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Mira's Journal
Mira's Journal
May 28, 2016

Bernie on with Bill Maher, and as always

when I get to see him sitting down in an interview I feel the bern all over me spreading like love.
I've known Bernie for ages from the Lunch with Bernie on Fridays with Thom Hartman, but getting to know him better and working for him has been a treat.
I so often announce who the guests are, since I am a friend of the Maher show, and today I neglected to look ahead. When there is a video, please watch it, it's showing Bernie pre California with whim and vigor standing up for his principles, and for us who support him.

Even though Melissa Harris Perry is on the show, and she is a professional of Politics and of TV she gets drowned out by a rat like looking, red tie Trump imitating, Trump supporting lunatic who will not shut up and thinks he's only invited to hear his own voice drone on.
Too bad. Bill Maher needs to not have these incompetents on his show, in a balancing attempt, when all they do is attempt to steal the show by yelling over reasonable opinion.

Ignore the show, but watch Bernie.
He is wonderful in calling Trump a congenital liar, a person hard to take on because he lies all the time and can't be pinned down, and talks about just how very much he would have wanted for the debate with Trump to have happened.



I was so frustrated with the show and the overbearing loudmouth that I could not really focus on what the last guest, Scott Adams, the brilliant creator of “Dilbert” brought to the discussion about Trump. So I will add my impressions now.
His insights into Donald Trump and his behavior are different and novel and well worth hearing, so if there is a video of that section available, do yourself a favor and see it.

He is a trained hypnotist and a person who has studied the human tools of persuasion and says that the Donald uses them to perfection.
His rhetoric is not about facts, but about focus and attention. The nicknames, though demeaning and insulting, are studied and not randomly selected. They stick.

And when they stick then every time the candidate so labeled does something in the least demonstrative of the nickname it pops into your mind and re-enforces the label. He said when Bush was labeled “low energy” he knew it would sink him. Donald uses an all intentional technique to destroy, and it works.

He then went into examination of the Clinton slogans in comparison, and brought up two of them, which I now forget, but he showed why they are weak and not well chosen in how they affect those who hear them.

We all love Dilbert.
In the beginning Bill Maher ran down how many papers it is in I think 2000 and how many countries.
This man, Scott Adams, is brilliant. Look for the video of that segment. I hope someone will post it.

May 26, 2016

Hosting of Contests: Name Bank of Willing Substitutes

Note from Mira:
I attempted to add a name, and it was no longer possible to edit this post, so I had to self delete the old one and create this
Anyone wanting to add their name I suspect the edit capabilities will remain a good while. If not, we'll just do it again.

Hosting of Contests: Name Bank of Willing Substitutes

It happens.
A win in a contest, and life prevents the winner from running the contest to follow.
When a legitimate reason makes this a reality, here are a list of folks who have expressed the willingness to be approached to substitute.

Please contact them by pm, and then announce that the substitution has been made, please express your gratitude and also whether you are choosing the theme yourself, or turning that part over as well.
I would say it stands to reason that the person who has been helped will be available in the future to pay it forward.

If you want to add your name to the list, please do so. I hope and expect this list will grow a bit.
For a variety of reasons I think to have this list will be a help to our contests in the future, albeit substitutions will probably be quite rare.
If anyone can think of something that should be in this post please make a note of it in a response.

Here - as of Mid June 2014 - are the names of who those who have clearly said they would be willing, if able, to help out:

Crispy Q
Mz Pip
Maniac Joe
Solly Mack, after the ordeal
May 20, 2016

Sanders Speech to Wall Street found / given in 2010 Transcript and Video released here

by Saib Bilaval / Daily Kos
May 19 -2016

Bernie Sanders is not known for pandering to distinct audiences, or on going back on what his word behind closed doors.

It turns out there was a Wall Street speech given by Bernie Sanders that was not reported by the media at all. Only the transcripts will tell us in whose pocket the Vermont Senator is.

Here is a video of a speech given by Bernie Sanders December 10, 2010 to Wall Street and the political establishment, on the 2010 Obama budget deal in which the poor, working and minority families are left out while the billionaires get tax breaks of all sorts.

The filibuster was historic, and he took on the Obama administration when no other progressive had the guts to.


The transcript is available at the link.

While you watch/read, remind yourself why in the world Hillary hasn’t released the transcripts to HER speeches.

May 20, 2016

Trump is terrifying me today. Even more than other days.

Yes, it could easily be, and probably was terrorism. The plane lost from Paris to Cairo, with threats having been made about just such a thing, and the countries involved being a favorite target for terrorists. It is a very frightening and sad happening.

But for Trump to stand there and without proof of any kind calling it a terrorist attack in a speech designed to allow him to posture before the evidence has had time to be collected, and while we don't even have alternatives explored, is terrifying to me. Especially considering that at this time he and Mrs. Clinton are sort of neck to neck. For him to make these accusations not yet based in any fact do nothing but cement the support and confidence of the voters who think he will handle this type of thing with aplomb and dispatch them ably when President.

Little do they know he might already be draining the Mediterranean Ocean and troops might be deployed to attack Atlantis.
Or worse.
I am feeling so very lost. What have we come to?

May 19, 2016

mnhtnbb and I got to talking about how hard it is to make a choice for submission - Would you help?

I told her that in past years we often had "which one do you like best, which one should I enter" threads. And that they were fun and informative, and helped the person who could not make up his/her mind do so.
Or not.

So I said I would do one of those and we'll see what you like or don't like, and why, if you are willing to tell me.
Some of them are a bit different, but I think still "nice" enough for the theme.

Deck of the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor

The Captain's realm

Peering up the periscope in a submarine


O Captain! My Captain!

May 16, 2016

Obama Alienates Millions with Incendiary Pro-Knowledge Remarks as told by Andy Borowitz

NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY (The Borowitz Report)—President Obama handed the Republican Party a gift for the general election by making a series of offensive pro-knowledge remarks at Rutgers University over the weekend, a leading Republican official said on Monday.

According to Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, the President’s inflammatory comments, in which he offered full-throated praise for such controversial fields of knowledge as math and science, are sure to come back to haunt the Democrats in November.

“If President Obama was trying to alienate millions of Americans in one speech, mission accomplished,” Priebus told Fox News. “When I watched him speak, I said to myself, ‘Well, Christmas came early this year.’ ”

While many Republicans expected Obama to walk back his ill-advised praise of knowledge, facts, and evidence, the White House as of Monday morning had refused to do so.

“The President seems to be doubling down on this, which is not surprising,” Priebus said. “This is a man who never met a fact he didn’t like.”

The R.N.C. chairman said that the Party was already creating negative ads that would make extensive use of the President’s polarizing pro-knowledge rant.

“This fall, we will ask the American people, ‘Do you want four more years of knowledge, or do you want something else?’ ” Priebus said. “Because the Republican Party has something else.”


May 14, 2016

The storm was not so kind to others, as I learned on my walk this morning

You might have seen the photo I posted of my car and that I said this storm we had was terrifying but ultimately innocuous.
Not so.
After I got my internet back and the newspaper got here I learned some of my neighbors weren’t so lucky. This car is almost visible from my kitchen window, just one street down, and a couple of houses over. An oak fell and in its path demolished a number of cars. No people involved Gracias a Dios.

On the other hand, speaking of "Dios", maybe NC is getting a little divine intervention.

The last photo is at the end of my lot with a small alley way. I have two guys coming over today to help me rake and sweep and pick up sticks.
They lived at my house for a month working 15 hour days at Bernie headquarters when we hoped to win in NC, and are here to spend the weekend with class mates who are graduating.

So, this time, I’m a storm reporter, not a war correspondent.

This first photo reminds me of Munch’s “The Scream”

May 14, 2016

Newsflash: Michael Moore suggested to Bill Maher, at this very minute

in answer to the question Bill posed: "What are we going to do to take down Donald Trump"
It's simple, said Michael,
"you and I are going to take down Donald Trump together".

Bill was stunned a second, and then I think they even shook on it, and Bill said: "You tell me where and what, and I will be there".

That sounds like a holy alliance to me. I am, as you all probably know, extremely fond and appreciative of both these men.

May 13, 2016

Lineup for Bill Maher on HBO 10 pm EST---IMO it can't be Friday the 13th/ 2 favorites of mine are on

Bill and his roundtable guests -
Michael Moore, Jack Hunter, Katty Kay, Fmr. Sen. Bob Graham & Jeremy Scahill - will answer viewer questions after Friday's show.

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