

Yell - scream - throw things - laugh - and study lots of faces. The disdain and worry on Trump's and the bubbling hatred on Fiorinas.

But, not until Jeb said in response to the question about not using his last name, and being his own man, and all that crap he pulls forth when his basic embarassment about his brother is addressed

not until he defiantly and small uppity boy like looked into the camera and said:
One thing we must say about my brother's leadership is that he kept us safe

not til then did I bother to upload this little jewel

Millions Watch American Democracy’s Final Episode - Borowitz is on it

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (The Borowitz Report)—American democracy, a long-running institution whose popularity endured for over two hundred years, drew millions of viewers to its final episode Wednesday night.

While the official ratings for democracy’s finale will not be available until Thursday, initial reports indicated that a larger than expected number tuned in to witness the last moments of the nation’s system of government.

Network executives had warned that the final episode was not for the squeamish, but many viewers were still shocked by how dark and apocalyptic it turned out to be.
One reviewer, calling the finale a “shattering conclusion,” wrote, “For casual fans of American democracy who weren’t paying much attention to it lately, what they saw in Wednesday’s episode must have come as a shock: a cast of characters who were thoroughly unlikable, unappealing, and, in the end, totally unredeemed.”

Still, based on the strong ratings for Wednesday’s episode, network executives decided to “supersize” democracy’s death throes by scheduling a dozen additional episodes between now and November, 2016.

In the words of one executive, “American democracy is not as popular as it once was, but a lot of people still want to see how it ends.”

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