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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Mr. Dotard proves he can quote the bible. Not a tweet :)

5th district NC - Womens March - Missing (in her best interest): Virginia Foxx

Womenís March Winston-Salem, NC. Attendance : many thousands. A wonderful happening with the sun out and people happy to see kindred spirits, friends, and there were many men in the crowd!

Mostly you will see portraits, and signs. I think you donít need to see crowd photos.

Bill Maher is back tonight at 10 pm EST / HBO : I am whole again

His top of the Show guest is
Michael Wolff

The panel is two men only
Andrew Sullivan
Larry Wilmore

and the extra guest is Saru Jayaraman

I missed him so.
I suspect it will be a fine reunion tonight.

Screaming. Nice German Design

I would call it the S***hole


Well, I may not be very remarkable

BUT I AM AN IMMIGRANT - I'm not responsible for how "Nobel" is spelled the second time, but I believe the information is correct.
Found on facebook.

Have we seen Robert Reich's suggestions for the New Year?

Excellent suggestions! Letís stay focused on the main issues and be as positive and proactive as possible!

Would you look at Trump and Comey side by side

James Comey is 6'8" tall. They are shaking hands. Comey is not on a pedestal - Trump would never allow that -

I would say there is more than 5" difference in their heights. The height is misrepresented in that medical report, as well as the weight. And I read somewhere that Trump had chosen and studied the test for mental accuity and is friends with the house doctor, who, along with the others in the White House in all probability has taken a "loyalty oath".

I don't trust much of anything about that physical report. The doctor is handsome though, that I can tell you.

YUP - more snow in the deep South

It's the day to do something to help all of us. My TV screen this morning.

Don't miss the shit eating grin.
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